06/10/09 The British Cup Winners for 2009

All in all, the Shipley event gave a perfect (!) end to an excellent and successfull year, with 146 riders taking part in the series from all over the UK: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Isles. Many thanks to everyone and we hope to see you all again next year. Check out the full results from the "Events" page.

Primary Class
Novice Class
Intermediate Class
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Callum Williamson North Yorks
3rd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
1st TJ Reynoldson West Yorks
2nd Andrew Dorritt Co. Durham
3rd Adam Morewood South Yorks
1st Tom Oliver Shropshire
2nd Jed Hesling West Yorks
3rd Aaron MacIver Aberdeenshire
Cadet Class
Expert 20" Class
Expert 26" Class
1st Jamie Bew North Yorks
2nd James Bancroft West Yorks
3rd Ross Clayton West Yorks
1st Jack Carthy West Yorks
2nd Alec Wray Co Durham
3rd Ryan Trickett Derbyshire
1st Aaron Cosbey N. Ireland
2nd Adam Bessell Northamptonshire
3rd Chris Hinson Buckinghamshire
<<< Elite 20" Class
1st James Sheridan Kent
2nd Karl Donnelly Nottinghamshire
3rd Sam Oliver Shropshire
Elite 26" Class >>>
1st Danny Butler Staffordshire
2nd Joe Oakley Nottinghamshire
3rd Ben Slinger Lancashire
(picture 4th Dave Kerr) South Wales
05/10/09 Weekend of wind at Shipley!

Saturday dawned with sunshine, but unbelievably windy, and section-setting was made into a real challenge trying to beat the wind when trying to tie in section tape. Needless to say, the wind won in most cases, and many sections couldn't be fully taped. But that didn't deter to 64 riders who turned up to ride on Sunday.

A slight mishap on the Saturday when the event secretary broke her ankle setting the sections, but that didn't deter her and she spent Sunday in a chair alongside her crutches at control. Many thanks to everyone who rallied round to help!

A couple of rain showers during the day helped to make the sections a bit more difficult at times, but the wind that had dropped to a very cool breeze helped the sunshine to dry it all up quickly. Feedback from riders was really good and encouraging, and the scores show that the sections proved to be just at the right level. Well done to the setters, and well done to all the riders!

Winners of the Shipley event ...

Primary Class - White Route
Charlie Rolls
Callum Williamson
Sam Rolls
Novice Class - Green Route
Andrew Dorritt
TJ Reynoldson
Adam Morewood
Intermediate Class - Blue Route
Tom Oliver
Martin Walker
Jed Hesling
Cadet Class - Black Route
Jamie Bew
Ross Clayton
James Bancroft
Expert 20" Class - Red Route
Jack Carthy
Ryan Trickett
Ryan Crisp
Expert 26" Class - Red Route
Aaron Cosbey
Adam Bessell
Andrew Walker

Elite 20" Class - Yellow Route
Sam Oliver
James Sheridan
Tom Rankin
Elite 26" Class - Yellow Route
Danny Butler
Joe Oakley
James Porter
02/10/09 Shipley Glen - the Final
The pre-entry list has now been prepared and can be viewed from the events page. Late entries are being accepted.
14/09/09 Shipley Glen - British Cup Round 5 and Final

Entry forms are available from the "Events" page - do it now then you don't forget! Check out the photos from last year's event at Shipley from the "Media" page.

See you all there.

06/09/09 UCI World Championship
Congratulations to Joe Oakley, the new UCI Junior 26" World Champion; also to Ben Slinger who took 5th place in the UCI Elite 26". Along with Jack Carthy's World Champion win last month Britain is showing fantastic results. Well done to everyone who attended all events.
17/08/09 High Wood Farm - British Cup Round 4

Fantastic event, great atmosphere, excellent riding - many thanks to all of the 56 riders taking part from all over the UK who took up the opportunity to ride at this really great venue with it's massive grippy rocks hiding in woodland and on the hilltops next to the famous Brimham Rocks.

The natural rock and woodland sections proved a little harder than the man-made rocks of Blackpool, not as many flat surfaces for run-ups etc! Some high scores were coming through, but most riders said they had enjoyed the extra challenge, and in the long term the tougher sections will improve the UK's riding level.

