30/11/08 Review of the Biketrial Federation 2008 and Rules for 2009
Over the past two years the Biketrial Federation has been listening to their riders, and carefully watching the national and international biketrial scene. At the Annual Meeting on Friday 28th November all of this was taken into account when planning the Federation's future and 2009 events.
  Firstly, there will be only one series run by the Federation in 2009. To accommodate the needs of the riders, and the needs of British Cycling for British World Team selection this meant an overhaul of the rules.
  The Federation's traditional rules were carefully scrutinised alongside the UCI rules, and alongside riders' comments and feedback.
  We believe that the Rules for 2009 meet all of those needs. Please do read the rules carefully, but key changes are:
  • Self-selection to classes based on rider's own perceived ability.
  • Section time for all classes will be 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Addition of a new class, the "Black" route, placed between Blue and Red. (Riders in this class will in fact ride the traditional Red route; see the next point.)
  • Red and Yellow route riders will incur penalty points for bike parts touching the section; Riders in the White, Green, Blue and Black route will not incur penalty points for bike parts touching.
  • Changes have been made to penalty points regarding crossing the boundary and divider tape.
  British Cycling has requested that the Biketrial Federation be responsible for UCI World selection. This to be based on: (a) World standings and (b) Domestic standings. Domestic standings will be based on event results. The selection for 2009 to be completed by early July.
  Dates and venues for the 2009 series have not yet been completed whilst a calendar is put together of important dates in the school/college/university year and consideration taken of international events. The event calendar will be updated as soon as final plans have been made.
  The appropriate pages on this website will be updated as soon as possible, but in the meantime, the Minutes of the Meeting and the 2009 Federation Rules can be viewed by clicking on the links below:-
The Federation's organisers would be very interested to hear your views. Please send any comments to
We hope to see you all at events in 2009 - everyone very welcome!
Easter Bunny Hop DVD

The Easter Bunny Hop raised almost 3,000 for the Candlelighters charity to help those affected by childhood cancer. Everyone had a really great day, and now, thanks to James Ryan at 26twenty.com, it is recorded on DVD. All the riders and teams are shown, and demos by Cesar Canas.

The DVD is on sale at 7.99 plus p&p with all proceeds going to the Candlelighters charity. Here's the trailer so you can see just a tiny bit of what's in store on the DVD.

Buy your copy of the full DVD here ...

  Mail to UK
  Mail to Europe
  Mail International


A Tribute to Ben Carlile


Ben Carlile managed to achieve more in his wonderful 9 years of life than most of us could aspire to do in six times that ... click here to read more ...

29/10/08 Final TykeTrial of 2008
Check out TykeTrial on the "Clubs" page for information - the entry form is now on-line.
  Results for the last round and the TykeTrial Championship results are now available from the "Events" page.
22/10/08 2008 is coming to an end
Meetings will be taking place over the next two months to discuss 2009 events and rules. If you have any comments or suggestions to info@biketrialuk.co.uk. Meeting dates will be announced shortly.
09/10/08 Final UK National Championship Results now available

Five venues around the UK, starting at Hook Woods, Surrey in the south, Blackpool on the Lancashire coast, Fort William in the north of Scotland, and the final two rounds centrally in Yorkshire. All brilliant venues and ideal for the biketrial sport.

With 297 entries to the events, a total of 145 riders took part in the series from the age of 6 up to 30+. Feedback has been excellent, from riders, observers and landowners. Thanks to everyone taking part, for a great atmosphere at events, and for making the UK National's biketrial competition scene as good as it is!

Check out the Events page for the winners of this series.

Hope to see you all again in 2009.

Elite 20" Champions
Elite 26" Champions
Poussin Champions
Benjamin Champions
Femina Champions
Minime Champions
Junior 26" Champions
Junior 20" Champions
Senior 26" Champions
Junior 20" Champions
Over 30's Champions
Good luck in Australia to the Peacock family!
07/10/08 Shipley Glen 2 Days - What an amazing weekend!

Saturday's final round of the British UCI Trials Championship and the 2008 British UCI Trials Championship are now on-line, but apologies that Sunday's results have not yet been completed - try again tomorrow night!

It really was a great weekend, with 86 riders taking part it was a fantastic atmosphere, and even the weather gave glorious sunshine on Sunday!

Our compliments have to go to everyone there, as one observer reported "what a really great friendly group of lads" - thank you. And many many thanks to all who have taken part in both series of events in 2008, riders, observers and helpers included.

