10/12/12 British Trials Cup / Championship 2013

We had a really good meeting yesterday, far too much was discussed to put it all down quickly but here's a very brief summary; full minutes of the meeting will be posted up here in due course. Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to the planning of next year.

  Provisional Dates and venues (subject to confirmation) - Best 5 scores out of the 7 rounds to count towards Championship points
  Day Date Venue Clerk of Course Event Secretary  
R1 Sunday 7th April Hook Woods, Surrey Graham Tickner Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R2 Sunday 5th May Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire Robin Morewood Gill Morewood CONFIRMED
R3 Saturday & Sunday 8th & 9th June Nevis Range, Fort William, Scotland Kevin Duke Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R4 Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th July Essex Trials & Jump Centre, Essex Graham Tickner Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R5 Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th August City Centre, Newcastle Mick Carthy Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R6 Sunday 8th September Bob McGregor Trials Park, Ayreshire Kevin Duke TBC PROVISIONAL
R7 Sunday 6th October Shipley Glen, West Yorkshire Mick Carthy Barbara Wright PROVISIONAL

Apart from the dates and venues, you'll see that there are three two-day events to take place; the event will start later than usual on the Saturday, then carry on during the Sunday. More details on that prior to each event.

Due to low numbers attending the 20" classes in Expert and Elite, there will be no separate wheel-size classes at individual events in 2013 - the results will however be separated for the year end Championship awards.

Regrettably, due to low entries, the Ladies Class has been abandoned and ladies will now ride with the rest of the competitors in the class of their choosing.

After the first year's success with the Senior Class, this will continue into 2013.

There will be an added new class - the "MTB Class" for all ages riding normal mountain bikes - this will take place on the white route.

At all events we hope to run a "have a go" section for spectators to try out. We need someone to operate and supervise this, if anyone would be willing at any of the events, please drop us an email to info@biketrialuk.co.uk.

Several requests in writing had been received for selection to the Elite 50/50 class; all requests were accepted by the meeting.

So, this is what the class choice will look like for each event ...

MTB Class White route Any age, must be traditional mountain bike
Primary Class White route Age 6 - 10
Novice Class Green route Any age, any wheel size
Intermediate Class Blue route Any age, any wheel size
Senior Class Blue route Any age, any wheel size
Cadet Class 50% Blue 50% Red Any age, any wheel size
Expert Class Red route Any age, any wheel size - 20" 26" to be stated but not separated until the final
Elite Class 50% Red 50% Yellow Seeded riders only, any wheel size - 20" 26" to be stated but not separated until the final
World Elite Class Yellow Seeded riders only - any wheel size
  Note: Minimum age of 6 years old to ride in any class

BEWARE! Sections will be harder than previous years - these are Nationals and will be harder than you're used to at club trials!

ALSO BEWARE! Entries will NOT be accepted on the day any more, all Nationals will be pre-entry only by the closing date.

Overall, we are trying to raise the importance, the profile and the success of the biketrial sport for the future. The more people who come along and enter events, the better it will get!

05/12/12 Are you ready for 2013?
  The 2013 Events page is now live - please note that dates have been taken from various websites and may be subject to change - check out each organisations' own website to confirm their up-to-date details.
21/11/12 Annual Meeting of the Biketrial Federation UK's organisers (updated 05/12/12)

The Annual Meeting is to be held on Sunday 9th December at British Cycling Head Office in Manchester. Everyone involved in the Biketrial Federation's Cup / Championship series were welcome to attend. Matters to be discussed are events for 2013 and any relevant issues. Proposals for change and the list of attendees are now closed and the Agenda finalised.

The Agenda is:-

  1. Brief Review of 2012 series
  2. Report of Accounts
  3. Voting rights at this meeting
  4. Appointment of Officials: Chairman; Administrator; Other officials as deemed necessary
  5. Correspondence (including requests for Elite seeding and venue proposals)
  6. Proposals for 2013 series events
  In no particular order, proposals to date include:-
  Nevis Range, Fort William
  City Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Hook Wood, Surrey
  Essex Trial & Jump Centre, Barrow Farm
  Bob McGregor Trials Park, Ayreshire
  Blackpool North Shore, Lancashire
  Shipley Glen, Yorkshire
  Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire
  7. Review of classes and rules
  Proposals received:-
The 50/50 classes should be abolished
  8. Elite Selection from 2012
  9. Advertising, Media and Growth
  Working with other departments within British Cycling training trials skills
  10. Meeting Close
  George Eyre Barbara Wright Ben Swales Kellie Rolls Barry Gawthorpe
  Owen Gawthorpe Paul Hesling Jed Heslinhg Mick Carthy Brian Wright
  Robin Morewood Dave Rolls Ian Drummond Mick Mitchell Jack Carthy
  Gill Morewood Nigel Shepherd Roger Wilbraham
  Neil Robinson Kevin Duke Karen Carthy    
19/11/12 Final TykeTrial event of the year
Brilliant day yesterday! Check out the TykeTrial page here, both event and club championship results are now online - well done to everyone. Hope to see all members at the AGM on 20th January. Photos of yesterday will be updated soon.
22/10/12 The British Trials Champion 2012 - Jack Carthy

16 year old Jack Carthy celebrates his second year winning the British Trials Cup and earning the title of British Trials Champion after winning all seven rounds of the series in the British World Elite Class.

Runner-up to the main title, Dave Kerr, also took the title for Elite 20" Champion after completing the whole series riding the complete course twice on both 20 and 26" bikes.

2nd runner-up for the main title was Scott Wilson. Congratulations to all.

