13/01/12 Update
Events calendar updated with all British dates and venues now confirmed. We're all set for a brilliant British Cup Series and British Champion selection in 2012. Hope that everyone can make it, with new classes to encourage more riders to take part. Website update coming soon with more club dates and venues.
06/12/11 Biketrial Federation Annual Meeting (updated 19/12/11)

Attending the meeting were (Left to right, front then back) ...

Mick Carthy 2011 Clerk of Course Voting
Jack Carthy Rider Non-voting
George Eyre Chairman Casting vote
Barbara Wright Administrator Voting
Karen Carthy TykeTrial Representative (1) Voting
Graham Tickner Crowthorne Cycle Trial Club Rep (1) Voting
Richard Tickner Crowthorne Cycle Trial Club Rep (2) Voting
Peter Bew Scottish Biketrial Club Rep (1) Voting
Julie Bew Media Team Member Voting
Kellie Rolls Media Team Member Voting
David Rolls Parent Non-voting
Jamie Bew Scottish Biketrial Club Rep (2) Voting
Brian Wright 2011 Assistant Clerk of Course Voting
Paul Hesling TykeTrial Representative (2) Voting
Ben Swales Media Team Manager Voting

Also attending was Roger Wilbraham from British Cycling. Apologies were sent by Kevin Duke from Scottish Biketrial Club and Neil Raven, one of the three 2011 Clerk of Courses.

Everyone at the Biketrial Federation wishes you all a very Merry Chrismas and a happy and successful year in 2012.

Organisers and supporters of British Trials events met on Sunday 4th December at British Cycling HQ at the Velodrome in Manchester to review 2011 events, and to plan events for 2012.

An interesting meeting took place, and some exciting changes to the series for 2012. A copy of the minutes will be available in due course, but for now, here's a summary of events ...

Sunday 18th March Rnd 1 at Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire Organised by Biketrial Federation Confirmed
Sunday 6th May Rnd 2 at Blackpool North Shore, Lancs Organised by Biketrial Federation Confirmed
Saturday 9th June Rnd 3 at Fort William, Scotland Organised by Scottish Biketrial Club Confirmed
Sunday 10th June Rnd 4 at Fort William, Scotland Organised by Scottish Biketrial Club Confirmed
Sunday 1st July Rnd 5 at Radfest, Barrow Farm, Essex Organised by Biketrial Federation Confirmed
Sunday 16th September Rnd 6 at Hook Woods, Surrey Organised by Crowthorne Cycle Trial Club Confirmed
Sunday 14th October Rnd 7 and Final at Shipley Glen, Yorks Organised by TykeTrial Club Confirmed

Points from five out of the seven rounds to count towards the British Champion titles.

A lot of discussion took place about section severity and the progression of riders throughout the classes. All attending were in favour of the final decision:-

  Primary Class White route Pedal dabs allowed
  Novice Class Green route Pedal dabs allowed
  Intermediate Class Blue route Pedal dabs allowed
  Cadet Class 50% Blue route & 50% Red route Pedal dabs allowed
  Expert Class 20" and Expert Class 26" Red route Pedal dabs NOT allowed
  Elite Class 20" and Elite Class 26" 50% Red route & 50% Yellow route Pedal dabs NOT allowed
  UCI World Elite Class (any wheel size) Yellow route Pedal dabs NOT allowed

The UCI World Elite Class is for any rider wishing to be considered to represent Britain in the UCI World Championship. The Elite Selection Policy will remain in force as it has been, but with an additional paragraph that those qualified to ride Elite may choose which of the three classes they enter.

A ladies class will take place with sections being self-selected dependent on ability.

In addition, there will be the opportunity for any rider to tick a "non-competitve" box on the entry form where they just wish to ride for fun and not to have their results taken into consideration.

It will take some time to prepare the minutes of the meeting, update the policies and the website, and make the necessary changes to the rule book, please bare with us while all this gets done over the Christmas holidays.

30/11/11 2012 Venues Survey is now closed ...
Interesting results - many thanks to everyone who completed the survey.
24/11/11 Biketrial Federation UK Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the organisers for the British Trials Cup series will take place on Sunday 4th December in Manchester. If you have any suggestions to improve the series in any way please let us know as soon as possible by email to info@biketrialuk.co.uk - all suggestions will be considered and voted on.

Whilst it is not an open meeting and voting rights are limited to participating clubs/organisers, extra help and support is always welcome. If you feel that you can volunteer additional skills, ideas and support to the organising team and want to attend the meeting, please let us know in advance so that we can ensure a large enough room, and we can confirm with you the meeting time and venue. Email info@biketrialuk.co.uk

Looking forward to the 2012 series!

24/11/11 TykeTrial Club Annual General Meeting
The TykeTrial Club's Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 22nd January 2012 at 2.00pm. The plan is that it will be held as near as possible to Shipley Glen so that you'll be able to get a rider either before or after the meeting. The Committee are still trying to get confirmation of the venue for the meeting, but we'll let you know on here exactly where nearer the date - keep checking!
24/11/11 Crowthorne Cycle Trial Club Remembrance trial
The last event of the year for the Crowthorne Club was held as a remembrance trial and awards presentation on Saturday 12th November at the ever popular Hook Woods venue. Check out their report and results from the Events 2011 page
18/11/11 The TykeTrial Final 2011

The last competition of the year took place on a lovely sunny day at Branshaw Quarry with several riders new to competitions, as well as a few old ones returning - great to see everyone! Thanks must go to all of the club's regular observers, their team of section-setters, the fantastic support of the land-owners, and to Mick and Dave in the butty van! Remember, it's a sport run by volunteers, which relies on you, the riders to support the club and the events.

Some great riding took place on some excellent sections, well done to everyone, new and old, and extra well done to the winners.

Hope to see all of the members at the club's Annual General Meeting on Sunday 22nd January at 2.00pm (venue to be confirmed) when plans can be made for the 2012 season.

