Rnd 1 - Hook Woods, Surrey
Rnd 2 - Seymours Arena, Oxon
Rnd 3 - Fort William, Scotland
Rnd 4 - Bob Macgregor Trials Park
Rnd 5 - Shipley Glen
UCI World Cup Winner
The British Trials Championship
12th April 2015
10th May 2015
6th & 7th June 2015
16th August 2015 - provisional
4th October 2015 - provisional
The Series Winners
09/01/15 Confusion!!!

We had an excellent meeting for the Annual Meeting on 30th November, all the dates were firmly set to fit around the international events. Unfortunately, we have now heard that the EBU/BIU have changed all of the provisional dates they gave us! We're now trying to fit new dates and venues into the new international schedule. We usually have the British dates set by now but apologies for the delay, we're working on it!

Lot's of other changes to the website should be with you soon, as well as the new calendar - but in the meantime, don't book travel or accommodation based on the provisional dates of the calendar!

29/11/14 Provisional dates for World events for UCI and BIU/EBU
All the provisional dates for World Trials events are now listed on the Events page. Check them out ... it's a busy schedule!
24/11/14 News for 2015

Apologies for no website updates recently, efforts at the moment are going into changes for 2015 ... and even perhaps a new updated website for you!

It's the Annual Meeting of Organisers next weekend so do watch out for notes of lots of news for trials for next year. Hot topics will be posted up here as soon as possible.

13/09/14 British Trials Cup Final and British Championship Awards
Don't forget to get your entry off in good time for the final event of the series on 5th October at Shipley Glen! Entries available now from the Events page!
13/09/14 UCI World Championship Report

Following our brief write-up, GB Team Manager Barry Gawthorpe has sent us an additional report from the UCI World Championships in Lillehammer:

The GB team had a great week in Norway, as evidenced by their results. Jack Carthy was completely dominant as expected, cleaning the Junior 26" Semi-Final entirely and going on to take his second consecutive Junior World Champion title. Not only that, after the Elite 26" Final, he rode and cleaned all of their sections as well, emphasising his prowess and demonstrating that he will be a force to be reckoned with when he moves up to Elite in 2015!

Owen Gawthorpe was quite unlucky - in the Junior 20" he cleaned 5 out of the 6 sections on each lap but couldn't work out how to cope with the other so dropped from first place to 11th! He lost out on a place in the 26" final by 1 point after having a bit of a crisis of confidence on the first lap but then putting together two very good laps to challenge French rider Alexis Gay right to the last section. The French support team were following us round radioing Owen's scores to their riders so they knew what they had to do - their funding and professionalism really helped them out.

Andrei Burton was pretty close in the Elite 26" Semi-Final, but a few mistakes on his first lap meant that he couldn't quite catch Hannes Herman and cost him a place in the final. Aaron Duke struggled a bit at the event but had a few good rides and gained valuable experience for next year when he will still be in the Junior class.

The GB team finished in fourth place overall in the team event - testament to the great individual results! We may have scored a few more points if Andrei had been nominated as the 26" rider and Dave Kerr the 20" rider, but it wouldn't have made any difference to the overall places. A great result for the team, especially considering the funding and support offered to the French, German and Spanish trials teams by their respective national cycling organisations.

12/09/14 British World Riders 2014 - Congratulations and well done to all


2014 UCI World Championships, Lillehammer, Norway

Jack Carthy has done it again, romping to victory in the Junior 26" UCI World Championships for his second Junior World Champion title! He cleaned the Semi-Finals and scored just three points in the Final, finishing a long way ahead of his competitors. Jack moves up to Elite next year, so this was the perfect end to his Junior campaign.

Owen Gawthorpe just missed out on a place in the Junior 26" finals, finishing in 9th place, and came 11th in Junior 20", with Aaron Duke in 21st. In Elite 20", Andrei Burton finished in 13th place, with Dave Kerr in 25th and Scott Wilson in 31st place.

Andrei also just missed the Elite 26" final, finishing in 9th place. Dave Kerr was in 20th and Scott 26th. No finals for the UCI Elite riders this year sadly.


The British team had a very successful time at the 2014 BIU World Championships, with some great individual results and a team podium finish.

Adam Morewood 2014 BIU Benjamin World Champion - Adam finished in second place in Benjamin Class at round one in Spain. Round two in Catalonia saw him take the round win and move into the overall series lead. He went on to clean the whole trial in the Czech Republic, finishing in first place on a perfect score to take the overall win and title of 2014 Benjamin World Champion!

