Rnd 1 - Hook Woods, Surrey
Rnd 2 - Seymours Arena, Oxon
Rnd 3 - Fort William, Scotland
Rnd 4 - Bob Macgregor Trials Park
Rnd 5 - Shipley Glen
UCI World Cup Winner
The British Trials Championship
12th April 2015
10th May 2015
6th & 7th June 2015
16th August 2015
4th October 2015
The Series Winners
Quick News ...

Thanks to everyone who took part and supported the biketrial sport in 2015.

We look forward to an even better 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!
Congratulations to the winner of our trials survey ... Thinking of entering a competition, but don't understand how it works?  Check out this video - it will explain it all!
Many many thanks to everyone who completed our survey to help us to improve our trials events for you.  You gave us loads of really useful feedback and some excellent ideas.

Over the next few months, before the start of the 2016 season, we'll be looking into how we can make some of these things happen to make the events fairer for the competitors and more fun for everyone of all ages and abilities to join in.

Watch the site for information coming up about next year's series.

In the meantime, the winner of the 20 Tartybikes voucher was entry number 31 .... Lyndsay Dacker (Bailey's mum).  Congratulations Bailey!

We hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you want!

Click to see the video
The 2015 Year's Events and results ...
The British Trials Championship Final 
We've seen some really great venues this year, along with excellent trials skills across all the classes.  Our thanks have to go to the events' organisers all around the country and the support for the national series from the local clubs, Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club, Scottish Biketrial Club and the TykeTrial Club.  Watch this website for more great events next year and hope to see you all then.

Thanks also need to go to the series sponsors: Trialtech, who had the medals designed and made expecially for the series; and Tartybikes for their support and running practice/training days.

And finally, well done to all the riders who took part in the series, and especially to the Cup winners. Final Championship Results here

Primary ClassNovice ClassNovice Senior ClassIntermediate Class
ChampionSamuel MeetonSurrey
Runner-upBailey DackerRoss Shire
3rdFinn JohnstoneScotland
ChampionAdam BigginsTyne&Wear
Runner-upJosh McParlandNorth Yorkshire
3rdJamie SmithSurrey
ChampionJack BigginsTyne&Wear
Runner-upIan AtkinsonLancashire
3rdHarry DonaldsonEast Lothian
1stToby SmithSurrey
2ndSam ShepherdSouth Yorkshire
3rdElliott TicknerSurrey

Intermediate Senior ClassCadet ClassExpert ClassElite Class
1stEdd McIntoshWest Yorkshire
2ndRob RookEssex
3rdDarren RingEssex
1stAdam MorewoodSouth Yorkshire
2ndWill AckerleyNorth Yorkshire
3rdSam RollsCambridgeshire
1stCharlie RollsCambridgeshire
2ndAlex DobsonDevon
3rdCallon HerdRoxburghshire
1stJack Carthy W.Yorks
2nd Sam OliverGwynedd
3rdAaron DukeScotland
Roll on 2016 for some more great trials events!

British Trials Cup 2015 - Round 5 - Shipley Glen - 4th October 2015

Thanks to the section-setting team for some challenging sections - and thanks to everyone who came along, helpers and riders, you all seemed to have a really good time!  Results here

Primary ClassNovice ClassNovice Senior ClassIntermediate Class
1stSamuel MeetonSurrey
2ndBailey DackerRoss Shire
3rdCallum FowlerNorth Yorkshire
1stJosh McParlandNorth Yorkshire
2ndAdam BigginsTyne&Wear
3rdJamie SmithSurrey
1stJack BigginsTyne&Wear
2ndIan AtkinsonLancashire
3rdCarl WeightmanDerbyshire
1stReece SeymourWest Yorkshire
2ndToby SmithSurrey
3rdSam ShepherdSouth Yorkshire
Intermediate Senior ClassCadet ClassExpert ClassElite Class
1stRick EyreDerbyshire
2ndEdd McIntoshWest Yorkshire
3rdDarren RingEssex
1stAdam MorewoodSouth Yorkshire
2ndWill AckerleyNorth Yorkshire
3rdSam RollsCambridgeshire
1stCharlie RollsCambridgeshire
2ndAlex DobsonDevon
3rdJamie BewNorth Yorkshire
1stJack Carthy W.Yorks
2nd Andrei BurtonDevon
3rdDave KerrCarmarthenshire

UCI Trials World Cup - R4 Final - Antwerp - 26-27th September 2015
Well, what is there to say except Well Done Jack in Antwerp, and well done to all of the eight British riders competing!    