The sad part of the day was saying "goodbye" to the well-known Peacock family; we wish them all the best for their future in Australia and hope they join us on their holiday visits in years to come.

A quick summary of championship winners for 2008:-

British National Champions 2008 British UCI Trials Champions 2008
Elite 20" Chris Walker   Elite 20" Tom Astbury
Elite 26" Ben Savage   Elite 26" Ben Savage
Senior 20" Matt Everett   Junior 20" Sam Oliver
Senior 26" Tim Stedman   Junior 26" Matthew Rushton
Junior 20" Ryan Trickett   Out of Class Red Matt Burrows
Junior 26" Ben Moore   Youth A Blue James Bancroft
Minime Jack Carthy   Out of Class Blue Daniel Clough
Over 30's John Peacock   Youth B Green Jack Carthy
Benjamin Robbie Peacock   Out of Class Green John Padley
Femina Donna Fox   Youth C White Adam Morewood
Poussin Adam Morewood  
02/09/08 Have your say ...

At the request of riders, and to save the dozens of phone calls to organisers, at last you have your own trials-competition forum. Use it to discuss comps coming up, or comps that have been. Link to your photos and videos, or organise a practice ride. Give the organisers feedback and suggestions.

Very easy to register - We hope you enjoy using it.

Warning - This website is for the use of all age groups from six upwards. Any offensive posts will be deleted immediately and the person posting banned. If you see anything offensive on the forum that may have been missed, please inform the administrator.


Sad news ...

You may remember in April this year the TykeTrial Club organised a fund-raising "Easter Bunny Hop" with 9 year old cancer victim Ben Carlile as guest of honour.

We have received a call from Ben's dad to let us know that Ben passed away peacefully in his parent's arms at home on Sunday afternoon. He asked that we thank everyone for everything they did to help Ben, so many many thanks to everyone who came along that day, who contacted him and visited him, helped him out at trials when he first started, sent him presents, etc. You all know who you are, and Kev and Sam are very grateful.

Demo with Marc Vinco
TykeTrial at Brimham Rocks
Ben loves comps
The Easter Bunny Hop with Cesar, Ben and Wayne
A present from Ot Pi

Rest in peace Ben. A brilliant young trials riders.

15/08/08 Shipley Glen Weekend

A brilliant trials weekend is coming up in early October at the famous trials-heaven of Shipley Glen.

Saturday 4th October is the final round of the British UCI Trials Championship, followed on Sunday by the final round of the UK National Biketrial Championship and the Shipley Glen Cup.

A weekend not to be missed, there's plenty to practice on on the Saturday night, and a campsite just up the road!

If you're lucky enough to be on our mailing list your entry forms will be in the post next week - if you're not on the list then forms can be downloaded from the "Events" page. Alternatively, you can enter and pay on-line.

Hope to see you all there!

04/08/08 World Championships 2008

Well done to everyone attending and riding in the 2008 World Championship events over the last two weeks and good luck in the finals!

For information about the results visit www.biketrial-spain.com.

22/07/08 2008 National Championship Results to date
Now available on the Events page (right hand column)
21/07/08 What a brilliant day!

After a week of rain and appalling conditions for setting out the trial, the sun shone for everyone riding the fourth round of the UK Nationals at Addingham yesterday. The organisers would like to thank everyone for an excellent turnout, and particularly to the ten volunteer observers who did a fantastic job on the day.

Results are available from the "Events" page, they show that the sections were set at about the right level for all routes, although perhaps a little difficult for the Junior riders in the red routes they were spot on for the Senior riders. Overall a job well done for the section setters, many thanks to Andy Boyes, Brian Wright, John Peacock, Neil Raven, Fred Savage and Mick Scriven.

Pictures to follow, although it is a shame more people couldn't stay back for the awards presentation!

Poussin Class
Femina Class
Guest Green Class
Benjamin Class
Guest Blue Class
Over 30's Class
John's emotions at winning!!!
Minime Class
Junior 26" Class
Junior 20" Class
Senior 26" Class
Senior 20" Class

<<< Elite 26"

Elite 20" >>>

The Addingham Biketrial Cup 2008

At each event this major award is presented to the rider, riding in his or her correct class, with the lowest scores of the day.

1st Place Jack Carthy Benjamin Class (Green) 12 dabs
2nd Place Callum Gammie Poussin Class (White) 15 dabs
3rd Place James Hyland Elite 26" (Yellow) 18 dabs

Thank you everyone for a brilliant day.