The awards presentation took place as usual immediately after the event, and, as was announced prior to the event starting, riders who hadn't waited for the results lost their award (although still retain their position and cup points). Unfortunately, it has become a habit with some not to wait which has resulted in a ridiculous number of unclaimed trophies and medals over the last few years. A lot of time and money is spent in buying and preparing the awards, and it's a shame to put them in the bin, so in future, if the award winner isn't present, it will be handed to the next person.

Due to the high number of competitors in the Intermediate blue route class, it had been decided to split the class according to age as a test: Age 16 and under, and age 17 and above. This did seem successful and gave a fairer spread of the awards. Cup points have been allocated on the full class.

Full results and Cup series points up to date are available on the "Events" page.

Well done to all winners (names), and well done to all award winners (photos)!

Primary Class - White route
Novice Class - Green route
Intermediate Class Junior - Blue route
1st Charlie Rolls
2nd Callum Williamson
3rd Sam Rolls
1st TJ Reynoldson
2nd Andrew Dorritt
3rd Adam Morewood
1st Tom Oliver
2nd Jed Hesling
3rd Bradley Stead
Intermediate Class Senior - Blue route
Cadet Class - Black route (red flags)
Expert Class 20" - Red route
1st Aaron McIver
2nd Andrew McCabe
3rd Nick Scott
1st Martin Walker
2nd Jamie Bew
3rd Matthew Holdsworth
1st Jack Carthy
2nd Ryan Trickett
3rd Alec Wray
Expert Class 26" - Red route
Elite Class 20" - Yellow route
Elite Class 26" - Yellow route
1st Aaron Cosbey
2nd Chris Hinson
3rd Kyle Livesey
1st James Sheridan
2nd Sam Oliver
3rd Karl Donnelly
1st Danny Butler
2nd Ben Slinger
3rd Joe Oakley

Hope to see you all again at Shipley Glen on Sunday 4th October for the final round and for the year end Cup Winners Presentation - do try to make it - online entry form and payment is now available on the "Events" page.

12/08/09 UCI World Youth Games - Jack Carthy Champion!

Jack Carthy had a brilliant ride on both days in the 12 - 14 year class (minime) coming 1st in qualifying and winning the main championship event on the Sunday.

Ryan Crisp also had two great days in the 12 - 14 year class, qualifying on the Saturday and coming 9th in the main event on the Sunday.

Chris Vibert had a very good ride on the Saturday in the 15 - 16 year class (cadet) placing 24th (out of 35 finishers) thus not qualifying for the final on the Sunday but had an amazing experience in preperation for next year's event.

Well done to all 3 riders.

22/07/09 British National Trials Series - Round 4
Whilst the organisers and helpers have done their utmost to find a suitable southern venue (and have a few options lined up for next year), rather than lose the quality of the venues for the series we have opted for the amazing rocks at High Wood Farm next door to the famous Brimham Rocks.
Entry forms will be in the post tomorrow, and on-line entry is available now from the "Events" page.
Hope to see you all there!
19/07/09 UCI Trials World Cup News
Please see below for a list of riders entered for the Knokke Heist World Cup event and the World Youth Games. The UCI Trials World Championships Team will be announced this week.
Knokke Heist Entries World Youth Games
26" Qualified 20" Not Qualified 26" Not Qualified
Savage Ben Astbury Thomas Burton Andrei
Slinger Ben Seddon Joseph Porter James
Sheridan James Oakley Joe
Poyser Rob Wilson Scott
Bessell Adam
Hyland James
Rankin Tom
Butler Danny
Donovan Patrick
13-14 Years Carthy Jack
Crisp Ryan
15-16 Years Vibert Chris
Best Regards, Roger Wilbraham, Coordinator for MTB and BMX, www.britishcycling.org.uk
17/07/09 UCI Trials World Youth Games, Belgium - 8th / 9th August

Three of Britain's top young riders are heading off to their first time at the UCI World Youth Games, good luck to:-

Jack Carthy, Yorkshire
Ryan Crisp, Suffolk
Chris Vibert, Jersey
12/07/09 British Trials Championship 2009 - Blackpool
  Results now available from the Events page - pictures on the Media page video player.

Many many thanks to all for a really good weekend. The weather was kind to us, if a little windy with the waves splashing over from time to time! According to feedback, everyone was happy with the sections, and pleased with the set-up of two laps of eight sections.

It was great to see riders from so many different areas of the British Isles, thank you for taking the trouble to come along, we hope it was worthwhile and that we'll see you again. It was also fantastic to see so many 30+ riders. Unfortunately the over-30's class was abandoned at the end of last year due to insufficient 30+ entries, but if you all make this a regular attendence, we could consider re-opening your own class - so keep it up!