26" Elite20" Elite
Jack Carthy1stSam Oliver25th
Andrei Burton12thOwen Gawthorpe36th
Dave Kerr27thAndrew Chai46th
Steven Rogers36th
Scott Wilson37th

But not only in Antwerp, the overall UCI World Cup 26" Winner ...

Also, well done to Dave Kerr coming in 19th overall, and Steven Rogers in 28th overall.

UCI Trials World Championship - Vallnord (Andorra) - 1st to 6th September

It was a difficult event to be honest. The sections had been designed for the dry but unfortunately the weather was dreadful for the majority of the week with torrential downpours occurring regularly save for the 26" elite finals day on Saturday, but by then the rain had taken its toll and the grass was soaked and the river banks very muddy and slippery. A quote from Jack Carthy on section 1 of the qualifying event says it all - "this is dangerous - if I had a different job I wouldn't ride this section!"

Aaron Duke in Junior 20" started off the proceedings on Wednesday morning and found the first lap tough but finished strongly and ended up in 18th place. Andrei Burton, Owen Gawthorpe, Dave Kerr and Andrew Chai rode in the 20" elite that afternoon. The sections were tough and all struggled but Andrei made the best of it from the British contingent with 18th place with Owen, Dave and Andrew coming in 24th, 25th and 29th respectively. Owen, who was only 2 weeks too old to be able to ride Junior, had been riding well until a big crash into the river on section 1 of his last lap which saw him injure his right hand and have to take maximums from the remaining sections on the lap - still, his photo appeared on the UCI website with the official photographer snapping Owen with just his head and shoulders above water as he emerged from the river!

26" elite qualifying took place in appalling weather on Thursday. Monsoon conditions were tolerated by the riders but the conditions made the sections even harder. All of the British riders made brave efforts to reach the final which was to be held on the Friday. The new format for the final meant that the riders had to finish in the top 6 to qualify to ride again with handicap points being awarded to all but the winner of qualifying. Andrei Burton rode well again bearing in mind his recent recovery from a broken foot but he came up short to finish in 11th place. Dave Kerr and Scott Wilson rode bravely given the extreme nature of the sections and finished 23rd and 30th respectively. However, 26" qualifying was all about Jack Carthy - he rode superbly despite the conditions and completed an excellent and very measured final lap to take the win and go into the final in first place. 

Jack went into Saturday's final as the favorite despite his young years and lack of experience compared to the Gilles Coustellier, Kenny Beleay and Vincent Hermance who were his main opposition and all multiple world champions. The new format for the finals saw the 3 riders with the worst qualifying result complete the 2 lap 5 section course first and so Vincent had already finished when Jack started his final. As usual Jack tried every move as opposed to the conservative dabbing approach of Vincent but this saw Jack have a difficult first lap and left him with much to do on his second lap. True to form Jack rode excellently and got to the last log section knowing that a 3 or better would see him crowned world champion. Understandably Jack made the decision that for the first of the two difficult moves in the section he would dab but unfortunately the observer ruled that he did not pass his front wheel through the gate and the ensuing 5 saw Vincent take the win with Jack taking a fine silver medal. 

Jack was disappointed with his evening's work but he should be applauded for his fantastic ride and great attitude to his riding both at these World Championships and the 2015 World Cup - his attempts to clean sections that other riders cannot cope with have provided great entertainment for spectators and inspiration for young riders wherever he rides. Well done to Jack and good luck in Antwerp with his mission to secure his second successive series win in the Trials World Cup.

Report from the British Team Manager, Barry Gawthorpe.  More photos to come soon.