Sam Shepherd finished 5th in Spain, 6th in Catalonia and 7th in the Czech Republic to finish in 6th place overall in Benjamin - a fantastic finish considering it was his first international series.

Charlie Rolls finished 8th Spain, 5th in Catalonia and 7th in the Czech Republic to finish in 7th place overall in the Minime series. His brother Sam Rolls finished 9th in round one, 6th in round 2 and 8th in round 3 to finish 8th overall in Minime.

Josh McParland, who missed the first round, finished in 2nd place in Poussin in round two in Catalonia and 3rd in the Czech Republic to finish fourth overall, a great result for his first international series.

Aaron Duke came 8th in round one and 11th in round 2 in Junior, putting him in 11th overall after he missed the third round to attend a wedding. Again, another great first series!

In Elite, Ben Savage finished in third place in Spain, 6th in Catalonia and 3rd in the Czech Republic to end up in third place overall in the series. Sam Oliver finished 11th in round one, despite an injured foot, but was unable to compete in rounds two or three, which saw him finish in 12th place Overall. Scott Wilson finished 10th in Spain, 11th in Catalonia and 8th place in the Czech Republic, ending up in 10th place overall.

All these great results combined saw the British team finish in 3rd place overall in the Nations Cup. Congratulations to all of the riders and their support teams for their fantastic results!

Check out this brilliant video of the final round in Tanvald, Czech Republic to see some of the action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj2AcqrsFhc


28/08/14 TartyBikes Open Trial 14th September
A competition with a difference! Full information and entry forms available only on-line from here. Pre-entries only and we understand the list is filling up, so enter now to be sure of a ride.
20/08/14 A late addition to the UCI World Championship Team
Congratulations to Andrei Burton and good luck!
11/08/14 UCI World Trials Championship, Lillehammer, Norway - 1st - 7th September 2014
Congratulations to the three riders selected to compete in Elite Class at Lillehammer:-
. Jack Carthy
. Dave Kerr
. Scott Wilson

Well done and good luck to them all, and also to the other UK riders:- Aaron Duke and Owen Gawthorpe; and Team Manager Barry Gawthorpe.

25/07/14 Bracken Rocks - Well done to everyone!
Sounds to have been a good day at Bracken Rocks on 13th July, despite the killer ants! Results are now online on the events page, as well as an updated British Series to date, well done to everyone. Check out facebook for photos.
25/07/14 Crowthorne Cycle Trials, events cancelled

It is very sad to see local club events having to be cancelled due to lack of support and to the costs involved in organising events for just a few riders. The Bransgore competition on 6th July and the demo event at Dunsorld on 23/24th August have now been cancelled.

Please do try to support the local clubs who are the future of the Biketrial sport - without them there would be no up-and-coming new riders for the future.

Check out the club's Facebook page here

10/06/14 Fort William - a great weekend!
Many thanks to everyone, a really good weekend with some good new sections, thanks to the Scottish Team! Results are now on-line and photos will be added later. The entry form is now available from the events page for the next round at Bracken Rocks.
02/06/14 Fort William ... here we come!

The Biketrial team are setting off to Fort William to put together some new sections for you all - look forward to seeing you there.

If you can't make it, check out our facebook page for updates and photos as the days go on.

01/06/14 Jack Carthy takes the Silver for Great Britain - UCI R1 Krakow

Jack Carthy finished in 2nd place in Krakow by just two points. Giacomo in first place and Vincent Hermance in third!

Congratulations to all three of them and to all the British riders that competed this weekend: Andrei Burton, 10th place, Steve Rogers 22nd place, Sam Oliver 29th place.

31/05/14 British Trials Cup 2014 - Round 3 - Fort William

The guys in Scotland have been busy importing new rocks and other equipment for building the sections at the Nevis Range ready to run the trial alongside the World Downhill Championship. We've squeezed a little more space this year for the sections and all looks to be good. Don't forget that entries need to close on Sunday 1st June to ensure you get your free entry passes to the World Cup Village!

Oh, and don't forget that all observers get a free entry pass - and we need a few more, if you want to volunteer email info@biketrialuk.co.uk as soon as possible.

