R1 Hook Woods
R2 Bracken Rocks
R3 Fort William
R4 Radical Bikes
R5 Rogerly Quarry
R6 Bob McGregor
R7 Shipley Glen
7th April
5th May
8/9th June
13/14th July
11th August
8th September
6th October

06/12/13 Biketrial Federation Annual Meeting - CONFIRMED

Once again we've come to that time of year for planning next year's British Trials Championship series events. The date for our annual meeting is Sunday 26th January.

As there is always so much to discuss at these meetings we will need to stick strictly to an agenda. If you have anything you wish to be put forward to the meeting, ideas, suggestions or requests, it must be received in writing by 12th January at the latest to

15/11/13 Fun trial and end of year Championship Awards at Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club

Fun trial and end of year Championship Awards Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club staged their fun Cycle Trial at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre formerly Hook Woods. This fun trial also incorporated the presentations of awards for 2013. Eight sections with 2 set out in the woods, comprising of 2 laps that were laid out using rocks, boulders and fallen trees trunks that were very slippery and took the marks off the riders even pallets and tractor tyres were used on this occasion a good mixture of riders and even some new faces for the 6 routes (Balance bike route added) set out in the wet weather conditions that were to continue for the day. Just before the trial was near completion we were blessed when the rain stopped for the clubs annual Barbecue, even a massive cake was produced complete with logo for pudding and then the presentation of awards.

During the trial Scott Wilson (54 Sport) coped extremely well on the hard Expert Elite Class finding grip from somewhere. Expert category had World / British Champion (Cadet class) Charlie Rolls (Hope/Koxx) took the top spot on the podium just 2 marks behind Andrew McCabe (Neon) with Danny Green having to retire. The Inter class was won by Toby Smith British Champion (Inter class) who finished in single figures and has now had 16 wins of sixteen trials well done to him. Elliott Tickner 2nd and Stephen Davies (Genesis) 3rd. The Novice had by far the biggest entry that Jamie Smith (207) led the field with Joe Lethbridge (Blade) 2nd and Perry Meeten (Atomz) 3rd place spot Tom Walker had trouble with both the bikes he took but finished in 4th Casey Moore (Monty) who decided to have a go at the Novice class did better on his second lap and finished in 5th place beginner class had Samuel Meeten 1st Ed Brookbank 2nd and James Wiblim on his very first trial with the club a brilliant 3rd Finlay Tanner just missed out on the podium 7 marks adrift. Katy Tickner (Silver Fox) was the lone balance bike rider but did well to finish the trial although a little wet and cold.

Thank you to Jim Connor for the use of his excellent land, the cooks of the day and all who participated and helped during the year.

We hope all enjoyed the Cycle Trials. Throughout the year the club held 7 Championship Rounds, 4 demos, practice days, a camping week end and a Pre championship trial plus a round of the British Biketrial Cup in conjunction with the Biketrial Federation - in fact a full diary. The club also held a round of the Thames Valley Trials Combine (T.V.T.C.) at Addlestone Moor.

14/10/13 Ever thought about entering a trials competition?

Have you ever thought anout entering a trials competition? They really are great fun and very friendly! You don't have to be an amazing rider, just bring along your bike and enjoy a day riding and meeting other riders.

Click on the pictures on the right to view a couple of videos showing what it's all about, then get practising and entering in 2014!


And don't forget, even though the British rounds have finished for 2013 there are still some club events going on. Check out the events page for details.

Click on the picture to view the video Click on the picture to view the video
Click on the picture above to watch riders at a recent TykeTrial Club event. Click on the picture above to watch a video put together by Tartybikes at the 2013 Fort William round of the British Trials Championship.
08/10/13 British Trials Cup Final & British Championship winners

Another season over! We had a great day at the final round of the British Trials Cup at Shipley Glen and we hope you all did too!

We had a great turn out of over 75 riders, beautiful weather all day and some great, if tricky, sections to challenge everyone.

With the season now over, wed like to thank all of our sponsors and supporter Onza Bikes, TartyBikes, Trialtech Components, Natural Hero and British Cycling - for their support throughout 2013.

