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Trials Calendar 2016
UK Organisers:-
British Trials Cup and Championship
Crowthorne Cyclo Trials Club
TykeTrial Club
Wanting to start a new club in the UK, please send information and links to  If you need any help or advice with running a bike-trial event or with insurance, just drop us a line.

British National Trials Cup and Championship 2016
R1 Seymours Arena, OxonR2 Bob Macgregor Trials Park, AyreshireR3 Olde Hall Farm, N.YorkshireR4 Blackpool Moon Rocks, LancsR5 Hook Woods, Surrey
10th April 20161st May 20165th June 201624th July 2016 11th September 2016

All of the venues and dates above for the British Trials Cup series are now confirmed and safe to make your travel arrangements and book any accommodation.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

More pages have been updated - we're getting there slowly with the changes!

Welcome to trials in 2016, we're busy orgnanising a great year for you both at club and national events - new venues, new ideas.  Many thanks to everyone who completed the survey at the end of 2015, we're still working through it and will do our best to put ideas into place where possible.

We need more help though, after many years doing the sport's promotional work, Ben Swales has now retired to concentrate on being a teacher!  Thank you Ben for all your hard work in the past.  We do need a volunteer to take on this role; coming along to events, taking photos, writing reports from events, managing the facebook and trials-forum pages, getting reports and photos out to the media, and anything else to promote the sport in the UK.  If you fancy a challenge, do please get in touch with us.

Another of Ben's tasks was to contact those who may wish to sponsor the national series - we don't have anyone to do this yet for 2016 - so if anyone reading this considers the sport is worthy of sponsoring, or if you would be happy to take on the task of making contacts, please, do get in touch with us at

We've tried to make the website a little easier to navigate, without going through several pages to find what you want.  On the left you have the general information about the sport and about the British clubs, and on the right, you have the international information.  Just click on the link or on the logos to take you to the information.  

We're still working on this so please give us a little more time to get it all refreshed and updated.

Good luck to everyone this year, at the clubs, at the national series, and at the international events.  Let's hope for lots more medals coming back to the UK!

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International Trials:
World Cup Winner 2015 - Jack Carthy
UCI World Cup Winner 2016 The UK's Jack Carthy

Need to look at old British information or results? Click here for the 2015 website and back to 2007