  The final of the British Trials Championship took place at Shipley Glen in West Yorkshire on 14th October with riders ranging from the age of 6, to dads at 30+. It was a glorious sunny day, with loads of spectators, and the atmosphere was great! All the riders seemed to enjoy the eight sections spread around the rocks and the woodland, and there was some excellent riding going on.
  Well done to all the riders on the day, the winners for the Shipley Glen trial were:-
Primary Class Novice Class Senior Class
1st Jamie Smith Surrey
2nd Jake Eley Nottinghamshire
3rd Adam Biggins Tyne & Wear
1st Paul Grange Co. Durham
2nd Jack Iveson N. Yorkshire
3rd Andrew Eley Nottinghamshire
1st Andrew Kozaruk Cambridgeshire
2nd Dave Barratt Derbyshire
3rd Neil Robinson W. Yorkshire
Intermediate Class Cadet Class Expert 20"
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
3rd Reece Seymour W. Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S. Yorkshire
3rd TJ Reynoldson W. Yorkshire
1st Chris Bland S. Yorkshire
Expert 26" Elite 20" Class Elite 26"
1st Jed Hesling W. Yorkshire
2nd Andrew Willan Lancashire
3rd Ian Drummond Co. Durham
1st Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
2nd Dan Wheeler Essex
1st Stan Shaw Lancashire
2nd Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
3rd Alec Wray Co. Durham
World Elite Class
1st Jack Carthy W. Yorkshire
2nd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
3rd Sam Oliver Gwynedd

Beautiful sunshine and some great sections, and loads of excellent riding - what more could you want! All this followed by the presentation of the Annual British Trials Championship Awards and presentation of the new British Champion shirt!


The year came to a close with the presentation of the 2012 British Trials Cup awards and the presentation of the British Trials Champion 2012 shirt. Well done to everyone taking part and making it an enjoyable season.


Trophy winners for the series were:-

Primary Class Novice Class Senior Class
1st Adam Biggins Tyne & Wear
2nd Sam Shepherd S. Yorkshire
3rd Jamie Smith Surrey
1st Reece Seymour W. Yorkshire
2nd Andrew Eley Nottinghamshire
3rd Paul Grange Co. Durham
1st Neil Robinson W. Yorkshire
2nd Dave Barratt Derbyshire
3rd Ben Swales S. Yorkshire
Intermediate Class Cadet Class Expert 20"
1st Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Jordan Seymour W. Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S. Yorkshire
3rd TJ Reynoldson W. Yorkshire
1st Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
2nd Chris Bland S. Yorkshire
3rd James Davies Cornwall
Expert 26" Elite 20" Class Elite 26"
1st James Bancroft W. Yorkshire
2nd Jed Hesling W. Yorkshire
3rd Chris Hinson Buckinghamshire
1st Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
2nd Dan Wheeler Essex
3rd Rob Poyser Staffordshire
1st Alec Wray Co. Durham
2nd Tom Rigg Lancashire
3rd Stan Shaw Lancashire

World Elite Class

1st Jack Carthy W. Yorkshire
2nd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
3rd Scott Wilson Kent

We mustn't forget that all this has been made possible by the Series Sponsors, and helped by section sponsors, so for the final time this year we give our grateful thanks to ...

Series sponsor:- Series sponsor:-
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British Trials Awards 2012

Shipley Section Sponsor:-
Shipley Glen Section Sponsor:-
2012 Spot Prize Sponsor:-
Proud to support the British Trials Cup Final at Shipley Glen. Click on the logo for trials bikes and spares.
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Shipley Section Sponsor:-
Pushing the quality, performance and design of trials specific components to a new level.
Can your company support British Trials for 2013? Contact Ben for more information.
07/09/12 TykeTrial Annual Awards

The TykeTrial organisers were a little disappointed with the turn-out at their annual Brimham Fun Weekend - usually a very popular venue and very popular event. Even so, those who went along seemed to have a great time!

Saturday was a very chilled out day in the sunshine, a few competitions going on with prizes for the winners and it was good to have a social chat along with the barbecue in the evening.

With so few regulars turning up it was decided to hold the presentation of the annual awards on the Sunday when there'd be more riders there to collect their trophies.

Sunday dawned rather wet, but with LOADS of new riders coming along despite the dampness, they made up 7½ teams for the fun day; the teams were randomly selected as each rider signed on, giving a good mixture of rider-class in each team. Prizes were donated by TrialTech (many thanks) for the team event were presented - well done to the winning teams.Check out the event results for the full team results. We hope that new riders enjoyed the day and keep coming along to events.

The 2011 Annual Awards and trophies were presented to all those present; well done to all. Unclaimed awards will be taken to the Penistone event to be available for collection.

The annual Chapman Endeavor and Achievement Award was presented to Dave Kerr for his consistent achievements; thinking mostly about the constant travelling from South Wales, he rarely misses a TykeTrial event, nor a National event, nor any of the UCI World Cup events. Keep it up Dave, an inspiration to everyone!

The Observer of the Year Award was presented to Kerry Seymour who has observed at every trial for goodness knows how long! Many thanks Kerry.

The day ended with the presentation of the Ben Carlile Memorial Trophy which is presented each year by Ben's father, Kevin. This year the trophy was awarded to Neil Robinson, who without his help bringing along, taking home, looking after and storing all the equipment used at both the TykeTrial Club and at the Nationals, the trials could not be as organised as they are. Many thanks Neil.

Entry forms are now on-line for the next twoTykeTrial events, Penistone Country Park, and Harden Moor, and for the British Trials Cup Final at Shipley Glen. All entry forms and results are available on the Events page.

Please remember, all Biketrial events in the UK are run by volunteers - the organisers do this for you to enjoy - please help them by sending your entry in advance and by the closing date, they can't carry on not knowing before the event how many of you to expect to turn up. It makes planning difficult, and it really isn't acceptable to just turn up on the day and expect us to run round after you!

There's an old saying ... "Use it or lose it!". Please get all your entries off as soon as possible and before the closing date.