The venue for the next round will be announced very soon, but do keep Sunday 16th August free, we hope to see everyone there again!

Primary Class (White route) Novice Class (Green route) Intermediate Class (Blue route) Cadet Class (Black route - red flags)
1st Callum Williamson North Yorkshire
2nd Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
3rd Callum Gammie Aberdeenshire
1st TJ Reynoldson West Yorkshire
2nd Andrew Dorritt Co Durham
3rd Adam Morewood

South Yorkshire

1st Tom Oliver Shropshire
2nd Martin Walker Ceredigion
3rd Nick Scott


1st Ross Clayton West Yorkshire
2nd Chris Vibert Channel Islands
3rd Jamie Bew

North Yorkshire

Expert Class 20" (Red route) Expert Class 26" (Red route) Elite Class 20" (Yellow route) Elite Class 26" (Yellow route)
1st Kieran Whitfield Cornwall
2nd Alec Wray Co Durham
3rd Courtney Etienne Derbyshire
1st Aaron Cosbey N. Ireland
2nd Adam Bessell Northamptonshire
3rd Andrew Walker Co Durham
1st James Sheridan Kent
2nd Karl Donnelly Nottinghamshire
3rd Rob Poyser Staffordshire
1st Joe Oakley Nottinghamshire
2nd Alastair Clarkson West Yorkshire
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire

Many thanks to Charlie, winner of the "Face of 2008" for presenting our awards; Matt Everett presented her with a lovely bunch of roses from you all (but didn't get the kiss he was hoping for!).

Also thanks to everyone working with Blackpool Council, the tourism staff, the beach patrol, police, coastguards, tramway, health and safety, ambulance services, British Red Cross and everyone who allowed and helped us to make this event a great success.

Please note that it is actually illegal to cycle and drive on the lower walk and the 'moon rocks' where the event was held without an official permit, which the Biketrial Federation is granted each year to run this event. If you do try to go there to practise, be prepared to be moved on by the police or beach patrol.

24/06/09 UCI Trials World Youth Games
We are currently waiting instructions from British Cycling on the entry procudures for the 2009 UCI Trials World Youth Games and will update information as soon as it is received. In the meantime, check out the information received below, and check out the organisers website.
Chers tous,
L'événement vélo trial mondial le plus important pour les jeunes aura lieu cet été à Charleroi (Belgique). Les Jeux Mondiaux de la Jeunesse UCI réunissent habituellement la crème des jeunes trialistes de moins de 16 ans et tous les champions en devenir.
Vous trouverez toutes les infos relatives à cette épreuve sur notre site web: www.kangourous.be
Merci d'avance de relayer cette information via vos contacts, votre magazine et/ou votre site web. Notre affiche est jointe à ce message.
En espérant vous rencontrer à Charleroi les 8 & 9 août 2009
Jérôme Degreef
comité UCI TrialsWYG2009
Dear all,
The major world trials event for young riders will take place this summer in Charleroi (Belgium). The UCI World Youth Games usually gather the 'cream' of under 16-year old trial riders and all the future top riders.
All info related to this event are available on our website: www.kangourous.be
Thanks in advance to disseminate this info via your contacts, your journal and/or your website. Our poster is linked to this message.
Hopefully we will meet in Charleroi 8 & 9 August 2009
Jérôme Degreef
comité UCI TrialsWYG2009
18/06/09 Blackpool 2009
That's right ... once again we're running the 3rd round of the British National Trials Cup in sunny Blackpool - everyone's favourite venue!!! Entry form is now available on the "Events" page, closing date is 8th July so get your entries off early please!
17/06/09 Trials comps in Scotland

As Scottish riders may know, the NBTC Scotland club closed down last year. However, at the Fort William event several parents expressed an interest in starting up a new club in the area.

If you and/or your parents wish to be involved in getting this going again, please email info@biketrialuk.co.uk with contact details so we can put you in touch with each other.