Primary Class
Novice Class
Intermediate Class
Cadet Class
Expert Class
Elite Class
Many thanks!

Spot prizes went out to:-

Sam Shepherd for the biggest smile when he thanked the observer Adam Morewood for repeatedly getting his foot stuck
Harry Francis for effort and determination Luke Hall for a good line through section 8
Jordan Seymour for his spectacular backflip Dave Kerr for travelling the distance and bringing others along
Isaac Higginson for delaying riding and taking food out to observers Jed Hesling for persistence in getting up a particular rock
Andrew Willan for trying to follow a rabbit down a hole Neil Robinson for (a) helping other riders with broken bikes - with broken tools; (b) for the balancing act of the day; (c) for his spectacular fall on section 6; and (d) for, despite the results, enjoying the ride!
31/10/11 Check out Trials Magazine for trials news ...
Click to open site
29/10/11 The British Trials Cup Winners 2011
James Hyland the 2010 winner of the British Trials Cup hands over to the 2011 Winner - Jack Carthy

With a smiling face James Hyland hands over the British Trials Cup - the most prestigious trials award in Britain - to his long-time protege! He obviously taught him well, and who knows, but for James's ankle injuries which made him miss the first two rounds of the season, he could have been giving it back to himself!

A deserving win for 15 year old Jack who already owns two World Champion titles from the UCI World Youth Games, all eyes are peeled now for how he'll go on at the UCI World Cup events in 2012 fighting it out with the World Juniors and World Elites - spectators in Antwerp this year are already impressed with his riding abilities (Tribalzine article). Good luck Jack, keep focussed and enjoying your riding and we may yet have that British World Cup Winner in a few years!

The British Trials Cup series in 2011 has been a huge success with a total of 126 riders taking part from all over the UK. Thanks have to go to everyone involved, and mainly to all those taking part. Not everyone can take the medals home with them, but everyone can be proud of being part of something that keeps the sport alive and preserving it for the riders of the future.

You only have to look at the riders we have today to see what the future could be for Britain in the years to come, not only with Jack Carthy, but with Charlie Rolls at 9 years old as UCI World Poussin Champion, and Adam Morewood as both BIU World and EBU European Champion, as well as for all the riders who are coming along through the ranks.

Thank you everyone for doing your bit for the sport.

In the aftermath of the Shipley event, organisers, riders, parents and friends gathered together for an impromptu meeting to discuss next year and how to help the sport grow. Attending were: George Eyre (Chairman), Barbara Wright (Administrator), Philip Wray, Alec Wray, Jamie Bew, Peter Bew, Neil Raven, Matthew Holdsworth, Sam Rolls, David Rolls, Charlie Rolls, Kelly Rolls, Adam Morewood, Robin Morewood, Gill Morewood, James Bancroft, Mick Carthy, Karen Carthy, Jack Carthy, Kevin Duke, Simon Duke, Aaron Duke, Ben Swales, Brian Wright, and others who hadn't put their names on the list. The support was amazing, and the future looks rosy!

It was found that we have several trained Clerks of Course already in the ranks, as well as others prepared to go on the AMCA training course, this should give more variety to events in future years. Others took on a variety of tasks in promoting the sport in new areas, and in trying to gain more sponsorship.

One parent expressed the desire of himself and others to put more into the series financially than is currently sought through entry fees. If you, your parents, or your business/employers wish to make a donation to the funds please feel free to click on the link opposite or to email us at info@biketrialuk.co.uk. Of course any business wishing to donate will receive appropriate sponsorship status with links from this website and recognition on entry forms, results, etc.

Starting from nothing but experience in 2007, the BikeTrial Federation has aimed to increase the professionalism of its events and each year buys new equipment with any excess funds, such as banners, flags, new results board, better trophies, venues and facilities, the Silver British Trials Cup, and at this year's Shipley round, new section markers. The sponsorship from Onza has been invaluable over the years, any further help from others will be a massive bonus.

  The Other 2011 British Trial Cup Winners - Congratulations!
Primary Class - White
Novice Class - Green
Intermediate Class - Blue
Cadet Class - Black
Champion Reece Seymour West Yorkshire
2nd Jamie Smith Surrey
3rd Simon Duke Edinburgh
Champion Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Harry Francis South Yorkshire
Champion Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Craig Patrick North Yorkshire
3rd TJ Reynoldson West Yorkshire
Champion Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
2nd Chris Bland South Yorkshire
3rd Jed Hesling West Yorkshire
Expert 20" Class - Red
Expert 26" Class - Red
Elite 20" Class - Yellow
Elite 26" Class - Yellow
Champion Jamie Bew North Yorkshire
2nd Jack Chapman North Yorkshire
3rd James Bancroft West Yorkshire
Champion Alec Wray County Durham
2nd Josh Kydd Somerset
3rd Gary MacDonald Scotland
Champion Oliver Battye West Yorkshire
2nd Tom Astbury Lincolnshire
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthen
Champion Jack Carthy West Yorkshire
2nd Joe Seddon Somerset
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthen
29/10/11 The British Trials Cup 2011
  The Shipley Glen Final

With a new Clerk of Course to the National team, Neil Raven and the team of section setters (Paul Hesling, Brian and Barbara Wright, Mick Carthy, Dave and Kelly Rolls) did a great job at the Shipley Glen Final round. The severity of the sections to an outsider looked so big, but the regular competition riders took them in their stride after a full season's practising and the results showed just how much everyone had improved during the last year. After mixed weather in the last few weeks we were really lucky to be sat in sunshine on the Saturday afternoon, and for it staying dry all day on the Sunday - it makes it so much more fun!

A special mention has to go to Dave Kerr who put in two entries to the competition - riding both 20" Elite and 26" Elite - and he still wasn't last rider back even after doing four laps - good effort Dave and well done.

It was lovely to see a full podium of the ladies, hope you all keep it up for next year.