06/09/12 British Trials Cup - Shipley Glen FINAL
Don't forget your entry to the final at Shipley Glen on Sunday 14th October, let's have it all prepared in advance for once, and save yourself the £5 late entry fee.
Apologies to those who have already entered online and got the message for Hook Woods entry! We have got your entry and will put it down for Shipley! The response has now been corrected!
27/09/12 British Trials - back into the swing of things ...

There's a busy time ahead for trials over the next couple of months before the winter sets in! This weekend there are two events, the TykeTrial Fun Weekend and Team Trial at Brimham in Yorkshire - open to everyone, you don't have to be a member! Also on Sunday is the Scottish Biketrial Club's event at Bob McGregor trials part near Glasgow. Next weekend sees the Crowthorne Club's event at Brackendene, then the following weekend is the final of the British Trials Cup.

There have been three trials clubs closed down in the last year, so please, do watch the events page, and if there's a club near you please do support it and help trials to grow!

20/09/12 TykeTrial Fun Weekend

It's all now arranged, we've booked the good weather (but just in case we have a marquee organised). Fun weekend, various small comps on Saturday, high jump, speed trial etc, bonfire, barbeque and camping Saturday night, and a Team Trial on Sunday. Usually really good fun!

This had to be re-arranged due to flooding back in July and will now be held on Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th September.

If you were in the top 3 of your class at TykeTrial last year, the trophies will be presented on the Saturday night.

Please please please help the organisers and send your entry off NOW! Entry forms available on the Events page.

Everyone is very welcome, you do not have to be a club member to enter this event.

20/09/12 Hook Woods British Trials Cup round

Hook Wood - great venue - great day - many thanks to everyone for coming along, and thanks to Crowthorne Cycle Trials for organising it! Results now available from the website, and Championship points updated.

Primary Class Novice Class Senior Class Intermediate Class
1st Jamie Smith Surrey
2nd Adam Biggins Tyne & Wear
3rd Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
1st Reece Seymour W.Yorkshire
2nd Paul Grange Co.Durham
3rd Elliot Tickner Surrey
1st Darryl Smith Suffolk
2nd Neil Robinson W.Yorkshire
3rd Andrew Kozaruk Cambridgeshire
1st Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Jordan Seymour W.Yorkshire
Cadet Class Expert 20 Class Expert 26 Class Elite Classes, 20" 26" World
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
3rd TJ Reynoldson W. Yorkshire
1st James Davies Cornwall
2nd Chris Bland S.Yorkshire
3rd Tony Martin Sussex
1st Ryan Crisp Suffolk
2nd Ross Clayton W.Yorkshire
3rd James Bancroft W.Yorkshire
1st Dave Kerr Steve Rogers Jack Carthy
2nd Dan Wheeler Owen Gawthorpe Scott Wilson
3rd - - Dave Kerr

Jimmy's Hill Climb

After the Hook Woods competition, twenty riders made the attempt on the "Jimmy's Hill Climb" while the competition results were prepared. This is a long and very steep hill climb and had never yet been achieved on a bicycle.

The National riders showed how it should be done with Charlie Rolls and Daniel Wheeler almost making it to the top; but with two riders actually conquering the hill climb - well done to Jack Carthy and to Dave Kerr!

The trophy was for the first person to conquer the hill so riders had drawn lots for the riding order and with Jack Carthy riding before Dave Kerr, Jack took home the much-tried-for trophy.


Spot Prizes donated by CPC (if you haven't had a look at their website yet, it's a must look, they sell almost everything at great prices!)

Neil Robinson for changing his bars to Carthy style mid-section!
James Davies for the best bails of the day
Evan Neal for the most enthusiastic spectator
James Bancroft for the best acrobatics and somersaults of the day
Tim Stedman better known in sections as "demolition man"
Samuel Meeton the youngest competitor
Flip Shepherd for learning to observe for the first time
Kyle Seymour for helping out observers

Many thanks as always to our series sponsors:-

If you need a trials demonstration for your event click just click on the logo!
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12/09/12 TykeTrial's Brimham 2-day event re-arranged at last

Having just spoken to the landowner again, the TykeTrial Club has got the go-ahead for the previously postponed annual 2-day event at Brimham. The land has finally dried/drained off after being totally saturated for most of the summer.

The event will be held on Saturday / Sunday 29th and 30th September. Watch out for more information and the entry form on the Events page next week.

11/09/12 Close Results for the British Series
Check out the points to date - don't forget, the best 5 out of 7 rounds to count - results here
09/09/12 British Trials Cup Round 5 - Hook Wood, Surrey
If you haven't already done it don't forget to get your entries off very soon!
09/09/12 Well done to the riders at the UCI World Championships
Well done to the British Team attending the UCI World Championships in Saalfelden, Austria this last week.
Ben Swales British Team Manager
Andrei Burton Elite 26" 9th
Patrick Donovan Elite 26" 30th
Sam Oliver Elite 20" 14th
Andrei Burton Elite 20" 13th
Jack Carthy Junior 26" 2nd >>>
Jack Carthy Junior 20" Retired