16/06/09 TykeTrial Annual 2-Day Event and the Ben Carlile Memorial Trophy
Changes have had to be made to this annual weekend event - please check the "Clubs" / "TykeTrial" page for information.
15/06/09 Trials on TV ...
The transmission date and time of the Fort William event is Sunday 28 June at 1900. It is on BBC Scotland which you can access via skybox somewhere in the 900s. The actual time is not finally confirmed until the Radio Times goes to press which is this week. So hopefully there will be no change.
15/06/09 Fort William 2009 - well done to everyone and congratulations to the British Trials Champions 2009

What a fantastic couple of events!!! Many many thanks to all those taking part, both riders and helpers - it has to go down as being one of the best trials weekends so far.

In the 2nd round of the British Trials Cup series on Saturday, 62 riders from all classes, and on Sunday in the British Trials Championship, 57 riders from all classes took part. The atmosphere of the overall event was brilliant, and the spectators in the arena sections were almost always several deep trying to get a good view of the spectacular riding on the rock section, the log section and the concrete pipe and car section. A massive well done to you all.

Photos will be added to the site very soon, but in the meantime the results from both events are now available on the "Events" page, but a quick summary ...

British Trials Championship:

Elite 26" Elite 20" Expert 26" Expert 20"
Champion Ben Savage
Runner-up Alastair Clarkson
2nd Runner-up Stan Shaw
Champion Joe Seddon
Runner-up James Sheridan
2nd Runner-up Karl Donnelly
Champion Aaron Cosbey
Runner-up Adam Bessell
2nd Runner-up Chris Hinson
Champion Jack Carthy
Runner-up Alec Wray
2nd Runner-up Keiran Donnelly
Cadet Intermediate Novice Primary
Champion Jamie Bew
Runner-up Danny Clough
2nd Runner-up James Bancroft
Champion Brodie Ferguson
Runner-up Scott Davidson
2nd Runner-up Andrew McInnes
Champion Andrew Dorritt
Runner-up Adam Morewood
2nd Runner-up TJ Reynoldson
Champion Stuart Crayk
Runner-up Connor Parker
2nd Runner-up Matthew Smith

British Trials Cup Rnd 2: Many thanks to Onza for sponsoring this event

Elite 26" Elite 20" Expert 26" Expert 20"
1st Danny Butler
2nd Ben Savage
3rd Ben Slinger
1st Joe Seddon
2nd James Sheridan
3rd Rob Poyser
1st Aaron Cosbey
2nd Adam Bessell
3rd Tom Rigg
1st Jack Carthy
2nd Alec Wray
3rd Ryan Crisp
Cadet Intermediate Novice Primary
1st Jamie Bew
2nd Alec Wray
1st Scott Davidson
2nd Brodie Ferguson
3rd Andrew McInnes
1st Andrew Dorritt
2nd TJ Reynoldson
3rd Callum Tawse
1st Callum Gammie
2nd Charlie Rolls
3rd Callum Williamson

One of the brilliant things about the trial was the presence of the BBC; with three cameras at each of four sections throughout the day they should have got some amazing footage. As soon as we hear when it will be screened we'll try to let you know in good time. Special thanks to those Elite riders who gave their time to give interviews during the trial - this really has to be an excellent way to gain publicity for the sport, and understanding from the general public.

Roll on Blackpool for another spectator spectacular - don't miss it - Sunday 12th July.

03/06/09 Fort William - final instructions ...
Fort William entry list updated - see Events page. If you believe you have entered and are not on the list, please phone Barbara on 07850 505298.
Entry passes:-
  When you approach the entry payment kiosk, you will see an orange "Biketrial" direction sign attached to the barrier at the side of the gates. Follow those biketrial arrows along the outside of the fence until you come to the UK National Biketrial Championship banner attached to the barriers. Control will be at the other side of the fence and a Steward will be present to hand out your entry passes from 9.00am.
  Please be aware that parking is usually difficult. Either arrive VERY early in the hope of parking in the car park at the top of the road, OR arrange for someone to be dropped off at the venue with the bikes then go park in the park and ride and catch the bus back to the venue (apparently they don't allow bikes on the buses).
  Whatever, give yourself plenty of time to get there.
  Saturday Signing on is from 9.00am; pre-trial briefing at 10.15am; trial starts at 10.30am; trial ends at 4.00pm; 4.30pm Danny Macaskill trials display; Trials Award presentations at 5.00pm.
  Sunday Signing on is from 9.00am; pre-trial briefing at 10.15am; trial starts at 10.30am; trial ends at 3.00pm; Trials Award presentations at 4.30pm.

Look forward to seeing you all there and hope you all have a great weekend!

As I will not be returning after the event until Friday 12th June, full results will not be available on-line until 13th/14th.