Well done to everyone who took part, you all did great and we hope you enjoyed it!

Femina Class - Mixed routes
1st Donna Fox S. Yorkshire
2nd Becky Cook Isle of Wight
3rd Nadine Staniforth Derbyshire
Primary Class - White
Novice Class - Green
Intermediate Class - Blue
Cadet Class - Black
1st Jamie Smith Surrey
2nd Bryn Fisher South Yorkshire
3rd Joel Holdsworth Lancashire
1st Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Jordan Seymour West Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd TJ Reynoldson West Yorkshire
3rd Craig Patrick North Yorkshire
1st Jed Hesling West Yorkshire
2nd Chris Bland South Yorkshire
3rd Ian Archibald Edinburgh
Expert 20" Class - Red
Expert 26" Class - Red
Elite 20" Class - Yellow
Elite 26" Class - Yellow
1st Jamie Bew North Yorkshire
2nd Jack Chapman North Yorkshire
3rd Chris Vibert Jersey
1st James Bancroft West Yorkshire
2nd Alec Wray County Durham
3rd Ross McArthur Scotland
1st Dave Kerr Carmarthen
2nd Oliver Battye West Yorkshire
3rd Tom Astbury Lincolnshire
1st Jack Carthy West Yorkshire
2nd James Hyland West Yorkshire
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthen
29/10/11 Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club Round 6
Results and Report now added to the events page.
19/10/11 British Trials Cup - THE 2011 FINAL
Shipley Glen, Sunday 23rd October
Are you ready for it? Have you got your entry in yet? Should be a good end to an excellent year, even the weather forecast is looking promising!
10/10/11 TykeTrial happenings ...

Sorry there's been no update recently - but all these soakings at trials put me out of action with a cold / flu for a while!

Both Penistone and Harden were really good events, we all had a great time. Penistone was a lovely sunny day for us, then Harden spoilt it with wind and rain!

Even so, some excellent sections with rocks only to be found in good old Yorkshire, and some really good riding - well done to everyone who came along and took part.

Great to see some old riders turning up (I don't mean "old", I mean not been for a while) - really good to see them again and hope they keep coming along.

Also good to see an old TykeTrial face wandering about the sections - and particularly good to see him after his horrendous accident just a few short months ago - hope a complete recovery is extra quick for you Chris (Akrigg), and great to see you at Tykes again, just wish you'd been on a bike!

The final round of 2011 is booked for Lee Mill Quarry on the 6th November, but after an outcry from the observers who are fed up of getting cold and wet on the top of that venue, we're reviewing the situation and looking at somewhere perhaps less exposed for November! Keep checking the Events page for an update.

Primary - White
Novice - Green
Intermediate - Blue
Cadet - Black/Red
Expert - Red
Elite - Yellow
29/09/11 Invitation to practice at Hook Wood, Surrey
Hi all cycle trialers, Some of us are going to Hook Wood for practice this Sunday, all welcome. Getting there 11am, you will have to pay the land owner £10 though. Please e-mail if you might come. Graham Tickner, Crowthorne Cycle Trials club. www.Crowthorne-ct.co.uk
25/09/11 The Final - British Trials Cup 2011 - Shipley Glen 23rd October

Don't miss it - a must for everyone who rides trials, and a perfect venue for spectators!

Entry form now available from the Events page.

Who will be the next name to be engraved on the British Trials Cup for 2011?
2010 James Hyland
2009 Danny Butler
2008 Ben Savage
2007 Ben Savage
"In memory of Gavin Bedford"
25/09/11 2012 UCI World Event Dates
All dates for the UCI World Cup rounds, the UCI World Championship, and the UCI World Youth Games are now available on the Events page. Start planning next year!
25/09/11 2011 Venue Survey Results to date ...

Some very interesting feedback coming in, thought you might like to see the results to date!

Unfortunately some people completing the survey have not completed their name and will need to be deleted. If you are one of the five people who completed the form without entering your name, please do complete the survey again as we do want to hear your views.

Each person/rider/parent should only complete the form once please - we want accurate data of what the riders want, not duplicated entries in the hope of getting the venue of your own choice! If you want to add a comment, please put it along with your name.

There's about a month to go before the survey closes, so don't forget to fill it in if you haven't done already.

20/09/11 It's coming up to that time when we start thinking about next year - complete our survey to let us know what you'd like (choose five venues) ...
The Survey is now closed
19/09/11 British Trials Cup - Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire
Primary Class (White) Novice Class (Green) Intermediate Class (Blue) Femina Class
1st Reece Seymour W. Yorkshire
2nd Jamie Smith Surrey
3rd Bryn Fisher S. Yorkshire
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
3rd Harry Francis S. Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S. Yorkshire
3rd Craig Patrick N. Yorkshire
1st Katy Rankin Hampshire
2nd Nadine Staniforth Derbyshire
Cadet Class (Black/Red) Expert Class 20" (Red) Expert Class 26" (Red) Elite 20" Class (Yellow)
1st Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
2nd Bradley Stead W. Yorkshire
3rd Jed Hesling W. Yorkshire
1st Jamie Bew N. Yorkshire
2nd Jack Chapman N. Yorkshire
3rd James Bancroft W. Yorkshire
1st Kyle Livesey W. Bromwich
2nd Alec Wray Co. Durham
3rd Ross Clayton W. Yorkshire
1st Oliver Battye W. Yorkshire
2nd Tom Astbury Lincolnshire
Elite Class 26" (Yellow)
1st Jack Carthy W. Yorkshire
2nd James Hyland W. Yorkshire
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthen

The final scores for the winner of the 2011 British Trials Cup is looking close and waiting to be fought out at the final at Shipley Glen in October. Current points are:-

Joe Seddon
(1 to drop)
Jack Carthy
Tom Rigg
(1 to drop)
Dave Kerr
James Hyland
Steve Rogers

Results now live, here, it was an excellent event enjoyed by all.

