2 .
02/12/07 The last biketrial competition of 2007 ...

What a wet day for the final round of the 2007 TykeTrial Club Championship at Addingham Moorside - but what a great competition!

61 riders braved the rain to compete at this world-famous venue again for the last time this year, and with only 5 retiring against the cold and wet the majority finished the event with smiles on their faces. Well done to everyone!

The Championship results have now been collated and we congratulate not only the winners, but everyone who took part to make it a really good year for the club. (Note: now amended)

Your results will be mailed to you shortly, along with information about the Annual General Meeting. We do hope that plenty of people turn up as more help is needed to continue to run this series.

19/11/07 BikeTrial UK Federation 2008

The Annual Meeting was held yesterday - thank you very much to all those who attended, it was good to receive everyone's ideas and involvement.

Key points for people to note for 2008 ...

We had received the BIU proposal for changes to classes and route colours. On consideration, these break down the age groups much better than the previous system, and the Biketrial UK Federation will be implementing them with immediate effect, but with the addition that we will have separate 20" and 24"/26" classes. See the "Rules" page for full details.
We fine-tuned the Biketrial UK Constitution which was originally drafted by our Secretary in March 2001 to make it more in line with what we're all about. Our aims remain the same, to encourage participation. See the "What" page for full details.
We agreed our UK National dates and venues for 2008; a difficult job with so many great venues to choose from! See the "Nationals" page and get them into your diary now!
We agreed to run a two series Qualifier as requested by British Cycling to help them choose their World UCI team. See "Clubs / UCI World Qualifiers" for details.

Once again, we thank everyone for their help and participation in 2007 and look forward to another good year in 2008.

15/11/07 TykeTrial Championship 2007
Championship results updated with just one round to go. See the events page for details.
05/11/07 UK National Biketrial Championship 2007

Congratulations to the 181 riders who took part in this 2007 National Championship - a massive WELL DONE to everyone. Everyone's riding showed amazing skill, and it has been satisfying to see you all progressing throughout the year. Your behaviour has been impeccable, and you are all a credit to the sport - thank you - it's been a real pleasure working with you all, and we're looking forward to 2008! With a total of 441 entries to the series, it's been a spectacular year for the sport. Check out the results from the Events page.

A quck reminder of events this year ... so many great venues ... so little time to use them all!

Round 1 - April - The Bracken Rocks Cup

The rocky woods of Derbyshire hosted the first round of the BikeTrial Federation's National Championship. The sun shone down on us, with observers suffering from the ants that had woken up in the heat, and riders grateful for water provided at control. It was perfect weather for camping, but perhaps not for riding!

Even so, riders from throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands turned out in force with 73 entries throughout the full range of BIU classes. The heat may have been a little to blame, but the sections were hard with some pretty high scores to be seen.

An excellent event for the start of the 2007 series.

Round 2 - May - The Blackpool Tower Trophy

The Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool hosted this amazing second round of the series with the highest number of riders to be seen together at one time in the UK. 104 entries turned up from all over the British Isles. The venue was perfect for the hundreds of spectators who stopped to watch as they walked along the promenade, and provided a day's entertainment for a group of elderly ladies who just couldn't believe what they were watching!

Having taken note of the high results from Bracken, the sections were somewhat easier on the Blackpool day so everyone just had a great time riding the moon rocks in the glorious sunshine. To finish off a perfect day, the beautiful Miss Blackpool had a kiss for those collecting their trophies!

Roll on the 2008 event at this venue!

Round 3 - June - The Brimham Trophy

Adjacent to the famous Brimham Rocks, this Yorkshire venue is a favourite for many riders and 64 turned up on the day. A note for next year is to avoid exam time so that more people can turn up!

Even so, it was a really great day, with an excellent variety of sections, some easy, some hard, that everyone enjoyed.

The sections were left in at the end of the competition ready to be used again for the TykeTrial competition the following week when World Champion motorcycle trials rider Dougie Lampkin was to present the awards.