There have also been a lot of people who have helped us out a great deal this season and wed like to thank them for all of their help and support as well in no particular order (and hopefully not missing anyone out), the Morewoods, the Carthys, the Heslings, the Shepherds, the Granges, the Seymours, the Dukes, the Rolls, the Tickners, Neil Robinson, George Eyre, Matthew Holdsworth, Ben Swales. And finally, a huge thank you to Barbara Wright for all of her hard work, effort and commitment in organising and running the series!

The results of the final round at Shipley can be found here, the Championship final results should be available tomorrow night, and pictures on this page to follow shortly. Don't forget to check out our facebook page, and also highly recommended are the pictures on this page with 3 albums of over 1900 photos of Sunday's event!

Keep checking the website regularly over the winter break for the final 2013 results and news about 2014.

We hope to see you all again next year!

09/09/13 Bob McGregor Round 6 of the British Trials Cup
Great venue and enjoyed by all. Results are now on-line - pictures to follow! Also year to date updated ... could you win one of the year end British Championship trophies next month at Shipley Glen?
12/08/13 British Trials Cup Round 5 - new venue of Rogerly Quarry a great success!

Well done to everyone who entered and took part in this short notice event, the venue turned out to be good with great sections, just a shame the butty van couldn't get up the hill ! Results are now available from the events page, pictures coming soon.

The next round is at another new venue for nationals at Bob McGregor Trials Park near Glasgow. Entry form should be available in the next few days, hope you can all make it.

25/07/13 STOP PRESS - URGENT NEWS - Round 5 Replacement venue - Enter soon!
We were all so disappointment at the cancellation of the Newcastle trial that our riders in the area have found us a great new venue, never used for Biketrial events before. We're really looking forward to this one, so please do support it.
The good news is that anyone who had already booked accommodation in/near Newcastle in anticipation of that event can still use their booking as it's not far away, or there are loads of camps sites close to the venue.
Because it's a new area of the country for trials with no local club, we want to get the young local lads to come along. Because of this, we offering a special half-price entry fee to anyone who has never ridden in a biketrial competition before ... so what's stopping you, come along and try it out!
Entry forms are availabe now from the Events page, you can either print it out and send it off with a cheque, or you can enter on-line. Closing date for pre-entry is Wednesday 7th August.
Hope to see loads of you there!
25/07/13 British Trials Cup Round 4 - Radical Bikes, Essex
  We hope you enjoyed the two-day trial at Radical bikes we certainly did! Nice to have the weather onside again, and not to be in the woods with the mosquitoes! Thanks and well done to everyone who helped organise and run the event and to all the riders that made the journey. The photos below show what a great venue it is at Radical Bikes and what a great time everyone had! The results are available on the Events page.
MTB Class Primary Class Novice Class
1st Tim McParland W.Yorkshire
1st Josh McParland W.Yorkshire
2nd Jacob Wilkinson S.Yorkshire
3rd Casey Moore Surrey
1st Paul Hayward N.Yorkshire
2nd Andrew Eley Nottinghamshire
3rd Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
Senior Class
Intermediate Class
Cadet Class
1st Neil Robinson W.Yorkshire
2nd Darren Ring Essex
3rd Donna Fox S.Yorkshire
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Paul Grange Co Durham
3rd Reece Seymour W.Yorkshire
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd TJ Reynoldson W.Yorkshire
3rd Oliver Lawer Cornwall
Expert Class
Elite Class
World Elite Class
1st Ryan Crisp Suffolk
2nd Matt Pengelly Cornwall
3rd James Davies Cornwall
1st Steve Rogers Essex
2nd Stan Shaw Lancashire
3rd Tom Rankin Essex
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorkshire
2nd Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
3rd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
25/07/13 British Trials Cup Round 3 - Fort William
As always, the Fort William trial was a great success and as usual, well worth the journey to the far north. Many thanks to all the ladies and gents who stepped in at short notice to cover Barbara's absence - you did a great job! If you haven't already seen them the results have been on-line since just after the event - well done to everyone who rode and well done to the winners.
If you have any photos that we could add to this page, please email them - so far we have only been sent these two ...
<<< Elite Class
1st Alec Wray Co Durham
2nd Stan Shaw Lancashire
3rd James Bancroft W Yorkshire
>>> World Elite Class
1st Jack Carthy W Yorkshire
2nd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
10/07/13 Newcastle City Centre Trial - CANCELLED

It is with great regret that the Biketrial Federation has to announce that, due to circumstances beyond our control, Round 5 of the British Trials Cup, due to be held in Newcastle City Centre on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August, has had to be cancelled.