Bracken Rocks is a famous venue, owned by a motorcycle trials club it's woodland holding loads of excellent rock sections. The day started out dry and stayed warm and sunny throughout most of the trial, when the rain showers came along at about 3 o'clock luckily there were only a few riders still to complete the course.

The 55 riders found the sections challenging, there were some high scores, but also some very low ones from those who compete on a regular basis, and particularly as you could expect, from the three World Champions who attended, Adam Morewood, Charlie Rolls and Jack Carthy; also from other World competitors, Sam Rolls, Owen Gawthorpe, James Hyland and Dave Kerr.

It's good to see a new Elite 20" Class building up, in 2012 we hope to see a full class again. It was lovely to to see a Femina Class again and hope the ladies keep it up in the future.

Some of the scores were very close, with the decider needing to be made on "most cleans". In the Elite 26" Class both Jack Carthy and James Hyland finished on 22 dabs each, very close for that top spot, the 1st was given to Jack with 10 cleans against James' 5 cleans. Similarly in Novice Class, the scores of Sam Rolls and Harry Francis were split by Sam having the most cleans, and again in the Primary Class Bryn Fisher took 3rd place over Isaac Higginson because of most cleans.

Well done to all riders and welcome to the new riders who all had a great day; hope to see you again at the final at Shipley Glen on the 23rd October.

A collection was made during the award presentations for the Derbyshire Mountain Rescue team whose volunteers did a great job of getting an injury down from the woods to where he could be safely transferred to hospital in an ambulance. The £57.80 collected is to be sent on behalf of everyone present. Thanks to all who contributed - in any extreme sport it's a cause that any of us could need at any time.

As always, many thanks to the Series' Sponsor: Joe Poyser from Onza was present and handed out the awards.

Ben Swales
British Red Cross
Derbyshire Ambulances
Derbyshire Mountain Rescue

It's very unusal to have an accident at a competition, but Ben managed to have not one, but two!

A very unusual double-barrelled accident resulted in our membership secretary being recovered from the wood by Mountain Rescue and taken off to hospital - he is ok but was kept in overnight as his shoulder injury (2nd accident when he slipped) meant that he couldn't use crutches for an ankle injury (1st accident in a section)!

Get well soon Ben!

14/09/11 Bracken Rocks - British Trials Cup Rnd 5

This Sunday, 18th September - why sit at home and watch videos? Come along and watch our three British World Champions in action! Better still, why not enter the competition and ride alongside them!

14/09/11 Crowthorne Club - Nash Mills

Crowthorne cycle trials club were back at Nash mills kings Langley for the 5th round of the C.C.T.C championship the last time we used the grounds was back in July but this was a change Saturday was used and sunshine was ordered for the day five routes three laps with six sections. The sections comprised of hill climbs railway sleepers rocks and brick work with cut down tree trunks all to test the rider's skills the beginner route saw no fewer .... read more .... results

Crowthorne is the newest club in the UK, well done to the organisers on such a good year.




There are so few cycle trials events being organised around the UK nowadays, please support them whenever you can!

Some amazing videos, new and old, on natural and street. Check out the updated Media page for more! Always wear a helmet ... (courtesy of Matthew Holdsworth - he's ok by the way!)

Jack Carthy -Koxx Sky 2 from ross clayton on Vimeo.

05/09/11 Sunshine at Penistone!

Trials competitions - more than 'just a sport' - a day out for the family enjoying some glorious countryside and time together.

The sun shone for the TykeTrial round at Penistone Hill, and with the heather almost in full flower it was a fantastic day. Mick Carthy, Brian Wright and Paul Hesling had set up some very challenging sections - perhaps a little too challenging for some, but easily tackled by the club's 3 world champions who were in attendance!

Adam Morewood (BIU Poussin World Champion) and Charlie Rolls (UCI Poussin World Champion) tackled the club's Intermediate route well, dropping only 7 dabs each and separated only by most cleans - well done to both!

Adam Morewood
Charlie Rolls

Jack Carthy (UCI World Cadet Champion) completed the trial on just 3 dabs in Elite, continuing his record of being unbeaten at club events this year. Unfortunately other club Elite regulars James Hyland and Dave Kerr were at the World Elite Championships in Switzerland so were unable to challenge him at Penistone. There are just two events left in this year's series - can Jack be beaten? Check out this report from Tribalzine.

The next TykeTrial Club competition is on Sunday 9th October at Harden Moor near Keighley in West Yorkshire. They really are friendly events, where newcomers to the sport can easily join in, make new friends, and learn from others how to ride natural trials. Not only that, but the adults make new friends too! Everyone is very welcome to come along and join in. If you'd like to try it out yourself, or for your kids to try it out, just complete the entry form here, send it off to us, then turn up on the day. No age restrictions (other than minimum age 6), in the past we've even had dads riding with the kids - girls are particularly welcomed as there are currently so few attempting the sport.

Spectators welcome, if you're not sure about trying it, just come and watch!

05/09/11 Congratulations Ben Savage - UCI World Trials Championship - 5th place!

Congratulations to Ben Savage: 4th place in the semi-finals to qualify for the finals, and finishing last Sunday in 5th in the world. Well done!