Round 4 - July - The Fort Bill Cup
The spectacular journey through the mountains to the Scottish coastal town of Fort William and the famous Nevis Range turned a trial into a family weekend away for many. It was a long drive that unfortunately limited the number of entries, but 37 riders made it up there, travelling from all over the UK.

Unfortunately it was (as usual at Fort Bill) a little damp, but the riders spirits weren't, with sections including a river-bed with large round boulders, woodland areas, and man-made. Everyone had a great time with the journey well-worth it.

Roll on Scotland 2008.

Round 5 - August - The Addingham Cup

The venue of the 2005 World BikeTrial Championship, and the same organisers! Needless to say that some of the sections were re-used in this Yorkshire event. This was a real celebration for biketrial, as earlier in the year, the council had closed the venue - we fought the closure, and we won the right to continue organising biketrial events!

Unfortunately, another organisation had also arranged an event on this day so numbers were lower than anticipated, but even so an excellent trial took place with 74 riders, again from throughout the UK.


Round 6 - November - The Shipley Glen Cup

An unbelievable end to an amazing year! The perfect venue, perfect weather (particularly for November!) and a brilliant fun day with a fantastic atmosphere.

Shipley Glen has traditionally been unavailable for cycling, but a bit of persuasion by the Biketrial Federation enabled us to secure this prime venue, with 89 riders signing on for this final round having travelled from all over England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands..

The combination of woodland and rocks gave way to a really good variety of sections and everyone had a great time.

To summarise ... it couldn't have been better!

Representatives of the Federation meet next week to plan the 2008 calendar, we hope to secure new venues all over the country to help promote the biketrial sport even further in the future.

Thank you for taking part in the 2007 series, we hope to see you all again in 2008.

10/10/07 Shipley Glen - Final Round Entry forms

Now available on line from the events page. Entry forms will be mailed out within the next few days, but due to the current postage strikes you could be safest to enter and pay on-line!

Please note that because of a very successful year, we are able to offer entry to this event at 15 per rider instead of the usual 20. Please do send your entry forms off in advance to help with the preparations for this event.

Please note that due to recent foot and mouth outbreaks, we have been asked that all bikes are brought to the venue clean, and in the case of anyone from near affected areas, please disinfect wheels in advance.

We hope to see you all there!

07/10/07 Now for the boring but necesary stuff ... Annual Meeting of the BikeTrial Federation
The Annual Meeting is to take place in Derbyshire on the weekend of 17th / 18th November 2007 (day to be confirmed). The Agenda includes:
Report and Confirmation of 2007 UK National Championship Events and Results
2007 Finance and Accounts
Constitutional matters and agreement of the 2008 Management Committee
Applications for 2008 Championship events and the setting of 2008 dates and venues
This meeting is to be attended by representatives from all member clubs and individuals wishing to actively promote the sport of BikeTrial in the UK.
  Any club wishing to join the BikeTrial Federation for 2008 should contact the Chairman.
If you wish to attend this meeting as an individual, you should write to the Chairman noting the reasons for your wish to attend. This is essential for planning the meeting, accommodation, and arranging refreshments.
If you have any suggestions which may help to improve your sport, please write to to the Chairman. All letters will be read and considered at the meeting.
Contact details:
All letters and communications must be received by Saturday 10th November 2007
Full details of the Agenda and names/positions of those attending will be placed on this website after the closing date for correspondence.
05/10/07 Final National Round - Shipley Glen, 4th November

At last we're able to announce the final round. It's been a little difficult as landowners have been concerned about foot and mouth. However, after discussions with DEFRA and with the council, we can now confirm that we can go ahead at Shipley Glen on 4th November..

Conditions are attached though ... ALL bikes must be throroughly cleaned before coming to the event, and in the case of anyone who has been in or close to the affected areas they must be disinfected.

Shipley Glen has been a sought-after venue for many years by the local club - and at long last the BikeTrial Federation once again comes up with the goods!