UCI Trials World Cup - Albertville (France) - 22/23rd August
Good luck to everyone this weekend in France.
"The overall UCI World Cup standings remain unchanged.  Carthy is still in the lead with 560 points to Hermance’s 440 points and Coustellier’s 424 points."
British Trials Cup 2015 - Round 4 - Bob Macgregor Trials Park - 16th August 2015
It turned out to be a really good day at Bob Macgregor on Sunday, blue skies, great sections, great atmosphere - many thanks to everyone who helped and who attended.  Tartybikes also had a good day on the Saturday, with loads of beginner riders taking the opportunity for some training from Adam and Stan.

And well done to the podium winners ...
Elite ClassExpert ClassCadet ClassIntermediate Senior Class

1st Jack Carthy W.Yorks
2nd Sam Oliver Gwynedd
3rd Owen Gawthorpe Ceredigion
1st Charlie Rolls Cambs
2nd Alex Dobson Devon
3rd Callon Herd Roxburghshire
1st Adam Morewood S.Yorks
2nd Will Ackerley N.Yorks
3rd Sam Rolls Cambs
1st Edd McIntosh W.Yorks
2nd Darren Ring Essex
Intermediate ClassNovice Senior ClassNovice ClassPrimary Class

1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Reece Seymour W.Yorks
3rd Sam Shepherd S.Yorks
1st Jack Biggins Tyne&Wear
2nd Ian Atkinson Lancs
3rd Harry Donaldson E.Lothian
1st Josh McParland North Yorkshire
2nd Adam Biggins Tyne& Wear
3rd Jamie Smith Surrey
1st Bailey Dacker Ross Shire
2nd Samuel Meeton Surrey
3rd David Cathcart Scotland
UCI Trials World Cup - Round 2 - Vocklabruck, Austria - 8th to 9th August 2015

Britain's Jack Carthy did it again - winner!

Why not come and watch him ride at Bob Macgregor Trials Park on Sunday 16th August!

UCI World Trials Youth Games - Aywaille, Belgium - 1st to 2nd August 2015

Well done to the Great British Team at the 2015 UCI Trials World Youth Games.

. Poussin Class Josh McParland 13th
. Benjamin Class Sam Shepherd 8th
. Minime Class Charlie Rolls 3rd
.   Adam Morewood 8th

Brilliant to have three riders getting through to the finals and the fourth just missing by one place - really well done to all of you.

Fantastic to have another British rider on the podium, well done Charlie (watch out Jack Carthy, you have competition coming along)!

BIU World Championships Odena - Spain - 18th to 23rd July 2015

Well done to the British Team at the BIU World Championships during the last week, sounds to have been a hard trial in very high temperatures.

Despite that, they did a great job achieving 4th Place overall for Britain - congratulations!

Poussin Class Minime Class Junior Class
Josh McParland 2nd
Benjamin Class
Sam Shepherd 6th
Harry Turner 15th
Charlie Rolls 2nd
Adam Morewood 4th
Will Ackerley 7th
Reece Seymour 13th
Sam Rolls 11th
Senior Class
James Sheridan 12th
Elite Class
Scott Wilson 4th
The British BIU Worlds Team 2015
European Union Cycling - 22nd to 26th July 2015

"'The UEC Mountain bike and trials European Championships are taking place in Chies D'Alpago in the Northern Italian Dolomites over the next week with Jack Carthy (Elite 26), Dave Kerr (Elite 20) and Aaron Duke (Junior 20) flying the flag for the UK. The competition is great preparation for the forthcoming World Championships in Andorra and the bulk of the competitors in Italy will also be in Andorra in six weeks time. Aaron has his qualifying on the 23rd July and Jack and Dave ride their qualifying heats on the 24th. Good luck to all three- it would be a brave man who would bet against another Carthy championship win in the finals on Saturday the 25th!"

Well, it's all over now and true to form

Congratulations to UCI European Champion JACK CARTHY!

To quote a spectator: "It was great to hear the national anthem ring out amongst the mountains for Britain."

Well done also to Dave finishing in 11th place, and to Aaron who unfortunately had to retire due to an injury - get well soon.