Scotland keeps the UK trials comps going
Whilst the rest of the country was having a break in the UK competitions, Scotland held their Killin event with their highest entry to date. Check out the event report here, results here, and the rest of the photos on the Scotland Bike Trial Club's own page here.
Great to see an old British series riders name in there, Duncan Shaw former British Elite rider won the Expert route at the recent Killin event; he's obviously not lost his competition touch with his demo riding.
And how refreshing to see the now famous Danny Macaskill supporting his local trials club, and by all accounts smiling throughout and enjoying it!
Also good to see that the Scotland Club, which only started up last year is gradually growing with more new riders at their last event. There aren't many clubs in the UK, if there is one near you, please do support it to help keep it going. The next round of the Scottish Club is on Sunday 30th September at Bob McGregor Trials Park. Check the events page for the entry form, directions etc.
Danny Macaskill
Duncan Shaw
Lewis Munro
Killin looks a great venue!
20/08/12 British Trials Cup Round 6, Hook Wood, Surrey
The summer international events and holidays are now almost finished so back to the British trials. Entry forms and on-line entry is now available from the Events page. Hope to see you all there!
20/08/12 Wow - great results at all the international events ... very well done to all involved ... (updated 09/09/12)
UCI Trial World Championship    
Jack Carthy Junior 26
Andrei Burton Elite 20
Sam Oliver Elite 20
Andrei Burton Elite 26
Patrick Donovan Elite 26
UCI Trials World Youth Games  
Adam Morewood
Own Gawthorpe
EBU European Biketrial Championship
Adam Morewood
Donna Fox
Patrick Donovan
UCI European Trials Championship
Patrick Donovan
UCI Trial Pro Series
Jack Carthy
Andrei Burton
David Kerr
EBU European Biketrial Cup Rnd 1 Spain Rnd 2 Denmark Rnd 3 Germany Final positions
Charlie Rolls
Adam Morewood
Scott Wilson
BIU World Biketrial Championship Rnd 1 France Rnd 2 Spain Rnd 3 Italy Final positions
Charlie Rolls
World Champion
Adam Morewood
Donna Fox
James Sheridan
Patrick Donovan
Scott Wilson
UCI World Cup
    Rnd 1 Aalter, Belgium Rnd 2 Val d'Isere, France Rnd 3 Antwerp, Belgium Rnd 4 Pra Loup, France Rnd 5 Geneva, Switz Final ranking
Jack Carthy
Andrei Burton
David Kerr
Scott Wilson
Sam Oliver
James Hyland
Patrick Donovan

World Champion Charlie Rolls

The TykeTrial Committee are very sorry to announce that the 2 Day event at High Wood Farm, Brimham has had to be postponed.
After discussions with the landowner it seems that the land is so saturated, and with further rain forecast every day this week, that it would be impossible to get vehicles onto the land - and even harder to get them off as it turns into a mud-bath.
With heavy rain forecast we're sure that no-one wants to have a social fun day and soggy social evening and barbecue in torrential rain! It's been agreed that we will watch the forecast and land condition with a view to re-instating the event as soon as possible. We just need summer to arrive!
Those who have already entered and paid will receive a full refund immediately. Please watch this website carefully on a regular basis for information on the new dates.
We really are sorry for any disappointment, it's an event we enjoy arranging and enjoy attending ourselves and we know that a lot of riders look forward to it; unfortunately the weather has said that it's not to be this weekend :(
02/07/12 Up-coming events for the summer

The number of events always drops off over the summer months, partly because of holidays, and partly because there are so many international events going on.

Firstly, good luck to everyone travelling abroad for both the BIU and UCI World events - let's hope you bring back lots of medals to Britain!

Secondly, there are a couple of special weekend events happening during July ...

TykeTrial Club - the weekend of 14th & 15th July - High Wood Farm, Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire

Open to non-members, this weekend is the highlight of the TykeTrial year. On Saturday, we have a relaxing social ride, along with a few small comps such as high-jump, speed-trial etc. Followed by the presentation of the 2011 Club Trophies. A massive barbecue has been arranged for this year, followed by a bonfire and social evening for the parents and a lot more riding, football etc for those with more energy! On Sunday we have the annual Ben Carlile Memorial Trial, a team fun trial which will also be counted for club championship points for members. EVERYONE IS WELCOME - BUT WE NEED YOUR ENTRY IN ADVANCE PLEASE. As the barbecue menu is very extensive, the chef needs to know by the previous Wednesday how many chops, pieces of gammon, chicken, kebabs, mini-steaks, sausages, burgers, salad etc to prepare! The entry form is now available on-line from the Events page.

Crowthorne Cycle Trial Club - the weekend of 21st & 22nd July - Hook Wood, Surrey

Again open to non-members, a practice day on the Saturday, followed by camping, and a competiton on the Sunday. The camping must be pre-booked, so if you live in the south, get your forms off now! Entry form available from the "Events" page.

Crowthorne Cycle Trials - Demo day - Leisure Live 2012 Brooklands Community Park, Weybridge. Elmbridge Borough Council took place on 23rd June. Crowthorne Cycle trials club were invited back to Brooklands, Surrey after last year's successful cycle trial demonstration. The club used their new trailer rig hand built by Clive Smith and sons. The rig houses most of the equipment used for the display. A brief shower did not deter the riders who staged three main demonstrations, but continued throughout the day. Trials cycles and Unicycles were supplied by the club for the general public to give them a taster of trials and many adult and youths took to the offer of a have a go. A high jump completion on a trials cycle also took place which was won by Edward Wheeler who successfully jumped 1000 millimeters; Adam Boxall cleared 950 mm and Terry Freeman broke his own record to record 930 mm a good day was had by all and have been asked by the Elmbridge Council to return next year. The club would like to say a big thank you to all who participated and helped during the day we do hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Also many thanks to Surrey Youth Motorcycle Trials sports club for the loan of their helmets. . C.C.T.C will have a Club stand at the Black Cherry Fair, Chertsey 14/07/12 and will maybe do a demo there if anybody is available.

Hope you all have a fantastic summer break. We'll use the time to get the hundreds of photos on to the website from Fort William and from Radfest, so do keep checking the website.

02/07/12 RADFEST and the 5th Round of the British Trials Championship

An amazing weekend was had by all with various competitions going on on the Saturday, concluding with the 5th round of the British Trials Championship 2012.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers for helping organise the weekend, and many thanks to all of the riders.