The entry form will be on-line soon, please get your's off as soon as possible!

02/10/07 The UK National Final Round
Just a quick update ... we are meeting with the council on Friday this week at the famous Shipley Glen and hope to be able to confirm this venue for the final round. However, negotiation delays have meant the the planned date of 21st October is going to be too tight for all of the organisation and application process. Please watch the calendar for either confirmation or a possible change of date. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this venue is just too important to miss out on.
30/09/07 TykeTrial's new venue of Harden Moor
  What an excellent day TykeTrial have had - an amazing new venue for them with enough stuff to do at least two completely different trials each year. Watch out for the next one! Results are now available from the 'Events' page.
26/09/07 TykeTrial Committee Meeting
The committee met last night to discuss the final rounds of the year. Changes have had to be made to the last two dates due to holiday commitments. Round 9 has been changed to 4th November, with the final round 10 on the 2nd December. Venues to be confirmed shortly.
25/09/07 The UK National Final Round 2007

We're sure that you're wondering when the final round is to be ... and unfortunately there has been a few problems.

We were in the final negotiations with a new landowner in the midlands, but the venue was pulled out at the last minute because stock is kept on the land and the farmer was afraid of the recent foot and mouth outbreak.

We are currently in negotiation with another council in the very strong hope of getting a piece of land previously forbidden to bikes, and they have promised a decision by the end of this week.

The date we're aiming for is 21st October, so make sure that you keep that date free - we hope we'll be successful in our negotiations for use of forbidden land - it makes it much more interesting!

More news here as soon as we get it.

02/09/07 UCI World Championship 2007
  Our own venue of Fort William in Scotland is hosting the UCI World Championships this week - if you can make it, it's just got to be worth the journey! The British team riding under the banner of British Cycling is:-
Team Manager: George Eyre
Chris Boyes
Joe Oakley
Duncan Shaw
Lois Morgan
Ben Savage
James Hyland
Robert Poyser
Andrei Burton
Scott Wilson
Wayne Mahomet
Ben Slinger
Daniel Butler
Alastair Clarkson
  Good luck to everyone - the results can be followed here (scroll down, trials is at the bottom).
24/08/07 Welcome to the newest club in Britain - the BroadLands BikeTrial Club, or BBTC.
My name is Adam Stembrowicz, I'm a rider from Norwich looking to see if there is enough interest from riders in my area and nationwide to form a club and put on regular organised trials. I compete my self but know how difficult it can be at times to reach certain rounds and clubs too! My aim is to set up a fully functional club with regular trials, a website and monthly newsletter. Organised trials are great and are a good way of making a well rounded rider, and are always fun. Early days as it is, the more biketrials clubs there are the more the sport can be noticed and the sport can only grow. If anyone is interested in helping me, its going to help knowing the number of people keen so I can see whether this is a worthy venture. Please contact me by email me at PolskaAmi86@hotmail.com or evenings on (01603) 897 839.
23/08/07 The Final
The Final - provisional date - 21st October 2007 - keep it free for another excellent trials day at a new venue!
19/08/07 UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007 - Final round
Details of the Final to be announced here soon ... keep watching!
19/08/07 UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007
Championship resuts updated
Newspaper report of the event
Photos of the event
12/08/07 It's great to be back at Addingham Moorside!

What a fantastic day we've had!

74 riders in all classes turned up for this celebratory event, the 5th round of the UK Nationals, with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Silsden suitably impressed with the skills he'd seen. Whilst presenting the awards he promised that he is going to do his utmost to help trials riders for the future.

Results now available from Events page.

Thanks to everyone for turning up and making it an event to remember.

19/07/07 Addingham Moorside given the 'go ahead'
Updated 20/07/07

Fantastic news was finally received in writing yesterday from the local planning office. They have agreed that we can run a very limited number of 'pedal cycle trials' again at this brilliant venue of Addingham Moorside. It's been hard work, but we got it, many many thanks to those involved in the discussions.