European Cup round 3 Sonico - Italy - 5th July 2015

The final round of the European Cup was held in Sonico, northern Italy on the 5th July. It was a superb event with excellent organisation. The trial itself was held on a 2km steep hillside course with the majority in the shade from the 35 degree heat. The sections were tough but the UK riders coped well.

Josh McParland won the Poussin class on 11 marks and with it took the European Cup title which is his first ever international title. In the Benjamon class Sam Shepherd took a very close 3rd place and finished 3rd overall. Adam Morewood made it 3 from 3 by winning the Minime class and with it his 3rd European Cup title.

All three riders will be competing for Biketrial UK at the upcoming World Championships in just over a weeks time.

British BIU BikeTrial Championship 2015 - 21st June 2015

The first British BIU BikeTrial Championship competition in the UK for many years took place this summer at Bracken Rocks in Derbyshire. A little different to the British Trials Cup/Championship series, it was run to BIU classes and BIU observing rules, with a couple of Non Championship Classes for riders to have a go out of class.

It was an excellent day with eight really good sections set out for all classes. Nearly everyone rode in their age-group class and this seemed to work well for most, with just a couple of riders out of class.

Well done to Robin and his team of helpers, thank you to all.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
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Poussin Class
Benjamin Class
Minime Class
Junior Class
1st Josh McParland
2nd Jasper Fox
3rd Eddie Weightman
Runner-up Rhys Sissons
1st Sam Shepherd
2nd Oliver Weightman
3rd Sam Hartshorne
1st Adam Morewood
2nd Charlie Rolls
3rd Will Ackerley
1st Aaron Duke
2nd Sam Rolls
3rd Paul Grange
Click to enlarge
Senior Class
1st Andrew Chai
2nd Antonio Souza
3rd Tom Astbury
Click to enlarge
Elite Class
1st Sam Oliver
2nd Dave Kerr
3rd Scott Wilson
British Trials Cup 2015 - Round 3 - Nevis Range, Fort William - 6th & 7th June 2015
As always, great event, great venue, great sections, loads of spectators, and fantastic competitors. Many thanks to Jeep for the loan of the brand new vehicle for us to ride on!
Thanks again for the medals Trialtech.
1st Bailey Dacker Ross Shire
2nd Finn Johnstone Scotland
3rd George Hemingway Yorkshire
1st Adam Biggins Tyne & Wear
2nd Ben Balfour Scotland
3rd Jamie Smith Surrey
1st Jack Biggins Tyne & Wear
2nd Ian Atkinson Lancashire
3rd Harry Donaldson Scotland
1st Toby Smith Surrey
2nd Calum Grant Scotland
3rd Elliott Tickner Surrey
1st Edd McIntosh W.Yorkshire
2nd Rob Rook Essex
3rd Darren Ring Essex
Cadet 1st Will Ackerley N.Yorkshire
Expert 1st Charlie Rolls Cambs
Expert 2nd Alex Dobson Devon
Expert 3rd Callon Herd Scotland
Elite 1st Aaron Duke Scotland
Many thanks to Danny Macaskill, Ali C and Duncan Shaw of the "Drop N Roll Tour" for handing out our medals during their demo, in front of a massive crowd, and on the big screen! Well done to all the competitiors and winners.
European Cup round 2 Rudina - Slovakia - 6th June 2015
The UK had a small but high quality group of riders at the 2nd round of the European Cup in Rudina, North East Slovakia. It was a compact 7 section course held in 30 degree heat. They all rode great with Josh McParland finishing 2nd in poussin to maintain his championship lead. In the Benjamin category Sam Shepherd had a storming 1st lap but suffered a little in the heat to finish in 4th place. Adam Morewood continued his fine form to take a comfortable win in the Minime category to hold the championship lead with the final round 4 weeks away in Italy.
UCI World Cup - Round 1 - Krakow - 30/31st May 2015
It's the time of year to start watching all that's going on in the UCI International scene with the first round of the UCI World Cup coming up on 30th/31st May at Krakow in Poland. The British Team will consist of:-
  Jack Carthy 26"
  David Kerr 26"
  Steve Rogers 26"
  Sam Oliver 20"
  Andrew Chai 20"
Sorry to hear about Andrei Burton's broken leg and having to cancel his entry - hope it recovers quickly!
Well done to Jack Carthy - WINNER

Good luck to you all, enjoy the experience and bring home some more medals for the UK.