  For those who are attending the event, if you're wanting to park at the car park at the top of the road, please be sure to get there by 8.30am at the latest to ensure getting a parking place, particularly on the Sunday. Once you get there and arrive at the entrance to the World Cup Village, from 8.00am there will be a gazebo next to the gates about 100yards to the left of the main pay-entrance. Come along to that gazebo to get your rider's wristband and your minder's pass. Once inside the World Cup Village, come along to the Biketrial Federation gazebo which will be positioned next to the section behind the main grandstand to sign on to the event. NOTE: For those who will be arriving at the venue on Friday, if you come and find Barbara you'll be able to get your tickets straightaway (she'll be on-site till about 5pm on Friday, then at the Loch Iall pub in Fort William in the evening for food!).
MTB Class Primary Class Novice Class Novice Senior Class Intermediate Class
Tim McParland
Dougal Jones
Josh McParland
Evan Macdonald
Callum Cook
Sam Shepherd
Simon Duke
Harry Donaldson
Jamie Smith
Steven Johnston
Robert McKelvie
Gavin Davis
Callum Morrison
Callum Grant
Max Chalmers
Will Ackerley
Aronn Goode
Callon Herd
Sam Rolls
Adam Morewood
Toby Smith
Intermediate Senior Class Cadet Class (BIU) Expert Class (UCI) Elite Class (BIU) World Elite Class (UCI)
Darren Ring
Rob Rook
Neil Robinson
Paul Hayward
Allan Brenkley
Paul Grange
Charlie Rolls
Ross Clayton
Stuart Tait
Jed Hesling
Tom Rigg
Aaron Duke
James Bancroft
Tom Astbury
Jack Carthy
Dave Kerr
24/05/14 UCI Trials World Cup - R1 - Krakow, Poland - 30th May / 1st June
  Good luck to all those flying off to Krakow in the coming week, hope you enjoy it! We're hoping for lots of medals coming back to the UK !!!
. Scott Wilson Steven Rogers Sam Oliver Jack Carthy Andrei Burton
06/05/14 Blackpool - Round 2
Another update from Blackpool - Brilliant video here by Trial-King.com, well worth a watch!


A really good day at Blackpool on Sunday, many thanks to all those who helped to set it all up, and thanks to those taking part on the day. The sections were good, and judging by the results were set at the right level. Our only problem with this fantastic venue is that because of the nature of the terrain we are not allowed to tape sections, only to use the colour markers. Regrettably this does allow the flexibility for people to manoever around markers and perhaps get away with a point or two - but unfortunately that has to be accepted at this venue.

Despite that, we think that everyone enjoyed the day, and despite the forecast of rain it managed to stay dry for us making it even more enjoyable (even though the high tide managed to get a couple of the observers splashing over the sea wall!).

We had been let down by the company who had promised us 110 pallets and a load of sleepers ... they actually sent along 26 poor quality pallets and no sleepers at all, so many thanks to Paul Hayward who spent much of Saturday driving around trying to find us enough stronger pallets to actually get in a bit of the promised man-made section. Better luck to us next time we try ... just wait for the final at Shipley Glen to see how we get on in that area! (Thanks also have to go to the man who turned up with a wagon and took the rubbish pallets home for firewood to get rid of the rubbish we'd been sent, also to the guys who came along to take away the better pallets to build a trials area on his skatepark!)

An extra treat for us was finding out that we not only had Kendall, Miss Blackpool 2013 but also Holly, Miss Poulton-le-Fylde 2013 to present your awards at the end of the day. They were both presented with bunches of flowers by Primary Class riders Josh McParland and Callum Fowler on behalf of all the riders. (The boys had to fight off their dad's to do the job!)

Adam from Tartybikes had quite a bit of attention from those wanting to "give it a go" up on the top promenade, let's hope to see them all competing at the next Blackpool round in a few years time.

All in all, an interesting weekend and generally a fun day - thank you to everyone, and well done to all the winners.

The next round of the series is a two-day competition in the far north of Scotland at Fort William, it's to be part of the UCI World Downhill Championship event and there's always a great atmosphere and loads of spectators - try not to miss it, it really is well worth the journey, and you get into the big event for free and can go watch the downhill when you've finished your own comp, as well as all the other attractions and trade stands. Hope to see you all there, the entry form should be available on-line tomorrow.