Solar Learning, the company organising the Urban Games, of which the British Trial Cup Round was to be a part, and Newcastle City Council have been unable to secure the full permissions for the necessary road closures over the weekend, meaning that the event can no longer be held at the proposed venue. An alternative venue was suggested but since this was outside the city centre coupled with the issues around road closures, the event sponsors withdrew their support of the event, meaning that Solar Learning no longer had any budget or infrastructure for the trials event.

We are extremely frustrated and disappointed to have to cancel the event, especially at this late stage, and apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

An emergency meeting will be held this weekend at Round 4 of the series at Radical Bikes to discuss the situation and any possible alternative arrangements.

Once again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

26/06/13 Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club updates


Whilst we're all busy thinking about National and World trials events, the local clubs have been really busy running some really good events and giving some great demos to show the public what trials is all about.

After holding a very successful first round of the British Trials Cup for the Biketrial Federation, Cycle Trials riders from Crowthorne Cycle trials club staged their first demonstration of the year at Merrist Wood College Summer Show near Guildford performing stunts and tricks to show off their skills and generally having a lot of fun on a very hot day. The 9 riders kept the crowds entertained throughout the day and only stopped for the main attractions that were Think Bikes Cycle stunt show; Falcon Birds; and Quad bike display team. The obstacles used comprised of the all new display rig, the trailer and van of Clive Smith that was jumped off and on from, large cotton reels, ladders, pallets an then tree trunks that were kindly supplied and erected by Adam Holt of Roots and Shoots (Tree Surgery and Landscaping) of whom we would like to thank immensely for his time and energy that he put in to make the whole demo a success.

Spectators wishing to have a go were able to use the club bikes and to gain tuition. Andrew Miller of Think Bikes came over and spent a lot of time with us so a big thank you goes out to him.

The 9 riders that participated in this event we do hope you enjoyed the day. WITHOUT YOUR INPUT WE WOULD NOT HAVE PULLED it off Also thank you for all the help that we received throughout the day.

Crowthorne Club hosted their round of their championship at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (formerly Hook Woods). This was a practice on the Saturday with 8 sections set out then games and competitions included the Unicycle race, then round 4 of the championship on the Sunday.

That event was very quickly followed by round 5 of the club's series with another competition at Brackendene, and a further demonstration to the public at Brooklands.

To join in with all this action, check out the Crowthorne Cycle Trial own website at


04/06/13 Fort William - are you ready for us! British Trials Cup riders are about to invade!

Loads of entries for this brilliant annual venue - thanks for getting them all in before the closing date! You can check your listing here

How to get into the World Cup village? For those who were there last year, collecting your tickets and signing on are in the same places as last year. For those new - check out the map.

As you approach the World Cup village at the bottom of the hill, you'll see the main entrance in front of you. Follow the fence along to the left, through the parking area to the next entrance gate. There will be the Biketrial gazebo where you can collect your free entry passes.

RIDERS: you will be given a wristband which allows you entry to the venue on both Saturday and Sunday - don't lose it, you can't get another!

MINDERS & PARENTS: you will be given a card which allows you free entry on one day only - if your rider is competing on both days, be sure to collect two passes per person.

Once you're into the village, turn right and keep going to the far right of the village, past all of the trade stands. The Biketrial control area will be very near to the log section.

Sign on at control as soon as you arrive, if you're under 18 then bring your parent/guardian with you; collect your punchcard and listen for instructions.

The presentations at the end of each day will be held at the Biketrial control tent at around 4.15pm - make sure you're there in case you've won a medal !

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend!