European BikeTrial Championship - Brezova - 23rd May 2015
The UK had another successful weekend at last weekends European Championship in Brezova, Czech Republic. There was 6 UK riders who gained three podium places between them.
Poussin Class (7-9 year olds) Josh McParland 2nd place
Minime Class (13-15 year olds) Charlie Rolls 1st place
Adam Morewood 2nd place
Will Ackerley 4th place
Reece Seymour 11th place
Elite 26" Scott Wilson 4th place

Well done to all.


The next BIU international event is the 2nd round of the European Cup in Slovakia on 6th June where there will be 4 riders from the UK.
British Trials Cup 2015 - Round 2 - Seymours Arena (Oxfordshire) - 10th May 2015

Brilliant day at Seymours Arena, really good new venue. Thanks to North Berks MCC for allowing us to use it and thanks to the Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club for your excellent organisation making another really good event.

Results are now available here. Well done to everyone who competed, and thank you to everyone who helped out. Check out the Clerk of Course's Report here.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Elite Class (Yellow) Expert Class (Red) Cadet Class (Red) Intermediate Senior Class (Blue)
1st Jack Carthy
2nd Sam Oliver
3rd Scott Wilson
1st Charlie Rolls
2nd Andrew Chai
3rd Daniel Wheeler
1st Adam Morewood
2nd Will Ackerley
3rd Sam Rolls
1st Rob Rook
2nd Edd McIntosh
3rd Darren Ring
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Intermediate Class (Blue) Novice Senior Class (Green) Novice Class (Green) Primary Class (White)
1st Toby Smith
2nd Sam Shepherd
3rd Adam Boxall
1st Jack Biggins
2nd Adam Birchmore
3rd Perry Meeten
1st Adam Biggins
2nd Aaron Carpenter
3rd Jamie Smith
1st Samuel Meeten
2nd Bailey Dacker
3rd Nate Robinson
EBU European Cup - R1 Italy - 2nd May 2015
Biketrial UK had 6 riders competing in the 1st round of the BIU European Cup in Rosignano Solvay, Italy. It was a tough, hot day but all six riders put in great performances gaining 4 podium places.  
Well done to all of you!  
Click to enlarge
Poussin Class (7-9 year olds)
1st: Josh McParland
Click to enlarge
Benjamin Class (10-12 year olds)
3rd: Sam Shepherd
Click to enlarge
Minime Class (12-15 year olds)
1st: Adam Morewood
4th: Will Ackerley
6th: Reece Seymour
Click to enlarge.
Junior Class (16-18 year olds)
3rd: TJ Reynoldson
British Trials Cup 2015 - Round 1 - Surrey Hills (Hook Woods) - 12th April 2015

Brilliant day at the first round of the series at Hook Woods, good weather, good sections, fantastic riding and a great atmosphere, many thanks to all those who attended, to the riders, to the helpers, and to the sponsors.

The results are now available here.

Just received over 300 riding photos of the event, check out our facebook page to view, so many great photos!

If you'd like a copy of yourself riding or on the podium, email us and we should be able to send you a high quality version.

A special thanks to the local organisers, Crowthorne Cycle Trials for such a well-organised and well-managed event from start to finish. Click here to view their report, or here to view it on Trials Magazine.

We hope to see you all again at the next round, Seymours Arena, Oxfordshire on 10th May.