The first event to celebrate will be the UK National Championship round on 12th August. We want to make it an event that will show the council just what we're all about and that we're not just a load of kids on bikes! The only event at this venue this year was a TykeTrial club event back in February with 97 riders ... can we beat that and show the farmer our support?!

The entry fee on this occasion, due to limited costs at this venue and high turnout to events earlier in the year, will be just 10. The entry forms are almost ready to send out to you, and on-line entry is now available from the 'Events' page.

Please try to enter in advance for this one so we know how many sections are needed to avoid queues!

Hope to see you all there for another fun event.

15/07/07 A wet day at Back Cowm!

Despite the dry sunny weather of Saturday, yet again it rained on the trial day! Some great riding despite the slippyness - results will be prepared as soon as the paperwork dries out! Thanks to everyone for your support.

Results now available.

15/07/07 UK National Biketrial Championship results to date
Available now from the "Nationals" page. A great line up of 127 riders from age 6 upwards!
10/07/07 Addingham Biketrial Cup - UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007 Round 5
Don't forget the 12th August, the 5th round of this fun National Championship at the renowned venue Addingham Moorside. Support the hard efforts of parents and the landowner to keep this popular venue open for biketrial events after its closure earlier this year. Entry forms will be available very soon on the Events page and will be mailed with results from the Fort Bill Cup event.
10/07/07 TykeTrial - Back Cowm Quarry
Sorry for the delay in sending out entry forms --- the event is still on on Sunday 15th July, it's just that family problems took precedence over biketrial for just a little while! The entry form is available to download, or to enter on-line. PLEASE IGNORE THE CLOSING DATE, there will NOT be any additional charge for late entries on this occasion because it's our fault not yours! Just get yourself there for another great TykeTrial event. Helpers are wanted to set sections seeing as Mr Peacock is so inconsiderate as to go away on honeymoon - if you can give us a hand, give us a call on 07850 505298. SEE YOU ON SUNDAY!
10/07/07 Fort Bill Cup - Results available

That was a brilliant weekend - many thanks to all the British riders who made the 6+ hour journey to ride at one of Scotland's best biketrial venues. With 5 river sections, one woodland section and the man-made it was well-worth attending (apart from the Scottish midges!).

I missed making an important announcement on the day ... you may have noticed that our regular riders John and Robbie Peacock were missing - well, whilst we were busy giving out the results, John was in the middle of his wedding service which was taking place out in sunny Greece --- a big congratulations to John and Tara!

The results of the event are now available on the Events page - well done to all! Here's just a few pics ...

03/07/07 The Fort Bill Cup

It's almost here - the first ever UK National Championship to be held in Scotland!

We're setting off to Fort William early on Friday morning 6th July, so the on-line entry will have to be taken down on Thursday night. If you haven't entered by then, just call 07850 505298 to put down your name for late entry (but don't forget, it could be bad mobile reception in the hills so if you can't get through, keep trying!). Failing everything - we will accept entries on the day at no extra charge, it just helps if we get them beforehand.

We really want as many Scottish lads there as possible ... you don't have to be an amazing rider to enter these competitions, they're designed for fun!

Hope to see you all there.

02/07/06 Blackpool results changed

You may have wondered why there where no championship results to date prepared yet. Unfortunately there were some anomolies with a rider's punchcard at the Blackpool event and enquiries have been taking place. Two independent observers have declared that one rider did not attend their section all day, and the punchmark holes do not agree with the shape of the punch for several sections. The rider has failed to give an adequate explanantion for this and has therefore been disqualified from the event. Final results have now been updated. It is sad that such actions on behalf of an individual can taint such a fantastic event.

The championship results will now be prepared immediately after the next event at Fort William so you can all see how you're doing!