11/05/13 Bracken Rocks - a great venue for the second round of the British Trials series
Hope you all enjoyed round 2 at Bracken Rocks on Sunday! Some tough, long sections combined with the beautiful sunny weather seemed to put a lot of you to the test. Big thanks to Robin and Gill Morewood and their team for all the hard work that went into the organising and running of the event! The next round is in Fort William on the 8th & 9th June - keep an eye out for entry forms soon!
Primary Class
1st Josh McParland W.Yorkshire
2nd Casey Moore Surrey
3rd Jacob Wilkinson S.Yorkshire
Novice Class
1st Paul Hayward N.Yorkshire
2nd Jack Biggins Tyne and Wear
3rd Elliott Tickner Surrey
Senior Class
1st Richard Eyre Derbyshire
2nd Jon Rayner Lincolnshire
3rd Donna Fox S.Yorkshire
Intermediate Class
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Henry Kay S.Yorkshire
3rd Paul Grange Co.Durham
Cadet Class
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
3rd Oliver Lawer Cornwall
Expert Class
1st Andrew Chai Derbyshire
2nd Jamie Bew N.Yorkshire
3rd James Davies Cornwall
Elite Class
1st Alec Wray Co.Durham
2nd Tom Rankin Essex
3rd Rob Poyser Staffordshire
World Elite Class
1st Andrei Burton Devon
2nd Dave Kerr Carmarthenshire
3rd Scott Wilson Kent
Our great sponsors - Thank you for your support.
11/04/13 British Trials first round of the year at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (formerly known as Hook Woods)

A great, if challenging, day was had by all on Sunday at the first round of the British Trials Cup at the Surrey Hills Cycle Centre. The sun shone for us and loads of spectators turned up to watch some really good riding. Thank you to everyone taking part and well done!

Hope to see you all at the next round at Bracken Rocks in Derbyshire on 5th May.

Primary Class
1st Casey Moore Surrey
2nd Samuel Meeton Sussex
Novice Class
1st Andrew Eley Nottinghamshire
2nd Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
3rd Jack Biggins Tyne and Wear
Senior Class
1st Donna Fox S.Yorkshire
2nd Darryl Smith Suffolk
3rd Neil Robinson W.Yorkshire
Intermediate Class
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Reece Seymour W.Yorkshire
3rd Henry Kay S.Yorkshire
Cadet Class
1st Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
2nd Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
3rd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
Expert Class
1st Ryan Crisp Suffolk
2nd James Davies Cornwall
3rd Tony Martin E.Sussex
Elite Class
1st Tom Rankin Essex
2nd Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
3rd Steve Rogers Essex
World Elite Class
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorkshire
2nd Andrei Burton Devon
3rd Sam Oliver Gwynedd
Our great sponsors - Thank you for your support.
14/03/13 Calendar and Information updated

The Events page, UCI page, and Nationals page has now been updated with all new information from British Cycling, UCI, BIU and EBU and with changed dates for International events.

The entry form is now available for the UCI World Cup events and for the UCI Youth Games - if you're planning to go to World Cup events, get your form off as soon as possible!

British Cycling has now released their selection criteria for the those hoping to attend the UCI World Championship.

Good luck to anyone travelling abroad in 2013, we hope you bring lots of medals back to the UK!

11/03/13 A snowy day at Burycliff Quarry in Derbyshire!

New trials organisers for the TykeTrial Club, Robin and Gill Morewood, organised their first Biketrial competition yesterday at Burycliffe Quarry in Derbyshire - unfortunately, snow appeared overnight putting loads of riders off in the bitter cold, but those who stuck it out through the trial had a really good time ... well done to you all!

07/03/13 Sponsors for the 2013 British Trials Series
Confirmation of sponsors for the 2013 series is now coming in. Our grateful thanks go to ...
Onza Bikes
Natural Hero
The British Bike Manufacturer
Trials bikes and spares
Performance trials products
Delivering effective recovery and respecting the planet
25/02/13 TykeTrial's first competiton of the season
Shipley Glen - Great venue, great sections, great riding, great atmosphere - thank you to everyone who attended!
Primary Class Novice Class Intermediate Class
1st Josh McParland
2nd Jacob Wilkinson
3rd Sam Gant
1st Sam Shepherd
2nd Glenn Hanslip
3rd James Smallwood
1st Toby Smith
2nd Reece Seymour
3rd Patrick Jagger
Cadet Class Expert Class Elite Class
1st TJ Reynoldson
2nd Charlie Rolls
3rd Adam Morewood
1st Oliver Battye
2nd Alex Richardson
3rd James Bancroft
1st Jack Carthy
2nd James Hyland
3rd Dave Kerr
Many thanks to Inspired for the loan of their gazebo.
11/02/13 Time to start entering ...

A busy time coming up for trials competitions ... check out the events page for entry forms!

This coming Sunday, 17th February everything kicks off with the Crowthorne Club holding a pre-championship event at the ever-popular Hook Wood venue in Surrey (is this a chance to practice before April's first round of the nationals at that venue?).