World Elite Class
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorkshire
2nd Ben Slinger Lancashire
3rd Scott Wilson Kent
Expert Class Cadet Class Intermediate Senior Class Intermediate Class
1st James Bancroft W.Yorkshire
2nd Matt Arkwright Lancashire
3rd Daniel Wheeler Essex
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Olly Lawer Cornwall
3rd TJ Reynoldson W.Yorkshire
1st Rob Rook Essex
2nd Paul Hayward N.Yorkshire
3rd Darren Ring Essex
1st Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
2nd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
3rd Toby Smith Surrey
Novice Senior Class Novice Class Primary Class MTB Class
1st Elliott Tickner Surrey
2nd George Rogers Wales
1st Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
2nd Aspen Hopkins Worcestershire
3rd Jamie Smith Surrey
1st Josh McParland W.Yorkshire
2nd Callum Fowler N.Yorkshire
3rd Charlie Cripps Manchester
1st Luke Henderson Worcestershire
05/05/14 BIU Events 2014
Entry is open shortly for the BikeTrial International Union (BIU) events this summer, if you plan on going along you need a BIU license and to get your entry form off. To make it easier for you this can all be done on the one form. Just download and print off the form, fill it in and send it off as soon as possible. Application form here
15/04/14 British Trials Cup Round 2 - Blackpool North Shore

Are you all ready for another comp yet?

The entry form's online on the Events page for the Blackpool event on Sunday 4th May so get your entry in soon and see if we can break the record for 97 entries at this venue!

If you enjoyed Sheffield, then it's definitely not one to miss!

Entries will be listed below so you know we've received it. See you there!

Oh, and the beautiful Miss Blackpool, Kendall, will be handing out your medals!

08/04/14 British Round 1 - Hook Woods, Surrey

Rather a wet, muddy and difficult, but still enjoyable, first round of the BritishTrialsCup at Hook Woods.

Unfortunately the rain overnight on Saturday changed the sections, which had been set out in the dry, into a little more difficult than we'd intended and brought in some high scores. Even so there were still a lot of smiling faces and most people seemed to have enjoyed the day.

Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Graham Tickner and his team at Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club, Mick Carthy and Robin Morewood for all their hard work organising and setting up the event.

The next event is Round 2 in Blackpool on Sunday 4th of May, entry forms will be available soon.

See you all then!

Elite Class
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorkshire
2nd Sam Oliver Wales
3rd Scott Wilson Kent
Expert Class Cadet Class Inter Senior Class Inter Class
1st Aaron Duke Scotland
2nd Dan Wheeler Essex
3rd Ryan Crisp Suffolk
1st Charlie Rolls Cambridgeshire
2nd Olly Lawer Cornwall
3rd Alex Lawer Cornwall
1st Paul Hayward N.Yorkshire
2nd Darryl Smith Suffolk
3rd Neil Robinson W.Yorkshire
1st Adam Morewood S.Yorkshire
2nd Toby Smith Surrey
3rd Sam Rolls Cambridgeshire
Novice Senior Class Novice Class Primary Class MTB Class
1st Elliott Tickner Surrey
2nd Allan Brenkley Co.Durham
3rd George Rogers Wales
1st Sam Shepherd S.Yorkshire
2nd Jamie Smith Surrey
3rd Joe Lethbridge Surrey
1st Josh McParland W.Yorkshire
2nd Samuel Meeton Surrey
3rd Casey Moore Surrey
1st Perry Meeton Surrey
2nd Luke Henderson Worcestershire
07/04/14 UCI World Cup and UCI Youth Games entry forms
Now available here, but if you're thinking of entering the first round in Poland, the entry deadline is 8th April so email your entry form off immediately (details on the form). Sorry about that but we've only just received it from British Cycling! Good luck to everyone taking part this year. NOTE 08/04/14 - UCI have revised the entry deadlines for the first round, it's now 14th May.
03/04/14 Updated Rules for 2014 and UCI World Selection Policy for 2014
Because of the changes to the classes this year it has been necessary to update some of the observing/riding rules - check them out here. In addition, British Cycling has now released their UCI World Selection Policy for this year - check it out here.
01/04/14 Biketrial Sheffield 2014 - a great success!

Sheffield Hallam events management students, working with Biketrial Federation UK and Tarty Bikes, organised a city-centre charity trials event in Sheffield on Sunday 30th March as part of their final-year degree project. 22-year-old Laura Cocking, whose boyfriend is a cycle trials rider, decided that she wanted to organise a trials event after attending Tarty Days in Essex in 2013 and approached Biketrial Federation UK, the organisers of the British Trials Cup, and Tarty Bikes for support and advice.