09/07/08 UK National Biketrial Championship 2008 Round 4 - Addingham Moorside

The next UK trials event is on Sunday 20th July at the famous Addingham Moorside, the home of the 2005 BIU World Championship round. A very popular venue that has been used very little since the council closed it down early last year. After lobbying the local council and planning department, we were successful in helping to get it re-opened. Make the most of every opportuntity to ride here as they are now few and far between!

Entry forms were mailed two weeks ago so if you're on the mailing list you should have yours by now; if not then it can be downloaded from the events page. On-line entry will be available in the next couple of days.

09/07/08 British UCI Trials Championship 2008

After two very successfull rounds of this series earlier in the year to help British Cycling choose their team for the UCI World Trials Championship, we can now announce the date of the final event.

This will be held on Saturday 4th October at Shipley Glen. Entry forms will be mailed with the results from the Addingham event, and will be available to download soon from the "Events" page.

The organisers had hoped to run a stand-alone event for this final, but due to rising fuel costs it was decided to run as a two-day event alongside the final round of the UK National Championship.

Make sure you get your entry form off in plenty of time for this double-final weekend of trials, great atmosphere at a brilliant venue with not one but two Championship titles up for grabs!

25/06/08 Ben gets a surprise gift ...

A signed helmet, a present from his hero Ot Pi, put a smile on 10 year old Ben Carlile's face this morning. Another bright spot for Ben in his fight against cancer was when he received this signed t-shirt from riders abroad.

In April this year Ben prompted us to organise "The Easter Bunny Hop", an indoor Biketrial event to raise funds to help children with cancer. The event raised around 3,000.

Thank you to everyone who continues to think of Ben.

23/06/08 The Annual TykeTrial 2-Day
A great weekend of fun!
On Saturday afternoon, eleven teams of four rode two laps of five sections to try to achieve the lowest average score. Well done to the winning team "Not too fussed" for finishing on an average of 12 dabs each!
On Saturday evening, Martin Rathmell presented the TykeTrial trophies and Awards for the 2007 Championship, followed by a meal, more riding for many, and finishing with a bonfire.
On Sunday, another thirty riders joined in for the 4th round of the 2008 Club Championship - this time over ten sections around this brilliant rocky woodland venue. Full results now available on the Events page.
08/06/08 The Fort Bill Trophy

The 3rd round of the UK National Biketrial Championship was held yesterday alongside the World Downhill and Cross Country Championships. The ideal spot to promote biketrial to the wider cycling community and to the general public. Spectators watched in amazement as the trials riders gave a brilliant display, attempting sections built from logs, from rocks, from concrete pipes and the river sections.

An excellent day, and many thanks go to those who made the long journey to Fort William, and to all the local Scottish riders. And of course to the observers who made it possible.

Results are now available on the events page.

See you all at the next round at the ever-popular Addingham Moorside on 20th July ... please send your entry forms off NOW!!!

04/06/08 Rnd 3 - The Fort Bill Trophy
Want to check your entry's been received before you set off? See the link to the entry list on the "Events" page.
  Collecting your free entry passes:-
Thursday The competition area will still be open to the public. Please go the the organiser's office by the gondola station at the Nevis Range, who will direct you to where Mick Scriven and Fred Savage are working setting up the sections. Mick has the passes for everyone.
Friday Please contact Mick Scriven on 07817 548 559 between 9.00am and 7.00pm to agree a contact point.
Saturday A Biketrial Steward will be positioned very near the main entrance between 9.00am and 10.15am. If you have difficulty locating them, please contact Mick Scriven on 07817 548 559.
  Once inside the main area, the Biketrial signing on and control will be in the log section at the end of the expo area.
02/06/08 The Bunny Hop Media Reports
Sorry it's taken so long to upload them ... here they are, click on the pic to enlarge ...
Keighley News
Craven Herald
Mountain Biking UK
19/05/08 Round 3 - The Fort Bill Trophy - Saturday 7th June
Pre-entry needs to close at mid-day on Thursday 5th June ... why not send it off now to be sure of a ride and to make sure of your free entry passes!
19/05/08 Round 2 - Blackpool - what a weekend!

Many thanks to everyone in all categories who made Blackpool such a brilliant weekend. The weather stayed warm and dry for us yet again, and with some excellent sections on the '"moon rocks" the 105 riders had a great time, ending with the awards presentations each day by the beautiful Miss Blackpool!

Photos of the event can be viewed, and purchased, from www.myeventphotographs.co.uk.

Results of both days are now available from the Events page. Well done to everyone!

07/05/08 Ben's doing well ...