It was great to see lots of new riders having a go at the Sunday competition, with excellent feedback from everyone - hope to see you all at the next national event at Hook Wood, Surrey in September. The entry form will be released soon so keep checking and get yours off to us straight away.

Results are now available from the "Events" page; Photos and full report coming soon.

12/06/12 British Trials Cup Round 5 - RADFEST - Barrow Farm, Essex

The entry form for the 5th round of the British Trials cup is now on-line from the Events page.

Want to ride the rest of the weekend?

  • Weekend Ticket For Bike Federation Riders - 22; Proof of Competition entry will be needed to enter. (Includes Friday, Saturday and camping two nights.) To purchase weekend ticket please email info@radicalbikes.co.uk
  • Riders Day Ticket for Saturday only - 15; Purchase on the day.
  • Spectator Day Ticket - 5; Purchase on the day. No charge for parents attending with competition riders.

12/06/12 Fort William Results
Results from a really good weekend now available on the events page. Report and photos coming soon!
04/06/12 Entry to Fort William

Check your entry here (Entry list).

We have received payment from 5 people who haven't sent us entry forms - we don't even have your names! If one of them is you, or we have your entry listed wrongly, please phone 07850 505298 to confirm. Please don't email - we're on our way to Scotland and unable to get email access!

Before you leave home, check out the extra information at the bottom of the entry form for directions, parking, etc.

When you arrive at the World Cup Village at the Nevis Range, at the bottom of the approach road you will be faced by the main entry gates. Don't go in there yet - they'll expect you to pay an entry fee!

To the right of these entry gates you will see some orange "BIKETRIAL" signs with arrows directing you to our Biketrial Federation banner - please report there to collect your free entry passes and for further information.

See you in Fort William !

21/05/12 Fort William 2012 (updated 05/06/12)

Are you ready?

9th and 10th June

Entry forms are on the Events page - closing date Sunday 3rd June!

Section sponsors are coming in for the event - Many thanks to
Hope Technology
Highland Bikes
As well as to the regular series sponsors
3SIXTY Onza and Tribalzine

It's that time of the year again when the English head north to sunny Scotland for the annual two days at Fort William - are you all ready for it and accommodation booked? Entry has been available from the Events page for a while now and are speedily coming in with a good entry in most classes. The closing date needs to be Sunday 3rd June so that we can organise all the free passes and everything else that needs to be done for this prestigious event - so don't miss the date!

The cycling event of the UK's trials calendar!

If you're looking for something different, with loads of atmosphere, loads of spectators cheering you on, and a great range of riding obstacles, then make sure you don't miss the 9th and 10th June in the World Cup Village at the Nevis Range, Fort William.

A long way to travel? Don't worry, it really is worth the journey!

(we know the picture's of a downhill bike - we need to get their webmaster educated!)

Pictures here show some of the sections from previous events at Fort William. Sections having included massive log sections, imported rocks, concrete pipes, telephone boxes, and even a pick-up truck, as well as river and woodland sections.

In 2009 a group of Elite riders were followed around the course by TV cameras, and the programme televised on the BBC. Wonder if they'll be there again this year?

Trials programme for the weekend

Ticket collection available outside the main event entrance from 8.30am - please check back on this page prior to the event for collection details.

Saturday 9th June British Trials Cup Rnd 3 & Scottish Biketrial Club Rnd 4
  9.00am Sign on and collect entry pass
  10.15am Pre-trial briefing - we advise you listen!
10.30am Competition starts
  3.30pm Competition ends
  4.00pm British Trials Cup Award presentations on the big stage
  4.30pm Join in everything that's going on on-site
Sunday 10th June British Trials Cup Rnd 4 & Scottish Biketrial Club Rnd 5
  9.00am Sign on and collect entry pass
  10.15am Pre-trial briefing - we advise you listen!
10.30am Competition starts
  3.30pm Competition ends
  4.00pm British Trials Cup Award presentations on the big stage
  4.30pm Join in everything that's going on on-site

Details of where to sign on and where to collect your entry pass will be posted on this website nearer the date. Please keep checking.

Trials entry fee £20 for one day, or £35 for both days.

You can either download the entry form from the "Nationals" page and send it by mail with a cheque, or you can pay and enter on-line from the "Events" page.

BEWARE ... the trials entry gives you free entry into the main event, but on this occasion pre-entry MUST close on Sunday 3rd June as we too have to travel up there and set up the sections. If you don't pre-enter you may not be able to get a free pass for the event. Best do it NOW so you don't miss it!

Hope to see you all there!

03/06/12 UCI World Cup Rnd 1

Britain's Jack Carthy finished third overall in his first ever Elite World Cup today! Gilles first, Kenny second.


2012 UCI Trials World Cup #1 Aalter (BEL) >> SUPER FINAL 26 >> 1st G. Coustellier (FRA) 35, 2nd K. Belaey (BEL) 44, 3rd J. Carthy (GBR) 52


01/06/12 Have a go at trials ...
Live in the south? Fancy a go on a trials cycle? Get along to Brackendene on 17th June, from 10am till 11.15am, with the trial starting at 11.30. The entry form is now available from the "Events" page.
01/06/12 Fantastic international results for British riders so far in 2012

The first round of the UCI World Cup kicked off today in Aalter (Belgium) with the 20" and 26" Quarter Finals. There will be two British riders in the 26" Semi-Finals, with Andrei Burton finishing in 3rd place on 11 points and Jack Carthy qualifying in first place with an incredible score of just 1 point! Dave Kerr finished in 19th place, just missing out on a Semi-Finals place, and Scott Wilson finished in 40th place.

Well done, and good luck in the semi-finals tomorrow.

Last weekend Jack Carthy finished in 3rd place in the qualifier for the Pro Series, and finished the finals in 5th place - well done Jack!