Laura and her team of fellow students, Holly Benson, Emily Challender and Dan Armstrong, were offered a prime location right in the centre of Sheffield, between the Crucible theatre and the Winter Gardens, offering plenty of public exposure and a stunning backdrop for the event. The 60 tickets sold out weeks in advance, with some of the UK's top riders and people from as far away as Inverness and Cornwall on the rider list.

On the day, the square was bustling with riders, volunteers and spectators, lending a real party atmosphere to proceedings. Audiences were wowed by displays of skill, power and precision from the riders and the pros, including current Junior World Champion Jack Carthy, were rubbing shoulders with the youngsters and beginners, offering advice and encouragement throughout the day while pushing each other on some of the bigger and more technical obstacles that had been laid on by the organisers.

There was even a give-it-a-go area, organised by Tarty Bikes, where the public could try their hand at the techniques being displayed. Riders also had the chance to compete against one another in the gap jump, high jump and speed trial competitions, which saw some of the biggest crowds gathering around the barriers on Tudor Square. As you might expect, World Champ Jack Carthy picked up the win in the Elite gap jump and high jump contests, just edging out team mate Danny Butler and fellow UK trials stars Sam Oliver, Matt Arkwright, Joe Oakley and Rob Poyser. Danny Butler then took the win in the speed trial contest that closed the event, powering round the course in just over 7 seconds. In the under 16 rounds, Josh Pollard saw off the competition in the gap jump competition, while Jack Iveson won the high jump and Adam Morewood clocked the fastest time in the speed trial.

Ben Swales, from the Biketrial Federation UK, said: "I'm really pleased to have worked with Laura, Holly, Emily and Dan on the event on behalf of Biketrial Federation UK. Laura in particular has been working extremely hard and we've been impressed with her competence, drive and enthusiasm. With help from us and Tarty Bikes, they've managed to put on a brilliant event that has brought biketrials to a big audience and we've all had a great day! Even though this was a one-off event for their degree, we've had people asking us all day when the next one is and feedback from riders and the public has been fantastic. All in all, it was a fantastic, well-organised event with a great atmosphere that was a lot of fun for everyone involved. With some awesome riding on display and everyone involved, including spectators and passers-by, having a brilliant time, it was a great showcase for the sport. Not only that, but Laura and her team raised over £750 for the Cathedral Archer Project charity, which helps Sheffield's homeless".

18/03/14 British Trials Series 2014 Sponsors
In 2014 trials-king.com will be the official media partners for the Biketrial Federation UK. They will be working alongside the federation to help to promote events, publish reports, photo’s and results on trials-king.com. We are very happy to announce this new partnership and hope they are able to help promote bike trials through their website. They are looking for photographers to help cover our events so please get in touch with them if you would like to help!
In addition, we thank Tartybikes for their continued support of the Federation and of the British Trials Series for 2014.

Discussions are still continuing with other companies for support, watch out for further announcements later!

If anyone else is interested in supporting the series they are welcome to contact us here.

04/03/14 British Trials Series 2014

At last, we're now able to confirm all the events of the British Trials Cup/Championship Series for 2014. There's been quite a few changes this year trying to streamline all the classes and add some extra interest to the series, more information on details later. We hope to see you at as many events as you can make it to this year - help us to make it a good season for trials and promoting the sport!

Round 1 entry form is now available from the Events page.

The rule changes are taking a little longer than expected to update while we got the venues sorted out. The entry form for round one is now available and you may note that the classes have changed for the 2014 series: please note that the 2013 Intermediate and Cadet winners will not be required to move up a class unless they feel able to meet the challenge of a higher route. Similarly, the Elite 50/50 riders from previous years may wish to move down a route; this is acceptable this year due to the class changes. Full rule changes should be available soon.

10/02/14 Competition Trials with a difference - Tartybikes Open Trial
On 14th September Tartybikes, working with the Biketrial Federation will be running a one-off experimental competition which allows the rider to tailor-make the difficulty of each section, making it ideal for someone who would like to try comps but isn't sure which route to ride. Instead of 'dropping' marks by dabbing, points are awarded for cleaning gates, and with a speed bonus available this should make for some exciting viewing too! Watch out for the entry form coming up to get your entry in time!
Biketrial Sheffield - entries now available, don't miss out! Entry list to date ...

Biketrial Sheffield is a charity biketrials event being held on Tudor Square in Sheffield from 11:00 until 16:00 on Sunday 30th March as part of Sheffield's 100 Days to the Tour de France festival.