02/07/06 TykeTrial Round 6 - Back Cowm Quarry
Entry form now available for download, on-line entry and payment also available - see the events page.
24/06/07 TykeTrial 2-Day
A really fun event ... Once again the weather turned out warm and sunny this weekend for the 57 riders who turned up for Saturday's Team trial and Fancy dress, with the 2006 Club Championship awards presented by 12 times World Champion Dougie Lampkin in the evening, followed by food, riding, then bonfires into the night! Another excellent TykeTrial event on the Sunday with 77 riders spread across the Ladies, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Elite classes. Roll on the club's next event on 15th July at Back Cowm Quarry, Whitworth - the entry forms will be in the post in the next couple of weeks along with the results. Many thanks to everyone for once again making it a great event. RESULTS AND PICTURES COMING SOON!
17/06/07 The Brimham Trophy - What a brilliant day!

Many thanks to everyone taking part, what a great day we had! The weather was perfect which always helps. The ten sections were well spread out to stop queuing, and with a varied range from "easy" to "hard" to spread out the results. The atmosphere was really good, and at the perfect venue. Thank you everyone. Results are now available on the Events page and will be mailed to those who rode in the next few days.

Don't forget to send off your entry form for the Fort Bill Cup on 8th July. We know that it's a long way to travel, but it should be well worth it, with lots of new competitors to test your skills against. Hope to see you there!

09/06/07 The Brimham Trophy - Just one week to go!
  If you haven't done it already - get those entry forms off NOW!!!
Will 'Miss Pateley Bridge' be handing out the trophies? You'll have to be there to find out!!!!
29/05/07 Next event entry forms

The wedding went perfectly and I can now get back into planning BikeTrials for you.

The entry forms for the TykeTrial 2-day event, for the Brimham Trophy and for the Fort Bill Trophy should be with you within the next week along with the results from Blackpool, but in the meantime, for those of you on-line, the on-line entry forms and on-line payment are now set up ready for you to complete on the Events page. Please remember, it helps us to plan great events for you if we get those entries in in plenty of time.

See you all at Brimham!

21/05/07 Outstanding succes at Blackpool

What more can be said ... Perfect weather, loads of spectators, good rideable sections, good food, pretty girls! We were even given live entertainment from the local rescue services! Pictures coming soon (if you have any, they would be very welcome!) Results now available from the Events page.

SMILE OF THE DAY ... heard from the group of elderly lady spectators who spent nearly the entire day sat watching ...

"This is much beter than watching tele - the council should put more of this stuff on for us ... Ooooh, careful luv !!!"

See you all at the next one!

18/05/07 Final briefing for the Blackpool Tower Trophy
We'll be setting off soon to travel to Blackpool, so a quick final briefing before we go off-line.
  • Check out the map a couple of items down for details of the venue.
  • We have 84 pre-entries - thank you to all that have sent them.
  • We know that there are always "the few" who don't actually get round to sending their entry forms off, and it is our policy never to turn a rider away. Beware - there are only 100 places available at this event so that leaves just 16 places free.
  • Barbara will be at the control point near the 'Hole in the Wall Cafe' on Saturday between 3.00pm and 4.00pm and will take late entries then. Late entries on the day MAY be accepted IF there are places still available.
  • Signing on for the event will be available on Saturday between 4.00pm and 5.00pm for any rider wishing to miss out on the Sunday morning rush.
  • Sunday signing on will be from 8.30am. (If you entered on-line, please make it easier for us by bringing your printed copy of the entry form.)
  • The pre-trial briefing will be at 9.45am and the trial will start at 10.00am prompt.

See you all there!

17/05/07 Better looking than the Blackpool Mayor?

When the Mayor had to cancel handing out the trophies, we thought you'd like someone a bit different. So, we've got you ...

Winner of "The Face of 2006" and runner-up to "Miss Blackpool", model Jade Slusarcyzyk.

Wonder if you'll get a kiss with your trophies!