Charlie Rolls won the first round of the European Cup in Spain with Adam Morewood in 7th place, followed by Charlie winning the second round of the European Cup in Denmark, with Adam a very close second - well done to both of you!

01/06/12 Raising funds for Cancer Support Groups
Help to raise funds for those who need some extra support ...
A trials mum rides Lands End to John o'Groats to raise funds for Cancer Ward ... On 4th August 2012 I, Rachel Crisp will cycle out of Lands End beginning the epic journey to John o'Groats. The 990 mile ride will take her 2 weeks riding an average of 70 miles a day.
Candlelighters, the Children's Cancer Charity

"The longest flattest day is 83 miles and the shortest hilliest day is 57 miles, I'm not sure which I'm most scared of! My Dad, Richard Newman cycled LEJoG in the 1980's which has inspired me to do the same. Dad had cancer and was treated on Somersham Ward at Ipswich Hospital before he died in 1994. So I am riding from the bottom of the UK to the top to raise funds for Somersham, the ward that still treats many cancer patients. It was last July when I decided to do LEJoG. I started training on my old mountain bike that had never seen a mountain, if it had it would probably have fallen apart! I rode 5 miles a couple of times a week which was such hard work and I later discovered I had buckled wheels so no wonder! I then bought my Scott road bike in August last year and I have to say I am now well and truly hooked. Dad bought me a road bike in my teens and tried to get me into cycling which didn't work. I think he'd be pleased to see me now, a Lycra clad cycling geek!

Training for and completing a ride like this takes commitment, not only from me but also from my family. I will be riding for over 10 hours some weeks, as well as other training and having regular massage to keep me in working order. I appreciate all the support that I have from family and friends and the words of encouragement mean so much.

There has also been a lot of use of the words crazy, insane and potty! So please, please, pretty please visit my Just Giving page and sponsor me. I am paying for all the expenses associated with the ride so all the money raised will go directly to Somersham.

Thankyou, Rachel

We'll have a sponsorship form at control at National events for sponsoring Rachel for those who don't want to do it online.

In 2008 the TykeTrial Club ran the "Easter Bunny Hop" trials event to raise funds for the Candlelighters Children's Cancer Charity; a fund to help the families of children suffering cancer.

At TykeTrial and British Trials Cup events this year, collection boxes will be available to make donations to the Candlelighters Children's Cancer Charity, please donate generously!

09/05/12 Blackpool Podium Winners
  Check out this excellent write-up of the event on the Tribalzine website.
1st Adam Biggins Tyne&Wear
2nd Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
3rd Joel Holdsworth Lancashire
1st Reece Seymour W.Yorkshire
2nd Jack Biggins Tyne&Wear
3rd Paul Grange Co.Durham
1st Donna Fox S.Yorkshire
2nd Nadine Staniforth W.Yorkshire
3rd Fern Sanderson W.Yorkshire
1st Dave Barratt Derbyshire
2nd Derek Coates Staffordshire
3rd Neil Robinson W.Yorkshire
1st Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Aaron Duke Scotland
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
3rd TJ Reynoldson W.Yorkshire
1st Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
2nd James Davies Cornwall
3rd Richard Tickner Surrey
1st James Bancroft W.Yorkshire
2nd Matt Arkwright Lancashire
3rd Andrew Willan Lancashire
1st Rob Poyser Staffordshire
2nd Jack Chapman N.Yorkshire
3rd Daniel Wheeler Essex
1st Alec Wray Co. Durham
2nd Steve Rogers Essex
3rd Wayne Mahomet W.Yorkshire
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorkshire
2nd James Hyland W.Yorkshire
3rd Andrei Burton Devon
Well done to everyone!
07/05/12 What a fantastic day!
Results from Blackpool are now on-line from the Events page. It was a brilliant day, many thanks to all the helpers, and to all the riders for making this such a fun, yet professional event with a great atmosphere.
Thank you all.
Pictures and full report in due course - we've been sent hundreds of photos and will try to get them on here when time allows.
03/05/12 Blackpool Directions

The event control is immediately next to The Hole in the Wall Cafe, Lower Walk (below the promenade), North Shore. Post Code FY1 2HB.

NOTE: There is no vehicle access or parking at the actual venue. Please park in Gynn Square Car Park or in one of the side streets. The event will be signposted from the car park.

Click here for map.

See you there!

Just one point to note ... we know that many people practice at the 'Moon Rocks' from time to time, but we have to remind you that it is actually against the local bye-laws to ride a cycle on the lower promenade and you could be turned away by the Police! For the day of 6th May, the Biketrial Federation have the necessary permission to run the event, but we cannot allow anyone on a cycle who is not entered in the competition - last time we had complaints from the Beach Patrol about people (who weren't taking part in the event) riding on the sea wall - DON'T - IT'S VERY DANGEROUS! Unfortunately, be warned, anyone who turns up with the intention of riding, but not competing will not be allowed and may jeopardise permission for future events. Please don't spoil it for everyone else!

30/04/12 Section sponsors keep coming in for Blackpool - check out the details below and click on the logos to visit their websites!



The prestigious Blackpool "Moon Rocks" venue certainly calls for something really special, and the crowning glory of the day will be the awards presentation when the beautiful Ella Green, Miss Blackpool 2010-11, will be handing out medals to the lucky winners at around 4.30ish on Sunday 6th May.

Don't miss it, as either a rider or a spectator!!!

Other peak items of the day include contributions from both series sponsors and event sponsors. These include (so far):-

Series Sponsor
Series Sponsor
Series Sponsor
Spot Prize Sponsor
Section Sponsor
Section Sponsor
Section Sponsor

More sponsors are welcome, if you wish to sponsor a section at any of our events please contact membership@biketrialuk.co.uk

22/04/12 Blackpool - THE BIG ONE (and not only on the fun-fair)! (UPDATED 24/04/12)

Whilst we know how much the riders enjoy it, Blackpool is extremely hard to organise and to run. Because of its location, the number of riders and spectators anticipated, a lot of terms are put on us with regards to health & safety and sticking to the rules laid out for us as organisers. If we want to use this prime venue again in the future we have to prepare for and abide by all the rules.