The following Sunday, 24th February, the TykeTrial Club opens its year with their first club round at the famous Shipley Glen after a few concerns that they may have lost the venue. Don't forget to renew your club membership too!

Then on Sunday 10th March, a new venue at Burycliff Quarry, Elton (Derbyshire), and with new organisers we're hoping for lots of support for them.

The last competition in March is on the 31st when Crowthorne Club run their first round of the year at Radical Bikes in Essex.

All the entry forms are now available from the Events page. Please support wherever you can!

  Welcome to the Surrey Hills Cycle Club
  A new club is in the process of forming in the south - the Surrey Hills Cycle Club. At the same time, the popular venue of Hook Wood is being renamed "Surrey Hills Cycle Centre". Watch this space for information as it develops and be sure to support the new venture!
11/02/13 Shipley Glen is on ...
We've just received confirmation that Shipley Glen has been approved for the events. Please don't forget, when you're riding up there to pay attention to walkers and be courteous. We don't want to lose this venue!
31/01/13 Shipley Glen in danger ...

Sorry to all members of the TykeTrial Club that the paperwork hasn't gone out yet for the first round of the 2013 series. Regrettably, there have been complaints to the Council about all the bikes on Shipley Glen and that it should be stopped.

We understand that there is a by-law stating that cycles should not be ridden on the Glen, but TykeTrial HAD a special dispensation to run events up there a few times a year. Unfortunately it's all the practising every weekend that's brought on the complaints.

We are currently waiting for a final decision as to whether we will be allowed to run events on the Glen in the future before we can confirm any of the plans for the year.

Watch this space for more info.

20/01/13 Sponsorship for 2013

Is your business interested in sponsoring the National series? Now's the time to contact us! Please email us to discuss

20/01/13 Club dates for 2013
British Clubs have been busy making their plans, do check out the Events page for details and each club's own page under the 'Organisers' section. Beware - all dates are provisional at the moment!
01/01/13 British Trials Cup / Championship 2013

The 2013 Events page is now live and with some changes - please note that dates have been taken from various websites and may be subject to change - check out each organisations' own website to confirm their up-to-date details.

  Provisional Dates and venues for the British Trials Cup series are below (subject to confirmation) - Best 5 scores out of the 7 rounds to count towards Championship points
  Day Date Venue Clerk of Course Event Secretary  
R1 Sunday 7th April Hook Woods, Surrey Graham Tickner Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R2 Sunday 5th May Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire Robin Morewood Gill Morewood CONFIRMED
R3 Saturday & Sunday 8th & 9th June Nevis Range, Fort William, Scotland Kevin Duke Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R4 Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th July Essex Trials & Jump Centre, Essex Graham Tickner Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
R5 Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th August City Centre, Newcastle Mick Carthy Barbara Wright PROVISIONAL
R6 Sunday 8th September Bob McGregor Trials Park, Ayreshire Kevin Duke TBC CONFIRMED
R7 Sunday 6th October Shipley Glen, West Yorkshire Mick Carthy Barbara Wright CONFIRMED
  Please note that, whilst the two-day events should be fun, riders do not have to attend both days of two-day events, scores will be accepted towards points from a single day. If you can't make it for both days, do still come along for just one of the days to add up those championship points.
  Classes for 2013 British Trials Cup events will be:-
MTB Class White route Any age, must be traditional mountain bike
Primary Class White route Age 6 - 10
Novice Class Green route Any age, any wheel size
Intermediate Class Blue route Any age, any wheel size
Senior Class Blue route Any age, any wheel size
Cadet Class 50% Blue 50% Red Any age, any wheel size
Expert Class Red route Any age, any wheel size - 20" 26" to be stated but not separated until the final
Elite Class 50% Red 50% Yellow Seeded riders only, any wheel size - 20" 26" to be stated but not separated until the final
World Elite Class Yellow Seeded riders only - any wheel size
  Note: Minimum age of 6 years old to ride in any class.

The British Trials Champions of each class will be those riders who have accumulated the most points throughout the cup series - best 5 rounds out of the 7 to count. Good luck everyone!

BEWARE! Entries will NOT be accepted on the day any more, all Nationals will be pre-entry only by the closing date.

Overall, we are trying to raise the importance, the profile and the success of the biketrial sport for the future. The more people who come along and enter events, the better it will get for the future!

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