Are you ready?
D-Day's getting close; entries are coming in with only a day to go - don't forget you can register on-line if you've left it too late for the post, but only up till Thursday night!
Why do all the problems wait till the last minute when you're organising something? The Mayor's just cancelled yesterday afternoon so we're hunting down someone fun to hand out your awards - don't worry, we'll find someone!
Here's a pic of the map of the area (click for a downloadable pdf file). So park in Gynn Square Car Park, cross the road to the toilet building, and down the steps behind it and you're there at control!
14/05/07 Final closing date for Blackpool

All entries really need to be received by 6.00pm on Thursday this week as all of the organisers will be on-site from Friday morning - please make sure you pre-enter, just scroll down this page to pay and to enter on-line, or visit the 'Events' page to download a paper entry form to send by post. We really don't want anyone to miss it!!!


14/05/07 Round 3 UK National Brimham
Entry forms are now available from the "Events" page for this event, it can either be downloaded and mailed, or on-line entry. See you there! Entry forms will automatically be sent to all riders at Blackpool with their results.
13/05/07 TykeTrial's new venue today
  Despite the terrible weather forcast 67 riders rode at the new venue of Cowling Pinnacle today - luckily the rain stayed away for most of the day, and very few found the need to retire. An excellent venue, worth considering as an alternative to the now unusable Addingham Moorside for the last round of the UK National BikeTrial Championship. Good feedback from the riders, with sections providing a variety of challenges for all levels of riding. The only drawback for the venue was on-road parking, but being such a remote road, this turned out not to be a problem. Well done to everyone, and many thanks to all of the observers and other helpers. Results are now available from the 'Events' page. See you either at Blackpool, or at the next club event, the annual 2-day.
10/05/07 Blackpool Tower Trophy - JUST ONE WEEK TO GO!
Get your entry in ....  
  1. Click on the PayPal link and follow the instructions to pay the entry fee
  2. Make a note of your PayPal transaction ID number
  3. Click on the "Enter Blackpool Here" link
  4. Complete the entry form
  5. Print the form - you MUST bring this with you to the trial
  6. Click the "Enter Event" button to send your entry form
  7. You will receive confirmation of receipt by email from (a) PayPal and (b) BikeTrial.


On-line entry is

now closed.