Because of this, we need a lot more helpers than usual, and known to us in advance of the event date. If you can help out in any of the positions below please email us at info@biketrialuk.co.uk as soon as possible. We also need a team of lads/dads to help put up banners and flags on the morning of the event (8.30am-9.00am).

They are all tasks that almost anyone could do (mum's, dad's, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, friends etc) - and all very important!

We need:-

5 people on control - 2 volunteers needed

4 Safety Officials - thank you volunteers!

8 Observers - 3 more needed

8 Section helpers - 7 more needed

Signing on, processing any late entries, handing out punchcards, processing results, sorting observers out, liasing with Beach Patrol Council, British Red Cross, etc:
- Barbara Wright
- Karen Carthy
- Kerry Seymour
Checking safety barriers, checking/removing rubbish, ensuring public safety etc
- Mick Carthy
- Robin Morewood
- Jason Seymour
- Dave & Kellie Rolls
- Barry Gawthorpe
- Brian Wright (O)  
- Karen Carthy (O)  
- Kerry Seymour (O)  
- Paul Hesling (O)  
- George Eyre (O)  
Punching, repairing tape/markers, keeping spectators out of sections, etc
- Anna Gawthorpe

Many thanks to all volunteers so far, and also thanks to the team at 3SIXTY who are loaning their PA system for the event, not forgetting the unique medals made especially for the series by ONZA.

Don't forget there will be some spot prizes for those riders deserving special recognition! Thanks to CPC for the donation.

18/04/12 TykeTrial Club Event at Addingham Moorside
Brilliant day at Addingham on Sunday, lovely sunshine, good sections, good riding! Loads of new faces, espcially in the Primary and Novice classes, welcome to all and hope to see you back at the next event at Branshaw Quarry on 20th May. Well done to everyone, and well done to the winners!
Primary Class Novice Class Intermediate Class Cadet Class
1st Thomas Constantine
2nd Joel Holdsworth
3rd Josh McParland
1st Jack Iveson
2nd Lewis Gray
3rd Lewis Moore
1st Jordan Seymour
2nd Donna Fox
3rd Nigel Kilgar
1st Adam Morewood
2nd TJ Reynoldson
3rd Sam Iveson
Expert Class Elite Class Spot Prizes
1st Andrew Willan
2nd Ross Clayton
3rd Owen Gawthorpe
1st Jack Carthy
2nd James Hyland
3rd Dave Kerr
Dan Chandler
Danny Monkman
Neil Robinson
James Bancroft

Many thanks to CPC for providing the spot prizes - don't forget to click on their logo to check out their website!

17/04/12 UCI Trials World Cup & Youth Games - Entry Form 2012

For those who are interested in travelling to do international events this year, click here to download the entry form. This includes final dates, venues, websites, and closing dates. Don't miss the closing date, there's a fine for late entry of 100 Swiss Francs!

06/04/12 Fort William - 2 days of biking - trials / downhill and more
On-line entry is now available from the events page - get your's off soon for this great weekend of biking in an amazing atmosphere - well worth the journey!
06/04/12 Blackpool - who's up for making it a fantastic event and a showcase of trials to the public?

Yes, Blackpool - Bank Holiday Sunday, 6th May - don't miss it! It's 3 years since we were there with 97 competitors - the public loved it, so let's have a massive entry with loads of riding to show off. Don't think "I'm not good enough to compete" - everyone is, no matter what stage your riding ability is, there's a class for you - and whatever stage you're at, to the general public you'll be brilliant!

We will be taking entries on the day (if numbers allow - but it will cost you £5 extra) but it would be so helpful to the organisation and preparation if we have the entries in advance. It really is easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes; and to make it even easier, we won't send you off to the Events page to do it!

Click on the 'Buy Now' button to pay

Do you live in or are you visiting Blackpool in the next couple of weeks? Print off the poster and get it put up at school, local shops, bike shops etc! Poster here

With Miss Blackpool presenting the awards at the end of the day, one lucky rider will get to present her with a bouquet of flowers, and with the PA system and music provided by series sponsors 3SIXTY we're set for a great day ... the rest is up to you to come along and take part.

How to get to the Moon Rocks? Click on the map below and park in the Gyn Square Car Park.

Just one point to note ... we know that many people practice at the 'Moon Rocks' from time to time, but we have to remind you that it is actually against the local bye-laws to ride a cycle on the lower promenade and you could be turned away by the Police! For the day of 6th May, the Biketrial Federation have the necessary permission to run the event, but we cannot allow anyone on a cycle who is not entered in the competition - last time we had complaints from the Beach Patrol about people (who weren't taking part in the event) riding on the sea wall - DON'T - IT'S VERY DANGEROUS! Unfortunately, be warned, anyone who turns up with the intention of riding, but not competing will not be allowed and may jeopardise permission for future events. Please don't spoil it for everyone else!

06/04/12 Another new sponsor, many thanks to ...
CPC - click on the logo to view their massive range of products!  

Through a donation to the TykeTrial Club, CPC have provided both the TykeTrial and British Trials Cup series with a massive selection of goodies, both for the organisers and for spot prizes for riders - a chance for everyone to have a win!