Well done also to all of the Brits competing:-

26" Class

Ben Savage 5th
Andrei Burton 15th
James Hyland 18th
Dave Kerr 19th
Sam Oliver 30th
Full results here

20" Class

Ben Savage 12th
Sam Oliver 20th
James Hyland 24th
Dave Kerr 26th
Full results here


26/08/11 Good luck to the British Trials team in Switzerland and the UCI World Championship next weekend ...
Ben Savage, James Hyland, Joe Seddon, Dave Kerr, Andrei Burton and Sam Oliver - sort them out and keep them sober Team Manager Matthew Holdsworth!
26/08/11 Well done to all UCI World Cup riders ...
Sorry there's been no comment on this before, but I've been away on holiday!
Well done to those who competed in Poland and France at rounds 4 and 5 of the UCI World Cup, some great results ...
Round 4 - Poland Round 5 - France Overall Standings 2011
Andrei Burton 26" 10th
James Hyland 26" 19th
Dave Kerr 26" 23rd
Sam Oliver 20" 15th
Andrei Burton 26" 7th
James Hyland 26" 23rd
Dave Kerr 26" 35th
Andrei Burton 26" 11th
James Hyland 26" 18th
Dave Kerr 26" 19th
Sam Oliver 20" 25th
Robert Poyser 20" 47th
26/08/11 Crowthorne Cyclo Trials - weekend at Hook Woods
Looks like it was good fun with lots going on! Check out the results and report from the Events page.
06/08/11 UCI World Championship - Selected British Team
We're very pleased and proud to announce the riders selected by the British Cycling selection panel for the 2011 Trials Team, chaired by the Mountain Bike Co-ordinator. Riders have now been invited to be part of the British Trials Team - we await their confirmation that they'll be able to attend at the end of the month :-
  Ben Savage
British Elite Champion 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011
BIU World Championships 2011 - 3rd Elite overall
  James Hyland British Cup Winner 2010 & Winner of 3rd round 2011
  Joe Seddon British Cup 2011 - 1st place overall to date and winner of 2nd round 2011
  Dave Kerr British Cup Runner-up 2010 & top 3 in 2011
  Andrei Burton UCI World Cup 2011 - 26" - 12th overall to date
  Sam Oliver (Junior) UCI World Cup 2011 - 20" 15th twice
  British Team Manager Matthew Holdsworth
31/07/11 World events this weekend ...
BIU World Championship - R2

Some more good British results in the second round in Spain ...

Adam Morewood Poussin - Winner
Charlie Rolls Benjamin - 6th
Sam Rolls Benjamin - 13th
Owen Gawthorpe Minime - 9th
James Sheridan Senior - 12th
Scott Wilson Elite - 9th
Ben Savage Elite - 3rd
And overall from both rounds ...
Adam Morewood Poussin - World BIU Champion
Charlie Rolls Benjamin - 10th Overall
Sam Rolls Benjamin - 18th Overall
Owen Gawthorpe Minime - 10th Overall
James Sheridan Senior - 13th Overall
Scott Wilson Elite - 10th Overall
Ben Savage Elite - 3rd
UCI World Cup Round 3 - Antwerp  
Andrei Burton 12th (26")
Dave Kerr 22nd (26")
James Hyland 24th (26")
Sam Oliver 15th (20")
Rob Poyser 26th (20")
25/07/11 British National Round 3 - Barrow Farm, Essex

Everyone reported what a fantastic weekend it was at Barrow Farm. Loads of obstacles to ride, a speed comp and a kicker comp, as well as a live band on Saturday night. Obviously a lot of hard work had gone into organising the weekend by Mick Mitchell and family, and by Jack Meek, many thanks for your efforts in making the Radfest Trials Festival a huge success.

The British Trials Cup round made for a good finish to the weekend, although it was sad that several riders could not attend due to the international events. The full results from the comp are now available from the Events page - well done to everyone - there was a lot of newcomers to competitions and some old hands returning! Everyone did great, and everyone enjoyed the day and the challenge. We hope to see you all at the next round at Bracken Rocks in September.

Photos and more information about the event soon.

25/07/11 Congratulations!
Well done ...
UCI Youth Games BIU World Championship - R1


Three British riders bring back three medals, from left to right ...

Ryan Crisp UCI Cadet 2nd
Charlie Rolls UCI Poussin World Champion

Jack Carthy

UCI Cadet World Champion


Some good British results in the first round in Czech Republic ...

Adam Morewood Poussin - Winner
Owen Gawthorpe Minime - 11th
James Sheridan Senior - 9th
Scott Wilson Elite - 12th
Ben Savage Elite - 3rd

Also, Ben was the winner of the sidehop competition at 138cm - well done!


18/07/11 British National Round 3 - Barrow Farm, Essex - Sunday 24th July

Heading to be a good weekend at Barrow Farm - with so many regular riders away for the international series the top prizes are open to everyone! Get your entry off very soon to help us organise. In addition to the actual competition, there'll be loads going on with the Radfest Trials Festival, should be a great atmosphere with loads of spectators and trade stands.

18/07/11 Good luck to all the riders heading off to international events in the next few days and weeks ...
UCI Youth Games BIU World Championship UCI World Cups

Jack Carthy

Ben Savage Robert Poyser
Ryan Crisp Scott Wilson James Hyland
Charlie Rolls James Sheridan David Kerr
Owen Gawthorpe Sam Oliver
Sam Rolls Andrei Burton
Charlie Rolls Joe Seddon
Adam Morewood Robert Payer
02/07/11 UCI Information
We've added a page to the 'Organisers' to collate information for the UCI World events, check it out here.
24/06/11 BIU World Championship
The entry list for the two rounds of the BIU World Championship 2011 has now closed. Enty list
22/06/11 UCI World Youth Games
So far we have just two entries to the Youth Games, Jack Carthy and Charlie Rolls - a pretty good chance for some medals coming back to the UK! If there are any more entries please do let us know in plenty of time, the closing date is 4th July.
14/06/11 UCI European Cup events
The entry form for the UCI European Cup rounds are available on the events page - take care not to miss the deadline as late entries are now being charged by the UCI. The one form covers all rounds so get it off to British Cycling as soon as possible!