02/06/09 Fort William entry list updated - see Events page.
30/05/09 Fort William entry list to date has been prepared and can be viewed from the events page. Don't forget Wednesday is the closing date! Look forward to seeing you all there; watch this page on information on how/when to collect your entry tickets.
06/05/09 Two days of trials at Fort William!
Full details are now available for this excellent trials and cycling weekend. If you're on our mailing list, the form will be with you in the next couple of days, if not, you can download it from the "Events" page, or you can enter on-line and send your payment through the PayPal system. Whichever way, it will be a really good weekend!
Saturday 6th June will be the second round of the British National Trials Cup 2009, points toward the year end titles, and on Sunday will be a one-off event, the British National Trials Championship.
We had originally thought that the Sunday event would need to be only the winners from the previous day - however re-negotiation now allows for everyone to ride on both days so it will be well worth the trip!
Please send your entry form off as soon as possible, please don't leave it till the last minute as we have to book, collect and distribute the free entry passes.
A few pictures from past years at this venue ...
29/04/09 The Trial of Wessex

On Sunday 24th and Monday the 25th May, Andrei Burton and Jack Meek bring this one-off, man-made trial to the beautiful location of Somerton, near Bristol. Each man-made section will be themed and all in close proximity to each other. Andrei is aiming the event to be a fun competition.

The Elite category will be for invited riders only and if you wish to enter this category, please contact Andrei directly on burton_andrei@yahoo.co.uk

Please visit the website for entry form and more information: www.trialofwessex.com

28/04/09 Message from British Cycling

Dear rider,

Please find attached information regarding the next UCI Trials World Cup in Germany. Riders already registered are listed below:-

James Sheridan, Ben Savage, Andrei Burton, Joe Seddon, Joe Oakley, Daniel Butler, Scott Wilson, Ben Slinger, Tom Rankin, James Hyland, Adam Bessell.

If you wish to gain an entry, please send through the attached form completed and signed by Monday the 3rd of May.

Best Regards, Roger Wilbraham


22/04/09 UCI World Championship British Selection Policy
19/04/09 British National Trials Cup, Round 1, Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire

Many thanks to all the riders for taking part in this first round of the 2009 British National Trials Cup. We all had a really good day and hope you did too.

The weather was really kind to us with beautiful sunshine and quite warm, although not too hot for the climb to section 1. The venue is ideal for trials, with its variation of terrain for the sections including rocks and woodland it is always easy to find where to build them; the difficulty is in getting the levels just right. We did get it a little on the hard side as the results show, but feedback from the riders was very positive, with the sections reported as being challenging but fun!

Seven sections were built because of the pre-entry numbers, if you had all sent your entries in before the closing date there would have been ten sections, so come on and send the next ones in early so we can plan even better!

It was fantastic to have all the observer volunteers before the trial started, it saved riders having to hang around waiting, and saved us the embarrassment of begging for help. There are four more rounds in the series and it would be really good to see some different names on the observer list; anyone who has never observed before will get full training beforehand so please get your mum/dad/sister/brother/girlfriend to put their name on the entry form as an observer when you fill it in - it really does help and it is actually good fun and very much appreciated!

Thanks go to Joe from Onza for presenting the medals to the winners, specially designed by him and made exclusively for the series.

The next round of the series is on Saturday 6th June at the famous Nevis Range in Fort William, and is being run as part of a bigger event, a round of the UCI World Downhill Championship. With dozens of dealer stands and a brilliant atmosphere, most of the sections are built in the central area with hundreds of spectators watching the trials riders tackle sections built from all kinds of man-made obstacles such as concrete pipes, massive logs, telephone boxes, cars etc. The entry fee gives you a free entry pass to the main event for both you and your minder. We know it's a long way to travel for many people, but it really is worth the journey and we do hope you can make it! But please send your entry form off straight away as we do need to organise everyone's entry passes well in advance!

Thanks again to all. Check out the results on the "Events" page, and pictures on the "Media" page.