Elite Class Expert Class Cadet Class Intermediate Senior Class
1st Jack Carthy W.Yorks
2nd Andrei Burton Devon
3rd Sam Oliver Gwynedd
1st Charlie Rolls Cambs
2nd Andrew Chai Derbys
3rd Alex Dobson Devon
1st Sam Rolls Cambs
2nd Adam Morewood S.Yorks
3rd Will Ackerley N.Yorks
1st Edd McIntosh W.Yorks
2nd Rob Rook Essex
3rd Darren Ring Essex
Intermediate Class Novice Senior Class Novice Class Primary Class
1st Sam Shepherd S.Yorks
2nd Adam Boxall Hants
3rd Ashley Kennard Hants
1st Jack Biggins Tyne&Wear
2nd Ian Atkinson Lancs
3rd Joe Lethbridge Surrey
1st Aspen Hopkins Worcs
2nd Adam Biggins xxx
3rd Jamie Smith Surrey
1st Samuel Meeton Sussex
2nd Bailey Dacker RossShire
3rd Casey Moore Surrey
New Medals for 2015

Many thanks to our new series sponsor for 2015 for having these medals made up for our winners - just 10 of each of this first batch made for the first round at Hook Woods.

The only way to get hold of one of these is to enter and get in the top three!

Get your entry off NOW !!!

2015 Rule Changes - Final rules have been added to the site - check them out here

Needless to say, it's taken a while to get all the rules sorted out this year, and then we discovered at the last minute that UCI have changed their's to give riders only 2 minutes in each section instead of 2 minutes. This fits in with us nicely, particularly now as we're assisting with the BIU in the UK and their rule is 2 minutes. So, with immediate effect, riders at our UK events will have 2 minutes per section.

In addition, there is a change in the classification of what parts of the bike must go through all markers - this now states "the entire bike" instead of specifying parts.

And finally, the classes have had a little change, nothing drastic but with very low entries in the MTB class that has now been discontinued, and with the coming of a separate BIU event, the traditional BIU Elite class has been removed from the Cup series, leaving just one Elite class (formerly World Elite). Also there are a couple of age classifications added.

. Primary (10 and under) White Intermediate Senior (26+) Blue
  Novice (14 and under) Green Cadet (under 18) Red
  Novice Senior (15+) Green Expert Red (UCI style)
  Intermediate (25 and under) Blue Elite Yellow (UCI style)

Hope the changes aren't too complicated for you this year! A full list will be on the Rules page of the website in the next few days.

British BIU News

Congratulations to Robin Morewood becoming the BIU Delegate for the UK.

Robin's task will involve many issues relating to the BIU, International and European, such as issuing licences, advertising BIU events both at home and abroad, and monitoring the British Team entries to international events, as well as running BIU British BikeTrial Championship events with the full support and co-operation of the Biketrial Federation.

Check out the NEW BIU web page for Robin's news updates and information.

BIU Licence Application form now available from BIU page.

Club dates are out ...
Check the "Events" page for the calendar to date. Both TykeTrial and Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club have set their dates for the coming season, as well as the dates for the National series. Scottish Biketrial Club have now been added, the calendar's getting full!

New venue for British Cup Series
We can now confirm the great new venue for Round 2 of the Series on 10th May at Seymours Arena in Oxfordshire. Used for many years as the venue for the motorbike trials Supertrial and to be held there again later this year. Google "supertrial" to check out their videos, photos etc. More information later.

Confusion to start 2015!!!

We had an excellent meeting for the Annual Meeting on 30th November, all the dates were firmly set to fit around the international events. Unfortunately, we have now heard that the EBU/BIU have changed all of the provisional dates they gave us! We're now trying to fit new dates and venues into the new international schedule. We usually have the British dates set by now but apologies for the delay, we're working on it!

Lot's of other changes to the website should be with you soon, as well as the new calendar - but in the meantime, don't book travel or accommodation based on the provisional dates of the calendar!

2014 Series - Final close

Click the picture to view the video - Click on the links to sponsors at the top of the page to visit their websites.

To close down the 2014 British Trials Cup series, many thanks to all our sponsors whom we would struggle to survive without!

Many thanks to TrialsKing.com for their media coverage - click on the picture on the left to watch the final 2014 video.

Thanks to Onza Bikes for providing the series medals which they have made especially for us since 2007.

To Tartybikes for being there and backing us up, for helping newcomers into the sport with "give it a go" sections at many events and for running training and test days.

And last but not least to Trialtech for providing such great prizes throughout the year for winners.

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