Good afternoon,

Attached is an entry form for all UCI Trials World Cup events. To secure your place, a signed form must be returned. Please note, that as of this year, UCI will now fine any rider who registers late. Here’s a link to the UCI Trials World Cup regulations and the guidelines for each event: http://www.uci.ch/templates/UCI/UCI1/layout.asp?MenuId=MTUxNDU&LangId=1

Best Regards Roger Wilbraham Events Development Officer British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ Telephone: +44 (0)161 274 2022 | Mobile: +44 (0)7834 098191

14/06/11 British Trials Cup 2011 Round 3 - Essex Trials & Jump Centre, Barrow Farm - 17th July - in association with the Radfest Trials Festival
Entry forms are now available, if you get them off now it'll save you forgetting later! Part of the "Radfest" Trials Festival, check the notes on the entry form for special fees for pre-entered riders for Sunday. Hope to see everyone there.

14/06/11 TykeTrial Round 4 - Branshaw Quarry, Oakworth
Entry forms are now available, if you get them off now it'll save you forgetting later! Many of you won't know this venue but it's well worth a visit. Hope to see everyone there.
13/06/11 TykeTrial's Open Team Trial & Ben Carlile Memorial weekend
Brilliant weekend - great to see so many new faces, and the return of lots of old one's! Well done to all, results available from the Events page.
Master classes run by Jamie Bew
Master classes run by Tom Rigg
Master classes run by Ben Swales
High Jump comp    
Who was the bonfire for? The adults or the kids?
06/06/11 Fort William results
Results now online check the Events page - great weekend, photos and report coming soon.
01/06/11 Open Team Trial Weekend at High Wood Farm, next to the famous Brimham Rocks - Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June

Don't miss it - a great fun weekend with two days of riding, camping and bonfire!

See the information on the events page - just send an email to enter and sort the rest of officialdom on the day. Open to all - why not bring a team along!

01/06/11 Fort William - 2 Days of Trials - Entry passes and signing on instructions

With just a couple of days to go the plans for our event are complete. There are some final details that those attending need to be aware of, in particular the issue of rider's wrist bands and minder's passes.

Click on the map below to download as a printable pdf file.

When you arrive at the venue, go straight to the Trials Registration gazebo (at Gate B on the map below). It will be a gazebo with a "British Trials Championship" banner. Provided you have pre-entered the event, your free entry passes will be available there for both Saturday and Sunday. Please do not lose these passes as rider passes are for both days - more information at the time of collection.

This gazebo will be manned from 8.00am until 9.30am on Saturday . All the passes you need will be given on the Saturday, the gazebo will not be manned on the Sunday morning.

Note: Beware, this main entrance is some distance from your nearest parking place, give yourselves plenty of time to get there.

Do not try to enter the main event until you have collected your pass. Last year riders were causing problems trying to get in without collecting their passes first.

Once through the Main Entrance and inside the World Cup Village, turn right and go through the Expo Area and the Tech Area to the village perimeter and to the log section. There will be another gazebo with a "British Trials Championship" banner. This is where you need to sign on to the trials event and collect your punchcard. Signing on will be manned from 9.00am and throughout the day untill the trials event finishes.

There will be a pre-trial briefing at 10.00am at the signing on tent - we strongly advise you to attend and listen - there will no doubt be some special instructions relative to this venue and this event.

The competition will start immediately after the briefing, the finish time will be announced at the pre-trial briefing but we would expect it to be around 3.30pm.

The award presentations will be made on the day and on the stage of the main event. Please check the results at the signing-on tent and if you're in the top 3, please hang around and follow the organisers to the side of the main stage. If you are not present, then your award will be given to the next place so make sure you're there!!! Even if you're not in the top 3 - come along to the main stage and cheer on the winners.

Mobile phone service is not too good in the area, but in emergency you should be able to contact control on 07850 505298.

Late entries may be accepted by telephone to the Secretary on 07850 505298 but may not be able to get their free entry pass!!!

Hope to see everyone there, and have a safe journey.

27/05/11 Fort William Entry list to date (updated Wednesday 01/06/11)

Final entry list ...

16/05/11 Fort William 2011

It's almost that time of the year again when the English head north to sunny (?) Scotland for the annual two days at Fort William - are you all ready for it and accommodation booked? Entry has been available from the Events page for a while now and are steadily coming in. The closing date needs to be Monday 30th May so that we can organise all the free passes and everything else that needs to be done for this prestigious event - so don't miss the date!

The cycling event of the UK's trials calendar!

If you're looking for something different, with loads of atmosphere, loads of spectators cheering you on, and a great range of riding obstacles, then make sure you don't miss the 4th and 5th June in the World Cup Village at the Nevis Range, Fort William.

A long way to travel? Don't worry, it really is worth the journey!

Pictures show some of the sections from previous events at Fort William. Sections having included massive log sections, imported rocks, concrete pipes, telephone boxes, and even a pick-up truck, as well as river and woodland sections.

In 2009 a group of Elite riders were followed around the course by TV cameras, and the programme televised on the BBC. Wonder if they'll be there again this year?

Trials programme for the weekend

Saturday 4th June British Trials Championship & Scottish Biketrial Club Rnd 4
  9.00am Sign on and collect entry pass
  10.15am Pre-trial briefing - we advise you listen!
10.30am Competition starts
  3.30pm Competition ends
  4.00pm British Champion Award presentations on the big stage
  4.30pm Join in everything that's going on on-site
Sunday 5th June British National Trials Cup, Round 2
  9.00am Sign on and collect entry pass
  10.15am Pre-trial briefing - we advise you listen!
10.30am Competition starts
  3.30pm Competition ends
  4.00pm British National Cup Award presentations on the big stage
  4.30pm Join in everything that's going on on-site

Details of where to sign on and where to collect your entry pass will be posted on this website nearer the date. Please keep checking.

Trials entry fee £20 for one day, or £30 for both days.

You can either download the entry form from the "Nationals" page and send it by mail with a cheque, or you can pay and enter on-line from the "Events" page.

BEWARE ... the trials entry gives you free entry into the main event, but on this occasion pre-entry MUST close on Monday 30th May as we too have to travel up there and set up the sections. If you don't pre-enter you may not be able to get a free pass for the event. Best do it NOW so you don't miss it!

Hope to see you all there!