In the aftermath of the charity fund-raising Easter Bunny Hop we've kept in touch with Ben and his parents (see thank-you letter 17/04/08 below). Since the Bunny Hop, Ben has had more treatment and we are delighted to have heard that he has been able to return to school for a couple of hours on three afternoons a week.

Unable to get out on his bike, dad Kevin has bought him an air-gun and target set so he can get into the garden ... mum Samantha says "it's a bit like the OK Corall at times"!!!

We're all so pleased to hear that you're feeling a bit better Ben - keep it up, we want to see you back at trials.

(See Mountain Biking UK magazine June issue for report on the Easter Bunny Hop event)

Money is still coming in from the event, but it is believed that the final figure will be in the region of 3,000 to be donated to the Charity!

06/05/08 UK National Rnd 3 - Fort William

Once again, the Biketrial Federation has been working alongside British Cycling to make trials part of the World Downhill Championship in Fort William on the weekend of 7th and 8th June. Please note that the previously advertised date for the trials event of Sunday 8th has had to be changed to SATURDAY 7th June.

A long way to travel for some people, but always an excellent venue and great event - well worth the journey!!! And of course, thousands of spectators to give an amazing atmosphere!

All pre-entries will receive a free entry pass to the main event, and a free pass for a minder. Riders under 18 years of age will also receive a free entry pass for a parent ... worth more than the trial entry fee!!!

Get your entry form off now - available to download from the "Events" page, or you can enter and pay on-line.

01/05/08 Getting ready for Blackpool?
If you're not - you should be, the event of the year in 2007, can it possibly be as good this year? Of course it can! Two great days of riding, each day closing with the beautiful Miss Blackpool presenting awards. The weather's looking great so don't miss it!!!
  Entry forms are available to download and print from the "Events" page, or to enter and pay on-line. 98 riders last year ... don't leave it till the last minute! Entries cannot be accepted on the day.
17/04/08 Thank you from Kevin & Samantha ...

To everyone who has been involved in organising the charity event for our son Ben, there are no words that can express how grateful we are to you all, we totally understand how much time, effort and hard work went into the trial, and know how committed everyone has been in making the Easter Bunny Hop happen. Ben had a fantastic day even though he did struggle towards the end as he became very weak and tired but tried to put a brave face on because he knew how many people had been involved in organising this hugh event.

Unfortunately we don't know all the people on the committee and everyone in the club to thank them personally so please can you put this in your news letter on our behalf. We especially want to thank Richard Bell and his wife Nina for there kindness, as nothing was too much trouble on the day, also Massive thanks to Martin Rathmell and Barbara Wright for organising Cesar Canas.

I think everyone had a fantastic day, so please say a MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to everyone who gave up their time to make such a special and memorable day for our family.

Sincere thanks from the Carlile's

PS. Ben especialy wanted to thank Wayne Mahamot, Ben Savage, John Peacock and Neil Raven for top entertainment, he really enjoyed their shows , also Dougie and Martin Lampkin for being there on the day.

21/04/08 Hook Woods Weekend
  A brilliant weekend - thanks to everyone taking part, the organisers, the observers, and most of all the riders!
Saturday 19th April - British UCI Trials Championship 2008 Round 1.............................................
Thirty-seven riders took part in this first round of the first ever British UCI Trials Championship. This event was organised at the request of British Cycling to assist them in putting together their British Team for the World Championship. Many people found the classes and age groups strange, but put on a great show throughout the six challenging sections. Well done to everyone who took part ... the results are available to download from the "Events" page and have been sent to British Cycling. The second round will be held on Saturday 17th May at the popular Blackpool North Shore (Moon rocks) venue.
Sunday 20th April - UK National Biketrial Championship 2008 Round 1 ......................................
Fifty-eight riders took part in this, the first round of the 2008 UK National Championship. A course of seven challenging sections were built from the fantastic range of man-made and natural terrain of the popular Hook Woods in Surrey. Riding the traditional biketrial classes and routes, split into 20" and 26" wheeled bikes, gave for a sigh of relief from everyone! Many thanks to Martin at Monty for the baseball caps given to every rider at signing on, and for the t-shirts for everyone who made it onto the podium. Special thanks to landowner Jim Connor for allowing us to use the venue, and for presenting the trophies at the end of a brilliant weekend. Results are available to download from the "Events" page. Hope to see you all at Blackpool for round 2 on 18th May.
  The awards ... (whoops, the photographer missed the Elite 20" class - sorry!)
Over 30's Class Poussin Class Benjamin Class
Minime Class Junior 26" Class Junior 20" Class
Senior 26" Class Senior 20" Class Elite 26"


This was an amazing event, a full report and photos will be placed here soon. For now...