05/05/07 Blackpool site visit
Just got back from a visit to the Blackpool site, so here's a little update.
Parking: Best place to park is the Glyn Square Car Park. It's next to the Savoy Hotel, and a pub called The Glyn on a roundabout as you approach the sea front. Park in there, or on the streets close to there. It should be quiet at that time on a Sunday morning. You will see a toilet block opposite on the promendade. Immediately behind that are some steps leading to the lower promenade - go down those and the trial will be to your left at the bottom of the steps. Signing on will be at the far end of the moon rocks next to the Hole in the Wall Cafe..
Food, drink, ice-cream etc will all be provided by the permanent on-site "Hole in the Wall Cafe". They have agreed to open up for you at 7.00am for breakfast for all those who've travelled or camped out. Bacon butties and all the usual will be available there. They've promised to put on extra staff so you don't have to queue!
Accommodation: There are loads of hotels and B&B's nearby. If you're ringing the Tourist information, tell them that you need somewhere along the north shore close to the BikeTrial event.
Sections: Had a good clamber about on the rocks and could see some really good rideable sections for you all.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
30/04/07 The Blackpool Tower Trophy - UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007 Round 2
  The next BIG event is the Blackpool Tower Trophy on Sunday 20th May on the sea front at this fun holiday resort. Why not make a weekend of it, loads of accommodation with Bed & Breakfast from just 10 per night, or camping just up the road. Visit the fun fair at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach and have a ride on the "Big One" (if you dare!) or one of the many nightclubs. For the whole family, there are theatres, shopping, or visit the famous Blackpool Tower itself, the sea-life centre, or even the zoo. A full mile of sandy beaches and loads of holiday entertainment for everyone. For more information give the local Tourist Information Centre a call on 01253 478222 or visit :-
  Now, about the trial ...
  It's our policy to never refuse an entry if there's room for the rider, in this case, entries have already started coming in and we may have no option but to close the entry if too many arrive. Nearly 300 entry forms have been sent out, so if you want to ride we recommend that you return your form as soon as possible! If entry does have to close, it will be noted on here immediately so keep a watch. The form does say closing date of 6th May to help you to get a move on with it, but they were posted out later than intended - if in doubt phone 07850 505298 to check (evenings please before 9.30pm). Entry forms can be downloaded from the "Events" page of this site.
  Signing on on the day will be from 8.30am, with the pre-trial briefing at 9.45am. We are also considering some signing on time the previous afternoon to make the morning less hectic, so watch this site for more information.
  Classes are the traditional BikeTrial classes in age through from Poussin to Elite and Master, but for those not fitting into the age / route colour there are additional guest classes in green (under 10's), white and blue so that everyone can enter and enjoy the day. We promise that the routes will be challenging and rideable!
Riding starts at 10.00am with sections being closed at 4.30pm, and the award presentations at approximately 5.00pm with awards for the top 3 in each class presented by the Mayor of Blackpool. Lots of spectators are expected in this prime location on the north promenade, and press releases have been sent to local TV and other media.
Help please ....
Observers are of course needed in advance of the start of the event and we hope that many of the 'old faithfulls' will be putting their names forward. But if you know the rules, are 16 or over and want to earn a bit of cash to pay for your travelling there, please give us a call on 07850 505298 to put your name forward - the more observers we have on the day to share the load, the better the sport will be for both the riders and the spectators!
We need an official photographer! We're always too busy on the day to go round with a camera or camcorder, and we don't want to rely on individuals sending us shots. If you're not riding and think you're destined to be a famous photographer - send us your shots! An official reporter would also be good so if you're passionate about BikeTrial and good with words, drop us an email please to info@biketrialuk.co.uk. Help us to make BikeTrial what it should be and help the public to be better informed about the sport.
  Keep watching this site for more information!
27/04/07 NBTC - UCI Championship Series 2008
The organiser of the NBTC club has arranged with British Cycling to run a British UCI Championship series for them in 2008. The overall results to choose the British UCI Trials Team.
Keeping to the BikeTrial Federation's policy of "no-licence needed", the events will be held in our usual easy to enter format; you do NOT need a UCI licence or even British Cycling licence to enter these UK events. Only those chosen to attend World events need think about licences.
  UK National Championship Series 2008
This year's championship will go forward into 2008 with prime venues around the UK, in its easy to enter format, and running to BikeTrial rules. No licences, no memberships, just enter the comps!
World National Championship Series 2008
  Colleagues around the world have expressed interest in our trials competition format and discussion is currently taking place with a view to a no-nonsence World Championship Series in 2008.
24/04/07 Mailout, Rules and Classes change, and items left behind
  Results from UK National Championship at Bracken Rocks to be mailed later this week with entry form for the Blackpool Tower Trophy. The entry form available for download has been updated slightly with changes to the classes - check it out from the 'Events' page. Remember 26" riders, you no longer need 6 gears to enter the normal Expert and Master Classes - the rules page on this site will be updated shortly.
Several items were left behind at Bracken - to reclaim them, call 07850 505298.
19/04/07 Land Closure
Devastating news for trials riders, both BikeTrials and motorcycle trials. We have just been informed by the landowner of Addingham Moorside that he has been instructed by Bradford Council to close the venue; to put a notice up to tell people they can't go in, and to chain the gate - for at least 12 months.
Now this has been going on for a long time, with a court case and lot of letters - but now it's official and final after a letter received today.
TykeTrial has been in touch with Yeadon-Guiseley Motorcycle Club and are currently deciding what course of action can be taken. Keep reading this site for any up to date news.
Don't panic about events booked for Addingham, they can soon be reorganised, there is the more pressing issue to sort out first of trying to keep it open.
18/04/07 Pics from UK National Championship - Bracken Rocks Cup
Click to enlarge Poussin Awards
Click to enlarge Femina Awards pic
Click to enlarge the Guest White Awards pic
Click to enlarge Guest Blue Awards pic
Poussin Awards
Femina Awards
Guest White Awards
Guest Blue Awards
Click to enlarge Benjamin Awards pic
Click to enlarge Cadet Awards pic
Click to enlarge Expert Awards pic
Click to enlarge Senior Awards pic
Benjamin Awards
Cadet Awards
Expert Awards
Senior Awards
Click to enlarge Master Awards pic
Click to enlarge Elite Awards pic
A couple of pictures missing of people who'd had to set off home:-
Duncan Shaw, 3rd Elite
Gavin Bedford, 3rd Master
Click to enlarge
Master Awards
Elite Awards
Riding pics coming soon!
Bracken Rocks Cup Winners
17/04/07 New dates for Scotland - see the Events page
17/04/07 The Blackpool Tower Trophy Trial - Round 2 of the UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007
For the first time ever the sea front at Blackpool North Shore will be turned over to BikeTrial on 20th May for the 2nd round of the UK National BikeTrial Championship. We're expecting a lot of entries, possibly with some from outside the UK, and as the event has been listed on the Blackpool Tourist Information news brochure since late last year, there's a promise of lots of spectators too!
If you entered the first round at Bracken Rocks your entry form will be mailed to you in the next few days, we may need to cap entry to this event so make sure you send yours off NOW. The entry form can also be downloaded from the Events page. Priority will be given to everyone who rode the first round providing their entry is received by 1st May; after that it will be a free for all based on first-come-first-served basis.