16/05/11 TykeTrial Round 3 - Lee Mill Quarry
  Well, what can we say about yesterday at Lee Quarry? I'm not sure if "wet" is quite the right description!!! Good trial though and much respect to all those who determined to finish the trial in such horrible conditions - well done! Pictures should be coming soon!
12/05/11 TykeTrial at Lee Mill Quarry 15th May - important re parking
We have been made aware there are some travellers residing on the car park at the bottom of the track up to the quarry. The council were trying to move them on before the weekend but have not succeeded. The management of Lee Quarry has agreed we can park on the track past the locked gates halfway up the track.
We have been asked that only officials take their cars to the very top and that the competitors park to one side of the track leaving access for an ambulance and other users of the venue. There is also another parking area a bit further up from the main gate (click for map - pdf file) which can be accessed through a double gate (not the equestrian area near the section we have on the corner) and we can park in there.
All the gates are normally padlocked but will be opened by a TykeTrial committee member between 8.45am and 10.30pm, and again at the end of the event to let you out.


  • Only pre-entered riders will be allowed vehicle access. Because of this, the closing date has been extended on this occasion to Friday night.
  • Any rider hoping to enter on the day will have to park in the car park at the bottom of the hill next to where the travellers are camped.
  • Non-competitors will not be allowed vehicle access past the barrier.
  • Do not park on the track before the barrier.
  • The gates will be locked as the organisers leave the venue (approximately 4.30pm). Any vehicles remaining just won't get out!
  • Wherever you park - be aware that there is a motorbike trial going on in a different area of the quarry - because of the parking difficulties, we may be sharing the parking facilities (they will start arriving from 9.30am so get there early to be sure of a parking space!). Beware of motorbikes on the track.
  • Parking is at your own risk.

Sorry about the difficulties that have arisen, but at least you can park nearer the event than usual !!!

19/04/11 British Trials Cup 2011 - Round 1 - Brimham - 17th April

The British national season got off to a great start this weekend with the opening round at High Wood Farm near Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire - riding and podium pictures coming soon!

The trial was set over eight sections set on the top of the hillside and along the wooded slopes. There was a mix of long and gruelling, short and technical and downright massive sections, testing all aspects of the riders’ abilities.

The weather was on our side and the 50 riders and 150 or so spectators who came to watch throughout the day were treated to glorious sunshine all day.

The sections did their job and separated the riders out nicely, with scores from clean to the full 80 points. All of the riders and spectators that we spoke to at the end of the trial said that they had a great day, and we did too!

The full results are available from the events page and look out for a full report with photos and results on TribalZine.com in the next few days!

The next national competition is in Fort William with the British Championship on the Saturday 4th June and round two of the British Cup on Sunday the 5th June. Running alongside the Saturday event will be a round of the Scottish club championship. As usual the events are being run alongside the UCI World Cup, with all the usual trappings: trade stands, demonstrations, famous faces and plenty of mountainbike and trials action! The sections in Fort William are always challenging and fun; composed of a mixture of natural sections in the woods and along the river, and artificial sections dotted about the main arena. It’s an amazing weekend and certainly not to be missed! (On-line entry available very soon.)

See you all there!

16/04/11 British Cup - Brimham!
8 great sections all set and ready for you! Spectators welcome - no charge - just come and enjoy watching!

2011 UCI World Championship Selection Criteria announced

British Cycling have announced their selection criteria for those hoping to compete in the UCI World Championship 2011.
Who will be the UK's top rider for 2011 ?
Series sponsored by

First round of the British Trials Cup - Brimham 17th April - just over a week to go!

Who will be the UK's top rider for 2011? And who will achieve selection for the UCI World Championships this year?

Routes suitable for all abilities to come and have a go. High Wood Farm next to the famous Brimham rocks is a brilliant venue for both riders and spectators. Massive rocks situated mainly in woodland makes for an excellent range of sections from the beginners through to the Elite. And with the UK's World Elite riders invited to make the Yellow route even harder than normal - it really could be an impressive event to ride, and to watch.

And with it being the first round of the series used by British Cycling to help select the riders to be invited to attend the UCI World Championship, it should be interesting to see the podium!

Get your entries off now! On-line entry available from the Events page. Hope to see everyone there!

Elite Podiums - Brimham 2009
04/04/11 TykeTrial - Harden Moor Event - Round 2

Round 2 of the TykeTrial Club Championship took place yesterday at Harden Moor, an excellent venue with a large range of territory to suit a wide range of section types. A less than usual turnout due to Mother's Day, but a really friendly fun event with great results.

Results are now available to download - if anyone took any pictures, please email them to tyketrial@biketrialuk.co.uk.

20/03/11 Crowthorne Cycle Trials - Brackendene event - Round 1

Photographer ; Clive Smith

Round 1 of the 2011 Championship was staged at Brackendene Addlestonemoor on a dry but cloudy day with the sun making brief appearances.

Six sections of five routes to be ridden 3 times and section seven, which was sited at the top end of the car park, was a sprint over the humps and bumps - this section had to be riden only once and was timed and the winner with the fastest time was to be in line for an award.

The club had its latest acquirements namely club banners and podium placards all with our own logos emblazed on them, these were supplied by Steve Sturt a big thank you to him.

Section 1 used the cut down tree trunks alongside the car park with inters and upwards all hopping from 1 to the other. Tom O'Sullivan (Onza) took a dab to regain his balance but on his next two appearances he would go clean. Novices had to go over three sets of logs Jamie Smith (Monty) rode this section superbly and would go on to win the novice class.

Section 2 located in the trees (which are now showing signs of greenery so summer is finally coming) had the riders going over stumps and with the rotten tree in the middle of the section being used this made a tough section. Cameron Leaver took an unwanted dab on the stump try as hard as he could not quite clean the whole section.