Organised by Sheffield Hallam University Events Management Students, with support from Biketrial Federation UK, it will see some of the UK's best trials riders practicing, performing and competing on man-made obstacles laid out for them on the square.

Entries are £11.00 and are limited to 60 riders, so buy now to avoid missing out! It's free for spectators and some of the UK's best riders will be in attendance, so it's sure to be quite the spectacle!

On-line entry only. Entry and payment available now from the Events page.

LIMITED TO 60 ENTRIES - entry is now full again, but watch this space in case of any cancellations!


Jack Carthy 21 William Ackerley 41 Aaron Duke xxx
2 Charlie Rolls 22 Rob Poyser 42

Anthony Trawford*


Adam Morewood 23 Jed Hesling 43 Paul Grange x
4 Dan Chandler 24 Jack Iveson 44 Daniel Cox
5 Aaron Browne 25 Derek Coates 45 Matthew Coggan
6 Paul Hayward 26 Lewis Munro 46 Tom Musson
7 Donna Fox 27 Allan Brenkley 47 Ross Clayton
8 Harry Drabble 28 Callum Cook 48 Iain Rennie x
9 Andrew Quibell 29 Lewis Warburton 49 Wilfrid Turner x
10 Sam Shepherd 30 James Bancroft 50 Joshua Pollard
11 Danny Butler 31 Matt Arkwright 51 Joe Oakley
12 Henry Kay 32 Michael Douglas 52 Craig Scott xx
13 Sam Rolls 33 Jose Vazquez 53 Shane Mitchinson x
14 Bailey Gant 34 Neil Robinson 54 Ashley Sugden
15 Patrick Jagger 35 Matt Ogley 55 John Shrewsbury
16 Dave Barratt 36 Ryan Murry 56 Mark Lloyd
17 Reece Seymour 37 Tom Astbury 57 Ben Slinger
18 Alec Wray 38 Lewis Gray 58 Josh McParland
19 Sam Oliver 39 Daniel Johnson 59 Adam Winfer
20 Chester Corney 40 Jordan Frost 60 Gary Winfer
01/02/2014 2014 Club competitions start
The Club's are now starting to release dates into 2014, don't forget to keep checking the events page for new information and entry forms!
26/01/2014 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of organisers took place on Sunday 26th January. Discussion took place about dates and venues for the 2014 series, along with other exciting trials events to happen during the year - keep watching this site for more information! A few proposals were made regarding the classes, age limits etc and some detailed format and decisions are still ongoing. Do keep watching for full information in due course.

The first round of the British Trials Cup series will take place on Sunday 6th April at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (Hook Woods). The venue has been booked, so it's safe to arrange travel and accommodation etc. The other dates on the Events page are still provisional untill we've been able to book with landowners, so don't book any accommodation yet!

In the meantime, also watch for information about the Sheffield City Centre event on 30th March - it's definitely happening and the entry form should be released in early February, please enter early to be sure of getting a ride there - it could be busy!


Happy New Year to you all - we wish you all a fun time riding trials, and wish all competitors a successful year in all the club, national and international events this year!

  After a very busy time for trials competitions in 2013, we're hoping for loads of top venues again throughout the UK for 2014. The Annual Meeting for the Biketrial Federation Organisers will be taking place on Sunday 26th January and we'll be able to confirm dates and venues very soon after that, and hopefully lots of Club and fun events around the country as soon as the organisers have sorted their dates out!
  As well as the usual series of competitions, we have news coming out of several fun events organised by groups for fund-raising. The first one being (all being well) in Sheffield City Centre on 30th March organised by students from Sheffield University as part of their course. Members of the Biketrial Federation will be working with their team building man-made sections and making sure you have a good time. Keep watching on the site for more information and for the entry form.
  The Federation was really proud of all those who competed abroad in 2013, bringing back loads of medals to the UK from both UCI and BIU competitions around the world; we'd really like to encourage more of you to attend the international events, they're good fun and it's a really good experience taking part. If you need any information, just and we'll try to help out.
  Keep watching this site for regular updates about biketrials in the UK and around the world!
  Oh, and by the way, sponsors for the 2014 series are very welcome!
2013 Elite British Championship Winners
2013 Expert British Championship Winners
2013 Cadet British Championship Winners
2013 Intermediate British Championship Winners
2013 Senior Class British Championship Winners
2013 Novice British Championship Winners
2013 Primary British Championship Winners
The British Trials Championship Cup
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