16/04/07 The Bracken Rocks Cup Trial - Round 1 of the UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007
Firstly, the organisers wish to thank so many of you for turning up to this first ever round of the UK National BikeTrial Championship events - it couldn't happen without you and we appreciate your support.
Secondly, we thank all of the observers who spent the day in the heat and among the ants watching you all ride - the event couldn't happen without them and everyone appreciates their help.
On now to the event … what a day! Lots of riders with 62 pre-entries, thank you all for that. But don't forget, at BikeTrial we will never turn a rider away if they've "forgotten" to send the entry form off, unless of course the entry is so full that it would be impossible to accept any more! It just makes it so much easier for everyone if you do send it in advance, and at least then you know before you arrive that there is room for you.
Weather-wise it was a perfect weekend. The Clerk of the Course has set up many trials at Bracken Rocks in the past, but always in the wet, rain and mud, which has meant they had to be easy. The promise of a scorching weekend meant that sections that had been avoided in the past because of slippyness could at last be used. This did of course make for some hard riding, perhaps a little harder than some riders are used to, and perhaps on a level with World Championship sections. Quite a few high scores were evident, and a few people changing route, but no-one's ever going to improve if they don't attach a challenge and most people had a damn good go at it. The heat didn't help and there were a lot of red faces at the end of the day.
Well done to everyone.
It was really good to see so many young riders there, and particularly our three young ladies on the podium. Make sure you keep turning up girls, we'll try to make it easier for you at the next round.
Full results are available from the events page and will be mailed to all riders in the next few days along with an entry for the next trial.
15/04/07 What an excellent day at Bracken Rocks, tough challenging sections, glorious sunshine, lots of riders. Results are almost finished, will be on-line tomorrow morning along with a write-up. Thank you to everyone who made it happen, especially the riders.
12/04/07 Pre-entry for the Bracken Rocks Cup closes on Friday 13th April. True to form at all comps, entries are arriving in the last few days! If you've missed getting your entry form in, call 07850 505298 to put your name down. As always, we'll do our best not to turn anyone away on the day. See you there!
28/03/07 UK National BikeTrial Championship 2007
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  Entry forms for the first two rounds can be downloaded from the Nationals page.
"The Bracken Rocks BikeTrial Cup"
"The Blackpool Tower BikeTrial Trophy"