Opposite this section lay section three and, as the ground was dry, cambers were used with all the riders dropping down towards the stream then twisting in and around the trees and over exposed tree roots, then slowly making themselves up the bank towards the top. Adam Boxall who has had a spell away from cycle trials cleaned this section on his second attempt and just got better as the day progressed to eventually finish the trial in 2nd place on the inter route.

Ben Hockley riding the beginner route and on his very first cycle trial settled in after a short time and was overjoyed to have finished the trial and a big smile went on his face He would also make the podium in third place so a big well done to him .

Section 6 was pallets and used part of the ornamental garden rockery so this made a good section for spectators. The last section which was number seven was something out of the ordinary and all seemed to like the addition .

Trophies were presented to the winners of their respected classes and the points will be carried forward to the next round in May at Hook Wood Trials centre . There will be a practice day on Friday 29th April at Brackendene signing on will comence at 11.30 please check website for updates www.crowthorne-ct.co.uk

Graham Tickner


16/03/11 British World Elite Riders

It has been reported to the Federation's Committee that the yellow route sections at British events are not up to the standard of World events and do not help them to prepare for those world events - hence low attendance from these world elite riders.

If there is a failing, we want to correct this. On a trial basis, to see how it works out and if it encourages world elite riders to attend, at the first round of the British Cup series, world elite riders are invited to change one section's yellow route each (up to a maximum of 6 section changes). We hope that this will help to address some of the issues that have been raised.

Obviously this is going to make the yellow route harder, and so non-world elite class riders are invited to drop to the expert route if they wish to do so.

For the full rules on these changes >>>

Ideally we would like to offer prize money for the end of year Elite winner as well as the British Trials Cup. Unfortunately the size of the competitive sport doesn't allow that to happen yet. If more riders were to attend, or more sponsors were to come on board then it may be possible in the future.

14/03/11 TykeTrial's first event of the year
  Despite a rainy start to the day the wind blew up a little to blow the clouds away leaving a beautiful clear blue sky and sunshine by about 12 o'clock. With several new club members and a few new people trying out a comp for the first time as day members, everyone said that they'd thoroughly enjoyed the day and were looking forward to the next event. Check out the results from the events page, and check out the club's own webpage for any club news.
  Entry forms are now available to either download or enter on-line from the events page for the next TykeTrial Club event on 3rd April at Harden Moor. Hope to see loads more new faces!
20/02/11 Crowthorne Club at Hook Woods

Check out the link from the Events page for a full report of the event and for the results - sounds to have been a good day!



Pictures: Left - Intermediate podium: Right - Sam Rolls

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th July 2011 - SUMMER!!!
RadFest, the UK's Bike Trials Festival, organised by Trials Rider and Promoter Jack Meek, will take place at Essex Trials and Jumps Centre, near Chelmsford, one of the best and fastest growing cycling venues in the UK, which boasts a well respected reputation across the international Bike Trials community.
The festival will open its gates at 1pm on Friday 22nd July 2011 when attendees will be invited to enter and prepare for the jam-packed weekend that will follow.
Essex Trials Centre is an incredible venue spanning across 3.5 acres of land with ample parking and camping space, on site security, bike stations and catering facilities. Moreover, it will provides riders the chance to tackle 9 huge sections that cater for trials riders of ALL LEVELS and abilities. Each section will consist of different themed areas, namely: The Tyre Zone, The Industrial Zone, The Pipe Zone, The Logs Zone, The Reel Zone, TGS Zone, The Speed Zone and The Radical Zone. Added Extras Full Size Mini ramp and Dirt jumps onsite. Rumours Have it there is a Foam Pit Being Built!
The highlights of the weekend will include an elite Speed Trial Show in which the best riders from around the Uk will take part, and a Biketrial Federation Competition, open to all riders (subject to availability of entries)
All this will be surrounded by a Trials Village consisting of Trade Stands and Interactive stalls, where guests will be able to view and purchase new products, obtain freshly-made food and drink, chill out and relax, and receive in situ bike repairs to make sure nothing gets in the way of the amazing riding the weekend will provide.
As the event is open to riders of all ages, RadFest aims to look after parents and spectators by providing free hot and cold drinks all day, in addition to keeping them entertained with music, commentating and even a chance to tackle course aimed at those with little riding experience where they can use bikes provided by the organisers and will receive a certificate to take home with them. Each section will have music to get you well in the mood for pushing yourself and having a laugh on your bikes.
BIKETRIAL FEDERATION UK will be there as well. Entry forms TBA. With the competition season hotting up. Get involved or watch the Elites make the impossible lines possible first hand.
Tickets TBA
07/02/11 Entry forms now available
The TykeTrial membership forms for 2011 are now available from Clubs/TykeTrial for online membership, also the entry form for the first trial of the season at Shipley Glen on 13th March from the Events page - Get your entry off soon!
Also, the entry form is now available from the Events page for the 2-Day event at Kinlochleven run by the Scotland Club on 12th and 13th March.
A good start for the year - please do support the organisers whenever you can - they do put a lot of hard work into it for you!
Pre Championship / Fun Cycle trial
Jim Connor has invited Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club to Hook wood trials centre on Feb 13th 2011
7 Sections will be laid out with 5 routes to be riden 3 times .This is a to get us into the flow of the Championship but not forgetting the fun aspect of the day. Cycle trial rules will apply signing on is with Jim from 10am, a price of £10 A rider to cover your insurance Motorcycle trial riders will also be there this time but will be using the other side of the woods Section 7 will be timed and only riden once. An all new section is under construction with pallets and reels and this will be tested / used. Observers needed on the day Helmets must be worn pre book or Enter on the day, Hook Wood West Horsley Surrey signed off A 246 See you there.
G. TICKNER TEL 01932 885347
  Welcome to Biketrial in 2011

The events page is as up to date as we can get it with a pretty full schedule for 2011, and we know there are more event dates to come! It will be updates as information is received. Have a great year enjoying the trials sport, and good luck to all competitors.


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