The donation of a new drill will help in setting up the sections on rocky terrain, and new timer clocks for observers will provide extra spares for when the wet weather gets the better of the old clocks!
As for spot prizes for riders, check out the range ... could you win one???
06/04/12 British Trials Cup, Bracken Rocks 2012
  Apologies for the late reporting of this event. It was a really good start to the season at a really good venue, and with 72 names on the starter list it was set to be a good competition. All riders reported an excellent mixture of sections ranging from woodland sections to big rock sections. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, despite the wet start. A full report on the event can be found here, do check it out for loads of riding pictures. Full results can be downloaded from the events page. Many thanks to the three sponsors of the event ...
Series sponsor - many thanks for the support for 2012. If you or your local community need a demo, give the guys at 3SIXTY a call.
Britain's trials bike manufacturer and sponsoring the series since 2007. Check out their website for the latest bikes and news.
Many thanks to event sponsor, providing Mother's Day gifts to all the ladies present and to winners to take home!
Primary Class (White) Novice Class (Green) Ladies Class (White/Green) Senior Class (Blue)
1st Adam Biggins Tyne & Wear
More Beginners needed for the next round (under 10's)!
1st Reece Seymour W.Yorkshire
2nd Andrew Heeley
3rd Elliott Tickner Surrey
1st Donna Fox S.Yorkshire
More ladies needed for the next round!
1st Dave Barratt Derbyshire
2nd Derek Coates Staffordshire
More seniors needed for the next round!
Intermediate Class (Blue) Cadet Class (Blue/Red) Expert 20" Class (Red) Expert 26" Class (Red)
1st Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Jordan Seymour W.Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd TJ Reynoldson W.Yorkshire
3rd Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
1st Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
2nd Connor Manthorpe W.Sussex
3rd Richard Tickner Surrey
1st James Bancroft W.Yorkshire
2nd Chris Hinson Buckinhamshire
3rd Jed Hesling W.Yorkshire
Elite 20" Class (Red/Yellow) Elite 26" Class (Red/Yellow) UCI World Elite Class (Yellow) Many thanks to all the helpers:
Robin Morewood (Clerk of Course) and his setting up team; Ben Swales; Mick Carthy and Brian Wright, and to all the observers of the day: Gill Morewood; Kerry Seymour; Brian Wright; Neil Robinson; Dan Chandler; Julie Bew; Paul Hesling; George Eyre; Sheena Martin; and to Barbara Wright and all the helpers on control.
1st Jack Chapman N.Yorkshire
2nd Rob Poyser Staffordshire
3rd Dan Wheeler Essex
1st Tom Rankin Essex
2nd Alec Wray Co.Durham
3rd Steve Rogers Essex
1st Jack Carthy W. Yorkshire
2nd Andrei Burton Devon
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
Remember, the organisation of the sport in the UK is all voluntary - without the helpers it wouldn't happen! We need more!
And the winner is ... runner-up ...
Robin Morewood
Danny Monkman
19/03/12 Riding Shirt Design Competition

Many thanks to all those who sent in their designs, with some good ideas.

Help us to choose the winner of the competition (closing date 31st March).

23/02/12 UCI World Championship Team Selection Criteria
The selection criteria for those wishing to ride in the UCI World Championship 2012 has now been published. Click here to view.
16/02/12 COMPETITION - Design a riding shirt

The Biketrial Federation, with funds provided by our new sponsors, 3SIXTY, want to provide British riders attending international trials events with a Great Britain riding shirt to enable them to show that they are riding for Britain without having to pay for their own shirt.

The competition is to design that shirt! It can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, whichever you like. Very simple rules:-

  • The design must include the Biketrial Federation's logo - click here to download.
  • The design must include the Union Jack flag.
  • The design must include some appropriate wording.
  • The design must be suitable to use on either a white or coloured shirt (please also make your suggestion of colour to go with your design).
  • You must email your entry to us as (a) a picture showing the design on the shirt and (b) a jpg file of the actual design for us to use. Send entries to: trial_entry@biketrialuk.co.uk
  • The email should include your name and address (to send the prize to if you should win).
  • Copyright of all design entries will be the property of the Biketrial Federation for possible future use (if we later decide to use a non-winning entry you will be notified before use).

The prize? The winning entry will receive a cheque for £20.00 plus their own exclusive version of the shirt!


13/02/12 Series Sponsors for 2012
We are pleased and proud to announce our sponsors for the 2012 season ... click on the logos below to check out their websites ...
Many thanks to Onza, one of the best-know trials bikes companies in the world, for continuing to support the British Trials Cup series again for 2012. The Biketrial Federation Committee welcome on board the thriving and exciting company 3sixty Bicycle Stunt Team for 2012. With three teams travelling the UK this year doing demos and shows, a fantastic promotion for the trials sport.
  Further sponsorships are welcome for this year, this could be a section sponsorship at one or all of the events of the series, or a general sponsorship to financially help out the organisers and British riders, in both British and International events. If your company wishes to help, please email us at info@biketrialuk.co.uk.
14/01/12 British Trials Cup 2012
R1, Bracken Rocks, Matlock, Derbyshire R2, Blackpool North Shore, Lancashire R3, Nevis Range, Fort William R4, Nevis Range, Fort William
Sunday 18th March Sunday 6th May Saturday 9th June Sunday 10th June
Download entry form here or enter on-line from the Events page. Download entry form here or enter on-line from the Events page. Download entry form here or enter on-line from the Events page. <<<<< Joint entry form with round 3
Poster for this event here. Poster for this event here. Poster for this event here.
. . . .
R5, Radfest, Barrow Farm, Essex R6, Hook Wood, Surrey R7, Shipley Glen, West Yorkshire The British Trials Champions
Sunday 1st July Sunday 16th September Sunday 14th October The Final Results
Poster for this event here Poster for this event here Poster for this event here  

The British Trials Champions of each class will be those riders who have accumulated the most points throughout the cup series - best 5 rounds out of the 7 to count. Good luck everyone!

Please feel free to print a copy of the poster for each event - can you display it anywhere to encourage either entries and/or spectators?

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