Primary Class (White route)
1st Callum Williamson
2nd Adam Morewood
3rd Charlie Rolls
Novice Class (Green route)
1st TJ Reynoldson
2nd Andrew Dorritt
Intermediate Class (Blue route)
1st Ryan Crisp
2nd Chris Vibert
3rd Tom Oliver
Cadet Class (Black route / Red flags)
1st Danny Clough
2nd Jamie Bew
3rd James Bancroft
Expert 20" Class (Red route)
1st Ryan Trickett
2nd Jack Carthy
3rd Matthew Burge
Expert 26" Class (Red route)
1st Adam Bessell
2nd Andrew Walker
3rd Aaron Cosbey
Elite 20" Class (Yellow route)
1st Sam Oliver
2nd Joe Seddon
3rd Karl Donnelly
Elite 26" Class (Yellow route)
1st Ben Slinger
2nd Danny Butler
3rd James Porter
07/04/09 TykeTrial Date Changes & Demos

At the TykeTrial Club's committee meeting last night, several date changes were discussed with some still to be finalised, also discussion about demos that the club will be organising this year. Please check out the TykeTrial page for more information, and the Events page for the entry form for the next club event at Addingham Moorside on 24th May. Entry forms will be mailed to 2009 club members in the next few days; if you haven't renewed your membership yet please do so soon!

Hope to see you all at Bracken Rocks on 19th April.

02/04/09 Entry forms for the British National Trials Cup 2009

The entry form for Round 1 at Bracken Rocks on Sunday 19th April is now available on-line from the "Events" page. You can either download the form, print it, fill it in and send it off with your cheque, or you can pay with your debit or credit card through the PayPal system then complete your entry form on-line.

Don't miss this excellent venue - there'll be sections suitable for all ages and all abilities.

This event is the first round of the British National Trials Cup 2009 and will be run according to the Biketrial Federation rules. British Cycling will use the results from this event when planning UCI World event entry selection (see below).

Onza will be there to award the winners, so let's see everyone there having a really fun day. (With a bit of luck they may even bring along some goodies!!!)

PS: Make sure you get your entry form off in good time! Paper entries must be received no later than the closing date (Wednesday 15th April) as we will be travelling to Bracken Rocks the following day so your entry wouldn't be received. On-line entry will be removed on the closing date.

30/03/09 Message from British Cycling
  Please see information below for the general UCI regulations for World Cups, info on the first round in Catalunya and an entry form for the World Cup Series.
  Please note that the qualification criteria for the World Championships will be based on international (World Cup) and domestic (Biketrial Federation National) events pre August 2009. Criteria to be published next week.
  Riders pre entered for Catalunya so far are: Joe seddon 20" Daniel Butler 26" Joe Oakley 26". Entry deadline for Catalunya is April the 2nd.
Roger Wilbraham
04/03/09 British National Trials Cup Sponsors for 2009
We are very pleased to announce that the 2009 British National series will be sponsored by the British bike manufacturer Onza.
This fantastic offer of support will help us to prepare even better trials for 2009. Many thanks on behalf of all the riders.
Click on their logo above to find out more about Onza.
11/01/09 TykeTrial 2009
Provisional dates and venues have been set, see the TykeTrial page on "clubs" for more details. A newsletter will be sent out in the next few weeks along with 2009 membership forms. Please send it off to us quickly to ensure you get the entry forms and information for the coming year.
Hope to see you all at the first event!
04/01/09 Welcome to trials in 2009
The Biketrial Federation has had a complete revamp for this new year. After listening to riders and organisers the riding rules have been reviewed and updated, discussion with British Cycling has enabled us to just run the one series, cutting overall entry fees for riders.
We are proud to represent British Cycling after their amazing successes at the 2008 Olympics, and with your support who knows what the future may bring for trials!
There are five British Trials Cup events planned for 2009, and one British Championship event (note the name change of the series). We will do our utmost to spread them around the country, with consideration for those travelling from both the south and from the far north of Scotland, as well as from Ireland and the Channel Isles; we would love to put on an event in every town in the country but, sorry, that just isn't practical!
Focus will be given to raising media attention to the sport - if you take any good photos or videos at an event, please feel free to send them along to us for our media page.
As always, we need more helpers. Trials is a voluntary sport and all organisation is done on a voluntary basis, if you or your parents feel that they could help out, either with the planning/preparation or at events, please do contact us, all help is very welcome.
And finally, we are just waiting final confirmation of sponsorship for 2009, more news as soon as we hear.
Check out the other pages on the site, lots of changes have been made.
Entry forms will be available to download as soon as venues have been confirmed, entry and payment will also be available online.
Give competitions a go in 2009, you don't need to be the best, classes are available for all riding abilities, just come along, meet new people in a great atmosphere, and have a good time!
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