Funds raised will be donated to "Candlelighters" - watch this space to find the final figure soon.


9 year old Ben Carlile with SideHop winners Wayne Mahomet and Ben Savage, who presented Ben with their joint trophy, along with World BikeTrial Champion Judge Cesar Canas.



Couldn't make it to the event?

Donations to the cancer-related fund chosen by Ben's parents can be made direct to:-

  • TykeTrial's bank account: Yorkshire Bank, Bingley Sort Code: 05-02-42 Account number: 32578888
  • By cheque payable to TykeTrial addressed to the Treasurer: Richard Bell, 7 Lidget Road, Bradley, North Yorkshire, BD20 9DS
Please mark any donations with reference to Easter Bunny Hop.
10/03/08 British UCI Championship 2008 and British Cycling World UCI Trials Team Selection Policy and UK National BikeTrial Championship 2008

Entry forms are now available on the Events page to either download, or to enter on-line with on-line payment. Both rounds of this British UCI Championship have been co-ordinated with UK National events in order to save riders travelling time and expense. Should be a couple of really good weekends, and if you enter on both the Saturday and Sunday, you can save yourself 10.00! The normal entry price for just one day is 20, enter both for 30 and make a weekend of it.

British Cycling have released their World UCI Team Selection Policy. This can be downloaded from the "Clubs" page.

The Easter Bunny Hop ...
09/03/08 This fun event isn't about who's the best rider ... it's about trials riders throughout the UK pulling together to put on a great show for a poorly little boy and to help to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause. Entries have started coming in ... get yours in now! Don't forget the closing date is next Saturday 16th March.

09/03/08 What a day ...
Sunshine, wind, rain and hailstones took it in turns today to try to put riders off. They succeded with a few, but the majority kept on going to finish the trial. The usual Cowling Pinnacle rocky field was full of lambing sheep, so at the request of the farmer, the next field was used to set up the seven unusual fun sections. Regularly used by motorcycle trials clubs, the venue presented some different terrain to tackle, and some enjoyable riding for most. Shame that the weather gave us a lot of very high scores, but it was the same for everyone! Everyone who rode and finished should be proud of their achievement in that alone - well done to all - a really good trial.

03/03/08 A double-event for the Blackpool weekend ...
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the first of the planned UCI World Qualifier events to be run on behalf of British Cycling had to be cancelled. Instead ... a replacement qualifying event has been announced for Saturday 17th May at the amazing Blackpool venue. This to run alongside the 2nd round of the UK National Championship on 18th May. Entry forms will be available soon.

03/03/08 TykeTrial - Round 2 - Cowling Pinnacle

Due to a technical hiccup the entry forms for this event were not mailed until late on Friday 29th February. If you haven't received yours yet, please download from the Events page and send off immediately. Alternatively, you can complete the on-line entry and on-line payment.

Closing date for entry is Friday 7th March - entries will not accepted on the day.

A further hiccup is that it was missed changing the heading - it still says Shipley Glen at the top, although the rest of the form clearly says "Cowling Pinnacle". The event is at Cowling Pinnacle. Apologies that this wasn't noticed until after copying!

29/02/08 Entry form now available from the Events page - there has to be a strict closing date of Saturday 16th March for this event so get your entry forms off in the mail NOW !!!
The second and third judges have just been confirmed as Dan Clark and Martin Crossthwaite of the Xtreme Trials Display Team - check out their website and videos at http://xtremetrials.co.uk/. Dan and Martin have also loaned some of their display equipment for the event so watch the videos carefully!


Entry forms for the Easter Bunny Hop will be available on 1st March - watch this space!

Ben's parents have now decided that funds raised from the event should go to the "Candlelighters" charity. Information can be found on their website http://candlelighters.org.uk/

18/02/08 The first trial of the year ...
TykeTrial's first event of 2008 took place yesterday with 88 riders enjoying the glorious sunshine at Shipley Glen. Results are now available from the Events page. Well done to everyone and many thanks to all of the helpers.
18/02/08 Many thanks to BikeTrial China ...
The "Easter Bunny Hop"
Fund-raising in aid of those affected by childhood cancer ...
News from BIU Japan ...

BIKETRIAL JAPAN UNION (BJU) put news about aid for Ben in their webpage. Now Chinese delegate and BJU put the information on their webpages. You can check them with following webpages.

BJU = http://www.bju.jp/modules/news/article.php?storyid=33
BIKETRIAL CHINA = http://www.xbreaker.com/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=1942

News Dated 08/02/2008


A PLAN OF BIKETRIAL CHINA FOR BEN Jason, Biketrial China wrote to the BIU that "I have discussed with China riders about aid for Ben. We will hold a Biketrial Jam in Shanghai, all riders will sign for Ben and wish him healthy on a China Team T shirt. We will take a group photo and send it to Ben with the T shirt and a stamp. We will provide 3 more stamps of Jin Mao Tower climbing event to the organizer of the charity competition for auction and surport Ben. We will arrange these things recently" and also they will send special stamps. The BIU will collect these and send to the organizer before their event opening. Now BJU started some plans to participate the movement of aid for Ben.

The BIU is expecting more actions from more countries.

News Dated 08/02/2008


A FAST ACTION FROM CHINA The Chinese delegate Jason Dou put the news about the event "AID FOR BEN" in his webpage. Acoording to Jason "He wrote to the BIU that "I think maybe I could ask China Riders sign on a China Team Shirt for 2007 WBC last year and send to the boy,and provide some stamps of Jin Mao Tower climbing competition for Charity Auction". It ia a very good idea. Thanks Jason!!! They are welcome any help you made.

Please check the webpage with following address. http://www.xbreaker.com/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=1942

News Dated 07/02/2008

11/02/08 TykeTrial Club News
TykeTrial Club's News updated, click the TykeTrial logo from the "Clubs" page. 2008 Membership form available to download.
10/02/08 Biketrial UK Federation - Taking trials to the people!
Remember ... our aim is to make the biketrial sport fun and easy to participate. To ride in any Biketrial UK Federation event, you do not need to hold any licences.
10/02/08 Calendar updates
Keep your eye on the "Events" page as more dates and venues are changed and confirmed as the year ahead's plans progress.
31/01/08 Easter Bunny Hop
Date: Sunday 23rd March (Easter Sunday)
Venue: Indoor at Skipton Auction Mart, Skipton, North Yorkshire. (10 minutes bike ride from Skipton Station)
Arena section built from equipment from the Sheffield Arena Trial
  Demonstrations by top world riders (names to be confirmed)
  Team Arena Event, any age, any ability
  Bunny Hop competition
  Sidehop competition
  Gap jump competition
  Limbo competition
  Charity Auction
Everyone's invited to have a go at the Bunny Hop, Sidehop, Gap jump and Limbo competitions so make sure you bring your bike (small charge towards fund-raising)!
Team entry forms will be available for download in due course, so start getting your teams planned now for a really fun day.
Camping available on Saturday night (5.00 per tent towards fund-raising).
Help is always needed on Saturday to set it all up, otherwise organise yourselves into a ride somewhere!
Organised by volunteers, all profits will go in aid of those affected by childhood Cancer.
28/01/08 BIU (BikeTrial International Union) Amended Rules for 2008
It does not apply to many riders in the UK and not to the Biketrial UK Federation Championship events, but for information for those considering travel to the BIU World Championships, we attach a copy of their updated rules for 2008. The main change is the classes and age groups (changes are highlighted in red). 20" and 26" bikes have now been combined, and age groups and route colours have been changed.
Click to view the documents: (please give the rules time it's a large document!)
2008 BIU Rules
2008 BIU Classes
2008 BIU World Championship
The UK National Championship events this year have adopted the route colour changes, also the age group changes. We will however still run separate classes for 20" and 24/26" bikes, also the usual "guest" classes, and an "over 30's" class. See the "Rules" page for the 2008 Biketrial Federation Championship rules.
24/01/08 Easter Weekend - 22nd and 23rd March 2008
An amazing 9 year old rider and member of the TykeTrial club, Ben Carlile, is very poorly right now. He has undergone a serious operation and is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
TykeTrial are holding a fund-raising event over the Easter weekend to help Ben and other children in similar circumstances.
To be held in Skipton, North Yorkshire, we have arranged camping to be available from Friday evening until Monday morning. The event will be held on Sunday 23rd, with practising available on Saturday.
An event not to be missed ... top riders from all over the world have promised to attend. Watch this page for more information. If you feel that you can help or have something to offer, please email: info@biketrialuk.co.uk
14/01/08 Calendar update
At last we're able to put in lots of Biketrial dates for 2007. Keep watching though as it will be updated and amended on a regular basis throughout the year.
Click here for News from 2007